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Ethiopia Autonomous Media: A Beacon of Integrity

Discover the unwavering commitment of Ethiopia Autonomous Media to truth, transparency, and accountability in journalism. Our mission is to illuminate the dark corners of political dealings and provide unvarnished truth to the Ethiopian people.

Unbiased Reporting

We operate free from political influence, ensuring our reports are impartial and factual.

Investigative Journalism

Our team conducts meticulous research to expose corruption and hold leaders accountable.

Empowering Citizens

We foster a culture of resistance, encouraging Ethiopians to demand better governance.


Ethiopia Autonomous Media

Founded with a mission to uphold human rights and accountability, Ethiopia Autonomous Media stands as a pillar of integrity in Ethiopian journalism. Our commitment to truth and independence has positioned us as a watchdog, tirelessly exposing corruption and advocating for transparency. We believe in the power of factual reporting to inspire change and empower citizens. Our dedication to high-quality journalism ensures that every story we tell is accurate, impactful, and free from external influences. Join us in our journey to create a more transparent and accountable Ethiopia.

Our Mission

Our Impact

Measuring the reach and influence of our work in Ethiopian society.

Investigative Reports

Over 500 in-depth investigative reports published, shedding light on corruption and abuse of power.

Audience Reach

Reaching over 2 million Ethiopians monthly through our digital platforms and social media channels.

Voices of Support


Testimonial from Dr. Alemayehu

“Ethiopia Autonomous Media has been a relentless force in the fight for human rights and transparency. Their unbiased reporting is a beacon of hope for all Ethiopians.” – Dr. Alemayehu, Human Rights Advocate


Testimonial from Ms. Bekele

“In a landscape often clouded by misinformation, Ethiopia Autonomous Media stands out for its commitment to truth and accountability. Their work is indispensable.” – Ms. Bekele, Civil Society Leader

Join the Movement for Truth

Support independent journalism that champions human rights and holds power to account. Stay informed, take a stand, and help us continue to illuminate the truth in Ethiopia.