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The systematic genocide against the Amhara people

Ethiopians Forums Ethiopians The systematic genocide against the Amhara people

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    There’s a systematic genocide against the Amhara people that is taking place in Ethiopia today. The Amhara genocide has many players involved, with the objective of reducing the Amhara population. Its very evident, the Amhara people especially those living in western Oromia are being attacked and massacred in a horrific way on a daily basis. The massacre of 370 innocent Amhara civilians on 25th June 2022, is evident that a genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Amhara people is taking place.

    Amhara GenocideThe massacre occurred in the Gimbi district of western Wollega zone in the western part of Oromia. One resident gave a figure of 360 dead, the other said 420. The residents declined to give their names because of fears for their safety.

    “So far we have buried 370 people, which I took part in collecting the bodies and burying them. We just buried them in a farm. We buried 50 to 60 bodies in single graves,” said one resident.

    He said he had survived by hiding in a ditch, but had lost four siblings and three cousins in the attack.

    The other resident said the attackers were ethnic Oromos from a group called the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

    “It was a massacre of Amharas,” he said, adding that he had survived by hiding in a forest and he heard the attackers speaking in the Oromo language.

    The local Amhara community are desperately seeking to be relocated before another round of mass killings happen, adding that ethnic Amharas who settled in the area about 30 years ago in resettlement programmes were being “killed like chickens”.

    Amhara GenocideThe Massacre was carried out by the regime’s military and local militia as they retreated from their camp in Gimbi following an offensive by the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

    They escaped to an area called Tole, where they attacked the local population and destroyed their property as retaliation for their perceived support for the OLA.

    Ethiopia is experiencing widespread ethnic tensions in several regions, most of them over historical grievances and political tensions. The Amhara people, the second-largest ethnic group among Ethiopia’s more than 110 million population, have been targeted frequently in regions like Oromia.

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media

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