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The peace minister in collaboration with the South West Ethiopian People’s Regional Government, Federal, Regional and City Administration’s Security bodies joint consultation forum is being held in Mizan Aman.
The minister of peace, Honorable Mr. Binalf Andualem, who opened the stage with a speech, said that peace is something that we all need, and we all need to pay for it. “Peace is not only because we want it and talk about it a lot, but if we keep it actively, we all work hard and work hard to work hard. We’re having dinner they said and discussing Politics. In order to get a solution to the unrest that our country is facing due to the problems caused by few interested individuals and groups, it is necessary to expose the identity of these individuals and groups that have the same objective and reach an agreement on issues that can be reached.

Peace Consultation

Peace Consultation

Peace ConsultationThe president of South West Ethiopia People’s Regional State Honourable Dr. Engineer Negash Wagesho has said “When peace prevails, citizens should put their full energy, knowledge and resources to develop the country and ensure growth and prosperity, so ensuring peace is our priority agenda”.
It was pointed out that the problems of our country are caused by a few people with the same aim, the federal, regional and city administrations should look deeply and discuss on the issues that can be thwarted.

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