he fascist regime of criminal Abiy Ahmed, has been using the divide and rule tactic in Gambela region, by manufacturing Fake opposition and armed groups. However, the pathetic game has not succeeded, as the oppressed sons and daughters of Gambella, have rejected the criminal regime. After realising that the Gambela project was failing, the criminal regime has now turned to stage managing fake rebel defections.
Because of the high number of unemployment among the youth, it’s easy to bribe them to act in phoney regime propaganda projects.
There’s no active rebel group in Gambella region, fighting Abiy Ahmed’s fascist regime called, Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG). But there’s a well established rebel group called Gambella Liberation Army/Front.
Gambella Liberation Army
There’s no evidence of TPLF or Shene, working with Gambella Freedom Front (GANGG). However in Gambela, there’s a working relationship between Oromo Liberation Army(OLA),Tigray Defence Forces(TDF), and Gambella Liberation Army.Gambela Freedom Front
The Gambella prosperity party(PP) is using the fake Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG) as a propaganda vehicle to counter and trap the youth that might have a subversive mindset.
The regime police commissioner of Gambela, Abula Ubong uses the Fake Gambella Freedom Front (GANGG) for extortion, blackmail, and propaganda.
Gambela Freedom FrontThe regime of Criminal Abiy Ahmed, uses innocent children to stage manage rebel defections for propaganda purposes. As that form of pathetic propaganda, puts off the youth from joining liberation groups, such as the Gambella Liberation Front/Army (GLF/A).
Gambela Freedom FrontThe Ethiopian regime of fascist Abiy Ahmed, also creates fake briefcase political organisations, of which are deployed among the diaspora community, for spying and assassinations using poison. Also, fake pollical organisations with a similar name of an active opposition group are cloned or formed to divide and create confusion among the political opposition.

This happened recent to the Gambella Liberation Front/Army, when a group of thugs led by Akok Ujulu, were deployed by Abiy Ahmed to form a front with similar name as the Gambella Liberation Front/Army. The purpose was to hijack the Gambella Liberation Front (GLF) entirely with all its political ideology, programs, as well as its political credibility.Gambela


Gambela Freedom Front

That’s why impostor Akok Ujulu fooled Ethiopia federalists-Ambassador Berahane G/Kristos who represented TPLF, including other political parties representatives, that met recent in the USA to form a united front. The impostor presented himself as the representative of Gambella Liberation Front/Army (GLF/A).
However,  the High command of Gambella Liberation Front/Army led by Chairman, Gatluak Buom Pal and Vice chairman, Gatluak Pal Tharjiath have never had a representative called Akok Ujulu in its ranks. But, just like most people in Gambella, Akok Ujulu and Obang Metho are known fanatics of Dictator Abiy Ahmed. He is neither known to have formed an armed political party nor a member of the GLF (Gambella Libration Front/A).
Gambella Liberation ArmyChief of Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Jaal Marroo(Right), With his counterpart from Gambela Liberation Army (GLA), Commander Gatluak Buom Pal (Left).
Gambella Liberation Army
It’s not the last, that we will be mentioning a fake Ethiopian organisation. Because they’re everywhere, and well funded; charities, associations, bride services, people smugglers(employment agencies) etc.
That’s why it’s very easy for any Ethiopian government of the day, to turn to their fake organisations when the time begs. Just like the concluded pro Abiy diaspora protest-Abiy Ahmed was able deploy fake Ethiopian patriots on the streets of western capitals.

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