We don’t have any side we support between the two political classes fighting each other in Ethiopia. However, it’s fair to listen to both sides what they’re saying. It’s not fair for the government, to deny media Access and any sort of communication to Tigray People’s Liberation Front/TPLF/. Our job is to pass on the information, so you can decide for yourself. It’s unedited!

Ethiopia Autonomous Media

A press release given from Tigray National Regional Government
Tigray People's Liberation FrontIt shows that the fascist, fascist, fascist, united dictator group, is being dictated by the blood of innocent people!! The illegal, united dictator team fascist leader, yesterday October 27/2013 He also came out on television window, and he was mad at the bad ones. Let me go of what I was holding yesterday. Abiy Ahmed’s disgusting, united dictator team, terrorist and fascist is clearly confident.
But the fascist united dictatorship team, last night’s uselessness, fighting Ethiopia’s ethnicity, nationalities and people, and spilling their blood like a shed, the bad action that was to strengthen the power, is covering it every day, and the power is holding it up and not holding it, the day nightmare is a nightmare. It shows that the tomb is getting late.
For the struggle that Menbere has started to close his power and to make the direction of the struggle in all areas of the country badly, half of their sins have been released from the prison since they were only born from Tigrians, who have served their country and people with loyalty and loyalty, the defense force and the federal police members and commanders have been released from where they are. And the rest have become a prisoner so that they don’t leave the house. The rest have been called from work.
The fascist united team members of the army and commanders of Tigrians, the stick that was dumped, the people of Tigray who were living in peace around all Ethiopia, the rich and civil serving, the terrorist act has become a victim. This is also being jailed in Addis Ababa, Gambela, Benishangul Gumz, and other investors. The wealth, property and money they have been ashamed of for years is stealing. Let alone the other, the Arabic united dictator team has been headed to different foreign countries, especially the Tigrians who were traveling to the middle east have found Bole International Airport.
The day this group dropped a bomb on the people of Tigray, I won’t go back to spilling the blood of Tigray people in different cities, I won’t go back to spilling the blood of the Tigray people, saying I miss you. It has been said that it will take any action of destruction to remove it from the earth as well as the people.
So what is the fascist united group that is oppressed by the blood of innocent people? In general, the people of Ethiopia can speak about the issue of the people of Tigray?! The answer is short and clear. This Arabic group, Ethiopia and its people has no moral to speak about. It can’t be dreamed to have it or to think about it.
The external breaker of the fascist united dictator team leader, Tigray people and government, killing, Sidama, Somali, Gambela, Bensalgul Gumz, Amhara, Afar, South Ethiopia people, Oromia, Harari, Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa have a dream of putting their own pictures on it. Today, the federation council meeting that is being breathed in Samba has been told that we have decided to fast in Tigray’s temporary government.
But this standing nightmare is unthinkable let alone be done in Tigray. As it is said that history will repeat itself, 29 years ago, the fascist soldier who was saying that he is not competing in Africa, and the main thing that was taken by the people of Tigray and the people of Tigray. If the leader is fighting, the fascist dictatorship team, leaders know it. Tigray is still being touched by foreign invaders or the fascist united team, Tigray is a burial, it won’t be the place. The people of Tigray, who are trying to destroy Tigray with a mistake, has now attacked the people of Tigray and the new generation, the pride of their parents and the people of Tigray for the past two half years. Still on the lookout. No doubt the victory of the night is its own. The Tigray regional government that is led by the Tigray regional government should write a new bright history, in general and enemy, in general, Ethiopia ethnicity, nationalities and people should not understand the idea. Because even if there is no terrorism, the sky and the earth are broken, it is because the people of Tigray have proved that they won’t give anyone the earthly power.
The first enemy of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Isayas Afeworki, the leader of Shabiya, is ′′ you can buy Ethiopia by Tateneh We will give Ethiopia a hundred years of homework, you can’t even beg to live with Amhara. ′′ The bad act of destroying Ethiopia by saying ′′ Isayas Afeworki, Antura, who gave Ethiopian weapons and soldiers to the traitor fascist united dictator team has shown that he doesn’t have the feeling of Ethiopianism.
In short the war that the fascist and terrorist united dictator group declared by the people of Tigray will not hurt the people of Tigray. It is a dangerous war that destroys Ethiopia, destroys six East Africa, and destroys the country of terrorists. So the struggle you started to decide your own chance of Ethiopia, nationalities, and people should continue with it. The Ethiopian Defense Force who is the walta and protector of Ethiopia should not shed blood with any Ethiopian nation, nation and people. Instead, the stand of the Northern leaders and the army members should be taken as an example.
Finally, the people of Tigray and the national regional government, yesterday, today and tomorrow’s wishes are to be solved only in peace and discussion. Even though the door of peace is closed until the end of the minute, the effort will continue. The people of Tigray and the government of Tigray who are listening to the fascist scream that the united team is being stabbed by the blood of innocent people. So we call you again to make the peace call of the Ethiopian nationalities, nationalities and people, the Ethiopian federalist forces to be implemented, the fascist dictatorial team, this is not a peace option but to accept it. Because at this time there is no better solution!!
The office of Tigray Communication issues

