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Sad to say, but no word is out there to compromise TPLF Junta’s wordlessly impish carnage as Ethiopia is still in the mood of bitter grief over the fall of its beloved soldiers. As chronicles of history can boldly witness, nothing and no one has humiliated Ethiopian army even down in the distant past, sadly TPLF has betrayed, ambushed and humiliated this globally decorated army. I’m afraid, if any of you haven’t heard of the horrific massacre this junta has done against nation’s troops, heroes that are on duty for noble cause of national and continental significance.

I’m still heart -broken and I’m not sure if anything may come along to console me; despite my heart being fully euphoric witnessing the swift and patriotic response of the army to rip this satanic team off from the soil of Ethiopia.

By Ahmed Mohammed

I don’t know the kind of picture it holds of itself, and the miscalculations it has to mislead and indoctrinate innocent teenagers in its greedy motive of reclaiming power, a power it lost after it massively and morally corrupt itself.

You know that Ethiopia is fed of miseries, and yet are many more untold stories to come out along, worst of all the TPLF Junta has fused its old ones with its horrific adventures of ambushing unsuspecting own troops and looting their arsenals, and afterwards made hostages, handcuffed and gunned some of them, undressed and expelled some others to neighboring Eritrea.

What a treason it is!

I have tried to figure out the kind of political gain and pleasure they may earn in return to their rush to disgrace Ethiopian troops, the kind of life they are tempting to own at the expense of beloved soldiers and wonder where their cruelty comes from in defiance to the wisdom of Ethiopians.

Fortunately ,their wisely  crafted conspiracy of secretly expelling the troops turned into nightmare and united Ethiopians to crush this enemy of Ethiopia once and for all, some beautiful energy  to drive the law enforcing elements of the country  to act actively in the operation towards bringing the old guards to justice ,despite TPLF is attempting to fool and mislead  the world as if they are being targeted, but the world seems fed up of TPLF’s fabrication for it has been long  known for its tricky personality.Ethiopian army

The operation, as the government insists, is targeting at bringing the criminals to justice, thereby defending the country and liberating Tigray, an action   with the full support of Ethiopian, diplomats, intentional governments, and the entire nation has begun to support the move.

After all, the federal government has not only the right to defend the interest of the country, but also   is responsible to act as TPLF is endangering Ethiopia. The TPLF Junta has done enough of its conspiracy and its motive has made Ethiopia suffer from its stubborn personality of refusal to readjust itself with what Ethiopia today tempts to claim.

True that the TPLF Junta is desperately at its bedside, suffering from fouls it has made all along history as of inception, its crimes of torture has led its old guards to insomnia, best all its recent grave mistake of massacring troops, looting arsenals has made Ethiopians to renounce its identity…. and is now at its final days to harvest its verdict.Ethiopian army

I know self blaming is enough to suffer, the blood of unsuspecting troops fallen from their ambush will never ever let them have even a nap and thorny too, their slaughter will punish them alive, every patriotic deed the martyrs    have left behind all across the border, the schools, health posts, roads the troops built deducting from their inadequate salary, everything they contributed will deny TPLF even seconds to have a mental break…. neither history nor God will excuse this junta….

Come on…

The army invested there not only its irreplaceable life, to your surprise, in my trip as a journalist there; I sadly noticed fallen bodies of troops, troops in the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, without even a decent burial.

It’s the army which has spent almost their entire life that they turned their satanic heart at, secretly ambushing and massacring and looting its weaponry ….what a slaughter they have crafted instead of salute!

