Great news of victory from the Showa governorate in the Merhabet district!
The Magdala brigade, under the command of the Shawa province, under the leadership of Fitaurari Bayu (Aba Dannew), an Amara Fano of the non-residents, had a spectacular adventure!

Udamina, the leader of the UNG, who is known to have committed unprecedented atrocities by hiding in a camp in the town of Aamal, oppressing the people and the youth, suffocating and burning even the old fathers, pulling out their nails, beating, killing, torturing and looting and destroying everything he found, robbing the property of the investors who helped Fano and kidnapping and beating them. The bandits were punished by our brave children.

Among the atrocities committed by the forces of destruction, in Khozb, a city in the world where there is nothing like Warka, the famous elders of the blood mediators were kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured. The veteran teacher Wagaye Mamo, the teacher Abye Kasa, Ato Amha Bele, etc. were kidnapped by the people during the night while sleeping and taken to Debrebrahan and tortured.

Following the violence and suffering inflicted on the people, the Amara fano soldiers, who surrounded the city and blocked the enemy’s exit entrance in the Zoma area of Merhabete Adalm city today 04/06/16 AD at 12 o’clock in the morning, carried out a lightning attack and hit the enemy in a surprise operation. When most of the regime’s paratroopers had been destroyed, the hero of an Amhara Fano Nadeu, the Magdala Brigade, requested the surviving to surrender.

The war is being fought in and around the historic mountain of Zoma, so that the people of the city won’t be massacred by the regime’s thugs as a righteous people. The enemy is being lured out of the city and taken to the countryside to be cut and crushed. The surviving members of the Throne Guard’s Special Commando Airborne Team are surrendering and are on their way.
Yesterday afternoon, more than 15 members of the defence forces, who had recently been sent from Lemi and who had joined the city of Amel, lost all their armour and joined the Fano, saying that they would not fight the Fano.

When the enemy could not withstand the blows of the Anabs, he was in the Tegora area of Mida Weremo district, shelling the populace from a distance with artillery and burning the peasants’ houses. By firing short-range rockets, mortars and Z-23s at Adalm town, they not only harassed the people of the town, but also destroyed the houses of the farmers on Zoma Mountain, which is the heart of Ethiopia and the historical centre of Ethiopia. They also destroyed the old monastery of Debre Genat, the church of St. George and the relics. This is the covenant place where human flesh is buried without decomposing. In recent times, they have been destroying the history, because it is the historical place where the first cross in the world was erected.

Mt. Zoma is an ancient strategic mountain on which the Italians encamped and controlled the area for five years. To name a few, we can mention the 5 sons of right-wing Shenkut Deraj and the 4 sons of patriot Gem Trinity. The five sons of Shenkut were appointed to be the gatekeepers of Shenkut.
From Dejazmach Kfle Geg Selase, Dejazmach Sohayu Geg Selase, Kegunazmach Tadese Geg Selase and Dejazmach Goldu Geg Selase are Dejazmach Abebe Shenkut, Tilahun Shenkut, Haile Shenkut, Yeyun Shenkut and the children of Arbena Geg Selase. This is a historical place where these patriots joined other heroic patriots, Ene Feleke Sangayehu and Ras Abebe Eregai, heroes of heroes, and crushed the enemy.

The children of the brave patriots are still carrying on the legacy of their fathers. They are fighting a great battle.

Amhara nation will win!!!
Showa Provincial Command!
The Amhara people will get their freedom with arms!