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Many apologies to our Amhara compatriots for the lack of communication for some time about the current genocide and injustice being perpetrated against the Amhara people. However, we have been using other channels to mobilise and give a political direction to the ongoing People Power Revolution on the ground. We thank our diaspora brothers and sisters who took to the streets in London, Washington DC, California, Melbourne Australia, Zurich Switzerland, Berlin Germany, etc. And of course our Facebook brigade, YouTube brigade, Telegram brigade and Twitter commandos. Yes, despite the cowardly information blockade by the Abiy fascist regime, you’re doing a wonderful job. Our greatest thanks go out to all the freedom fighters of Fano, on the ground and in the diaspora. Thanks so much for being with Fano, especially for the promotion of the Fano spirit.Fano
We would also like to Salute all the heroic brigades of Fano:
1 – Menelik Brigade.
2 – Tewodros Brigade.
3 – Belay Zeleke Brigade.
4 – General Asamenew Tsige Brigade.
5 – Mekdela Brigade.
6 – Abay Brigade.
7 – Gafat Brigade.
8 – Dejen Brigade.
9 – Tekeze Brigade.
10 – Tana Brigade.
11 – Walia Brigade.
12 – Tiger Brigade.
13 – Snatch Brigade.
14 – Lightning Brigade.
15 – Defense Brigade.
16 – Shield Brigade.
17 – wave brigade.
18 – Flame Brigade.
19- Gobe Brigade.

FanoThere’s a serious battle going on in Ethiopia between good and evil, as Amhara people resist a systematic genocide that has been creeping up on them for almost 50 years. The genocide being perpetrated against the righteous people of Amhara has been well planned. It has been waiting for the right time to be carried out on a larger scale. The righteous people of Amhara could not just sit there and wait to be wiped off the face of the earth. The subjugated population stood up and volunteered to save their people from extinction, and today it is these volunteers who have come to be known as the Fano. Thus, Fano has become the patriotic DNA of the Amhara people. Of course, counter-revolutionaries who benefited from the subjugation of the Amhara in the past whine endlessly and spread anti-Amhara propaganda. However, they have been exposed as fraudsters and fake democrats by their divisive poisonous propaganda.

FanoFellow Ethiopians, despite the false glamour displayed, the Addis Ababa regime has lost credibility among 78% of Ethiopians – the stench coming from the regime can be smelled everywhere in Ethiopia. However, it is very absurd for certain hardliners in Ethiopia to pretend that there is no stench. These are the same hardliners who are sniffing at the dirty bums of Fascist Abiy Ahmed.

Panic has already prompted the regime to impose a fascistic state of emergency. The cowardly state of emergency, with all communications cut off by the sadistic regime of dictator Abiy Ahmed Ali, has made life difficult for the people of the Amhara region. The FANO liberation warriors are doing well on the battlefield. FANO is supported by everyone in the Amhara region.
FANO is being blamed for the current revolution in Amhara region. But the revolution was started by students and Orthodox Christians. When dictator Abiy Ahmed terrorised the Orthodox Church, many worshippers and priests were murdered in cold blood.

In the Amhara revolution, the people are the vanguard. The freedom fighters of Fano are the defenders and protectors of the oppressed people of Amhara. There is no Ethiopia without the Amhara people. The time has come for fascist Abiy Ahmed to go.

FanoThe freedom fighters of Fano have never fled, as the anti-Amhara propagandists have been claiming. Fano’s decision to withdraw from the towns was for the sake of the civilian population and the protection of historical sites. The Fano guerrilla tactics are working well and have slowed down Abiy Ahmed’s killing machine.
The Fano Freedom Fighters will never allow the Amhara people to become enslaved to anyone in Ethiopia. A determined and united people can never be defeated by any force. Fano is fighting for a just cause, which is the end of genocide, enslavement and institutional discrimination against the Amhara people.

Down with fascist Abiy Ahmed!

Viva Fano!

Viva Amhara People!

Viva Amhara Revolution!

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