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The anti-Amhara female Informer

Ethiopia Forums Ethiopians The anti-Amhara female Informer

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      “Let the warning reach her:

      Her family name is Gambaran.

      The anti-Amhara female commander of this gang is Salam Berehun. She is a specialist in Amhara police intelligence. The owner of this gang is General Mulalem Taddis, who is leading the defence forces of Abiy Ahmed around the coast.
      In addition to this, there is the woman commissioner of the regional prisons, Habtamu Sisay, who is in charge of a close family.
      She is despised by her colleagues who work with her in the system, even in the institution where she works.
      She likes to leave her main job and work as an escort, choosing sofas and curtains and advising on their wives’ clothes. In order to show her loyalty to the system by using the authority she has been given, she is the main informer so that many Amhara youths and adults are arrested and tortured for saying they are Fano and others are supporters of Fano.

      Ethiopia Autonomous Media

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