History is a witness that no combat and no force humiliated troops of Ethiopia, TPLF did it, not in confrontation, but  ambushing and has made  hostages, after all  the entire people in Tigray are now hostages , it has left nothing to the people it has traded with its name…

In fact the faction turned party has shamed itself, its victims rather  will always be saluted, no pages of history  will give any meaning and complete unless  it dictates the degree of greed the TPLF Junta has showcased in its foolishly calculated ambition of reclaiming power , a poorly self indoctrinated group, a group which  misled the teen agers of Tigray to underestimate the mighty, disciplined, well trained and patriotic defense forces of Ethiopia, an army best known for beating any trying circumstances, even when enslaved. Doesn’t TPLF know history, read any chronicles of battlefields where Ethiopians took part in, doesn’t it know how swiftly   Ethiopians come together when intruders attempt to exploit their minor differences?

Can you tip me any reference to cross check if any immoral group is out there down in history which is hungry enough in its wordlessly impatient ambition to reclaim power at the expense of defense, no accounts of conspiracy   of such sort I have come up with, not even fascist Italy humiliated, TPLF is pretty coward and Satan in its flesh, unless we should be hesitant to speak our minds. It conspired ambushed and gunned and expelled unsuspecting own troops, not only disarmed, but inhumanly undressed and expelled them to nowhere.

This came after its lengthy provocations, but it earned a swift response from the country and troops   it mocked and now it’s complaining of being attacked, provoking a civil war.

What a shame!

The nation is still mourning its beloved fallen heroes, the patriotic and swift military   offensive is heart -warming to console our grief, though.

No punishment can comfort the grief of the nation, no matter the wordlessly sad members of the army are committed to  avenge and rip off such an inhuman circle of TPLF, God too should showcase its verdict, after all this is the beginning of  the end of their days, call it the beauty of reaping what one has  sown ….

I’m sure, TPLF’s has saddened  and shamed mothers and fathers of Tigray, it is a potential threat to the horn and its theories are dangerous even to humanity unless it should be hurried not to return, and any sympathizers are the equivalent enemy of Ethiopia, too.

Can’t you imagine how paining it is when an undisciplined, coward and narrowly brainwashed militias rush to slaughter heroes in return to their sacrifice, just for seasonal political gains? It has gain nothing from its atrocity, rather has committed suicide, showcasing its irresponsible  and desperate personality which has in return brought together Ethiopians, best  of all it mobilized the army to avenge it and bring the perpetrators to justice soon.

Come on

TPLF has gone long to conspire and   disperse, secretly recruiting some Tigrigna speaking personnel, brainwashed and eventually cut off chain of commands, and left the martyred trips unburied for animals to scavenge on, hostages some and expelled some others to Eritrea, and worst of all it undressed few others as if it was shaming them, in defiant to the profession abroad norms of Ethiopia, and even enjoyed its bravery over ready bodies.Ethiopian army

It’s true that TPLF has wrongly brainwashed innocent teenagers and tricked them to confront Ethiopian troops, and  they are now seized  teenagers are accusing TPLF of tricking them, they may not be praised  for shooting Ethiopia troops thought the TPLF Junta is the mastermind of the conspiracy against Ethiopian troops, Ethiopia, perhaps Africa too.

Imagine how ignorant it’s to   think of making come back after ambushing troops and looting some arsenals, same as bandits of old days did.

What’s so funny is TPLF is begging for negotiation, after its shamefully ambushed and gunned Ethiopian beloved troops, what blood it is enjoying!

It should be clearly defined that’ll doesn’t mean the people of Tigray, despite its is trying to shield itself , and any sympathizers of this deadly group are equivalent enemy of our troop our country, that’s why this law enforcing mission is being led carefully, slowly and professionally, singling out only the junta and its circle, as it is being dictated.

It is when this enemy  of Ethiopia is brought to justice  that martyred troops   could rest in peace , if not theirs indecently abandoned  and their ever drifting  souls will turn us all into insomnia, and will never ever escape from curses of generations to come one after the other.

Nobody is doubt that it is at its final days, and has speeded it when tempting of disgracing our troops, the pride of Africa, but its fate needs to be shortened, and we need to play part of the push to liberate the people of Tigray and defend the unity of Ethiopia, my Ethiopia…

Salute to fallen troops, death to the TPLF Junta AMEN!

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