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tree planting programThere was a discussion on the Green Legacy and the 2013 tree planting program.
In 2012 E. C Green legacy planting tree care and 2013 E. A discussion was held on the presence of the Federal and regional leaders and professionals.
As the minister of agriculture announced that Mr. Umer Hussein has announced that the green legacy program is planned to plant 20 billion trees in five years.
tree planting programFor those who participated in the consultation stage, Dr. Tefera Mengistu, the national technical committee chairman and the 2013 E. They have presented what it looks like for the national planting program called ′′ Green for common development One of the reasons why the current poverty of the country is land farming, disability and climate change is a problem, and the community and the management have said that it is a problem to reduce the danger.
tree planting program

Tree planting program

The coordinator didn’t include the 2013 E.C. Information system is being broadcasted and followed to green legacy planting. 2013 thousand trees are being planted to implement the plan of 2013 It has been announced that there is a preparation of the planting and size of the trees that are presented to the neighbouring countries.
The 2013’s of 2013 It has been stated that the green mark of one sun planting program will be held according to the region’s weather. All regions in 2011 Me and the 2012’s. The Green Legacy Planting Program is in good condition for 2013 E. The Green Legacy Planting Program has been presented to their representatives.
There is a preparation in different GPS and sectors that are planted in order to achieve the plan.tree planting program
At last, Mr. Umer Hussien has explained that his work is in number and scientific way, which shows the team’s strength and technical work will be done deeply. The national tree planting day and decision are known on national level.

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