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Ethiopia Forums Food for thought The war in Tigray is being complicated by ideological ambitions Reply To: The war in Tigray is being complicated by ideological ambitions


    #Ethiopia government tells 500,000 citizens & 200 aid workers in #Tigray region’s main city of #Mekelle that “anything can happen” as army rapidly approaches with tanks & artillery, having pledged to “show no mercy” to those who haven’t “saved themselves”

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    TPLF is Terrorists. Hope you know how TPLF is against Ethiopians and the people of Tigray. See the Rockets news in BahirDar, Gondar and Asmera. Please be fair.

    Sarah Terry
    One doesn’t have to be a TPLF supporter or blind to history to see the massive problems with the ongoing war, humanitarian crisis and ethnic cleansing of Tegaru not to mention the future fallout.

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    TPLF is not only political party, its a multi-million, if not billion, dollar financial conglomerate that used public office, historical grievances and ethnic differences as its business model to enrich itself.

    In essence, ethnic Federalism that it created meant to bring equalities in culture,language&political position amongst over 90 ethiopian ethnic groups. But in practice in its 30 yrs of reign in power it managed to create Minority Ethnic(Tigrean)dominance in economy politics of Ethiopia.

     ዞላ (Zola)
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    No matter how you want to miss interpret what has been said, ENDF will be victorious and Tigray will be free from the criminals. ENDF is a professional army that takes every precautions to prevent civilian casualties. God willing, Ethiopia will prevails.

     Mattewos Berhane
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    Mekelle is my home town and home for more than half-million population. It is very sad to be a military target.

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    Very good. Our army is 150,000 strong. We going to pick the feathers of the TPLF criminals out one by one. Game over Junta.

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    the war is for Abiy who declared himself as the 7th king in the 21st century.

    Yohannes** STOP THE WAR**
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    I do hope that @WHNSC
    have seen enough death and destruction now and will act immediately. Most of the officers are disgruntled former members of the Derg Regime. These are the same officers who brutalised Ethiopia for 17. They have a personal vendetta against Tigray.

     Hanna Jonathan
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    Imagine Warnings the people while every communication is blocked. 

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    TPLF clique ruled ethiopia for 27 yrs even though Tigray represent 6% of population. Ethiopians finally had enough of minority rule, but TPLF will not let go. They use Tigray youth as recruit for their army to threaten the federal govt but cry human rights when the govt responds.

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    The government is committing a war crime in the name of law and order he is only been in the office for two years he has already started a war he is not even elected as prime minister but still, he does this ethnic-based attack in Tigray and Addis Ababa.

    ተadesse H.
    Replying to@GerrySimpsonHRW
    My interpretation for “no mercy“ is possibly about the fierce response against those who chose to fight, as the military tankers roll on the streets of Mekelle. The experience from other big cities under control should indicate the same story repeating.

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