The heroism of the past 17 years of the Tigray People’s Liberation Struggle testifies, women of Tigray endured natural and man-made problems and fought and fought equally with the men and enabled the struggle to reach victory. Thanks to their struggle and sacrifice, women’s rights have gained constitutional security.
Tigray WomenThe women of Tigray are also fighting against the enemy, face to face on the ground against the genocide that is being committed against the people of Tigray. The dedication and heroism of these heroines in this struggle, makes everyone proud of them. There is no end to the history of the women’s struggle of Tigray. As the saying goes, by a slice of the sea, the astonishing heroic women fighters on the front are countless.

Tigray Women Samhal Yirga graduated from Wolayta Sodo University with a civil engineering degree and worked for a year in the Mizan Aman area, and joined the struggle around the end of April.
She understood where the defamation campaign could lead to the people of Tigray. “I mean, my people; I went out to the battlefield to destroy my enemies by thinking that the injustice done to the Tigrayan is just in myself,” she says.

Tigray WomenIt is expected to find it difficult for women to go out and fight on the battlefield during their menstruation periods. “We are lucky; We have experience from our fighting mothers, that have fought against double oppressions and are an example of everything possible. Thanks to their sacrifices, we have been introduced to science and technology. And so we have nothing difficult for us,” she says.
Finally, she said, “You are the origin of civilization, intelligent, wise, tolerant, hardworking people! We will erase your enemies who have inflicted all this oppression and suffering. We will also bolster the blockade. Trust your children, and stand with them.” She urged all the women of Tigray to join the Tigray People’s Struggle as it is an honour to die for a justified cause.Tigray Women
She is another young woman we met in the mechanised unit, specialising in air defence using Zu- 23 anti aircraft guns. Assefu, who joined the struggle on September 17, She says that fighting for the rights, dignity and identity of your people is a great honour and nothing is difficult if there is a strong goal. She says many women are playing their part in fighting at the front and at the rear. However, there are those who have not joined the front and must do their duty.

Tigray WomenFreweini Mengistu is also one of the young women we met on the front. Freweini joined the struggle on September 8, She said with enthusiasm and determination that the invading forces have committed atrocities and injustices against Tigrayans, especially the women of Tigray. She conveys her message, that women who have not joined the struggle should come out and fight hard to achieve more heroism than they have been doing.
Overall, it is obvious that there are many brave women fighters who have worked in their respective troops. These heroic women fighters who are now representing you, are the symbol of the perseverance and heroism of the women of Tigray. Therefore, the women who have not joined the struggle so far should also follow in the footsteps of yesterday and today’s heroic mothers and brothers.


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