28 October / 2013 E. C

The Enemy is the Enemy!
Tigray People's Liberation Front
The TPLF fighters who gave birth to the people of Tigray started a struggle for the national oppression and injustice that was done to the people of Tigray for more than 100 years because of poverty and evil because of the people of Tigray, they were among the people of Tigray because of the struggle of the modern metal and human force, then the struggle was hard for many reasons. ..
Even though this is the truth, there was no other choice other than struggle, they didn’t doubt that TPLF fighters will pay the price to pay, they will bring a solution and they will win at the end.
The TPLF fighter who made this kind of problem to record victory at the end will take the first part of the unexpected beliefs. Let’s take one and see the signs of our organization that are better than those for victory.
The faith of our organization that says ′′ enemy is an enemy was a strong faith of every fighter that doesn’t have any question and situation. Every fighter knows who his enemy is. He knows very well what kind of injustice his enemies are doing to the people of Tigray and himself. He will be aware that they will continue with their injustice. He knows his enemies are about to destroy him. This is the faith of every fighter. So a fighter won’t be dealt with enemies. The enemy who came to destroy him will not bow his neck. They won’t forgive him even if he bow down. For the sake of the enemies that came to destroy them, he must protect them and destroy them.
The TPLF fighter will pay all kinds of sacrifices because he knows this. He walks with his feet while his eyes see, he claps with his hands. He will be sacrificed for his friend’s struggle. In general the enemy will do all he can to destroy.
In such a precious killer, the people of Tigray have made a bright history by burying their enemies. And the country has made a history that made the land of the promised land to be called the land of the country from disgrace, dismissal and begging.
Today history has repeated itself. The people of Tigray have started an action to destroy the people of Tigray and do all they can to destroy the country. Abiy Ahmed, Mengistu Hailemariam, the people of Tigray have started a bragging and social attempt to beat the people of Tigray on a plane.
When this happened, the people of Tigray have been making a bright history again. The historical enemies that won’t lead even if their necks are down for them have started to pay them a price and bury them.
Of course today, not the same as before. Today we are not facing with friends and Arov Clash. The people of Tigray have been armed by their blood. As the national betrayal and disgrace boss Abiy Ahmed said, not only 300 km but these traitors have been armed. The national betrayal and disgrace leader Abiy Ahmed and his partners have been armed with modern weapons that will destroy the dreams of Tigray cities.
The people of Tigray have guessed by their own blood and labour. Therefore, the national betrayal and shame groups will be victorious by the justice war that the people of Tigray have.

We will hope for our country, nations and nationalities as always.

Tigray People's Liberation FrontThe work we did with the north has created a situation that we can use to protect ourselves. At this time we have started using weapons to protect the people of Tigray, to protect and use them. We will also use it in the future. So we have a whole weapon at the level of weapons. Now there is a clear fight. We are ready to bury these invaders, and we will bury them. If they continue, we will not only be close to those who are far away. My friend Dr. Debretsion
We don’t need war even if we are injustice. It’s okay it’s better. We have been saying that we want development. This couldn’t happen. They pulled us into war. We are going to war by force.
It has been heard that the federal force has been invaded in the north. The Northern Ez is a power that has been working together with the people of Tigray in all issues. The long time ago and now with the foreign force has been held in Tigray for a long time. Since we are going to a bad war and mistake, we have to oppose the federal government. We have done a common job because they have moved to fight with the Tigray government and the people. It’s made in unity. It is better to fight with the people of Tigray to celebrate the constitution and the federal system so that we don’t get into war. We are still part of the federal government but we are fighting with the people of Tigray because they have the job done.
Because of this, everyone has been under control of the Tigray government and the people in a way that we need to protect ourselves. We don’t mean our faith is by weapons. Our faith, our purpose and lineage. But the dictator government should not be attacked by the weapons in Tigray. We shouldn’t have shaken another hand with a gun. But he is not in our hands. So we shouldn’t give him this chance. We need to use it to protect ourselves. To save the people of Tigray, to save the constitution and the federal system, it is a work that will be able to save other nations and nationalities. It’s important to see if a foreign invader comes.
They have covered the work we were going to hit with this metal. The work we have done with the north has created a situation that can help us to protect ourselves. At this time, we have started using weapons in Tigray to protect the people of Tigray, to protect themselves and use them. We will also use it in the future. So we have a whole weapon at the level of weapons.
We are people of purpose and line, we are people who sacrifice for purpose. Now we got more arms We aren’t less than them with guns, unless we are greater. So the weapon in Tigray was made to cover the invasion and save the people of Tigray. The work we did is not only for ourselves but also for the foreign invaders.
When this happened, the federal power and Amhara region special force have opened a war in western Tigray. We are in a war in order to destroy our whole peace. Now there is a clear fight. We are ready to bury these invaders, and we will bury them. If they continue, we will not only fall on those who are near here but also those who are far away from there. For those who are leading from far away, we make them spit on their side.
The war is not easy though. War, is a war. It will make us pay a price. There is no other choice than to win until we get it. Our history is a victory. There is no doubt that we will win today.
Victory for Tigray!

TPLF’s leader Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael’s dictator and traitor invader force has opened on the people of Tigray about the clear war and the defense work we started yesterday.

invaders, madness, installing on people’s needs, e constitutional, national betrayal is not our profile. Our profile is not this, we always win.
Our identity is peace, development, tolerance, living together, equality, justice, self-management, nationalism, being a country’s respect, is love. Our profile is to be sovereignty. It’s a publicity.
We don’t know about the war that our great leader Meles Zenawi said. We know war in action. The life of a man eats. The body will be lost. property, wealth will fall down. The people of Tigray don’t choose this kind of an understatement, they don’t want it. That’s why the country’s menbere power has been controlled for the past three years, even though we live in peace.
It is not enough to say that the people of Tigray have not seen the accident when it is enough to join the enemy of their own people, but when the people of Tigray are being killed by the traitor and burying their neck to the sand, I have not seen the accident. The stage will protect its honor by paying all the price it asked for.
As always victory will come!!

Eternal respect for the martyrs of the struggle!!

A sign given from Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Tigray Branch Office
Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) has been recognized by the EPRDF election board and now the office found in Addis Ababa has been held against the Tigray people to accident. We have released the following press release from the members of the organization in Tigray.
1-TDP is working with the needs of people in Addis Ababa and not all members and leaders of the organization are working with the identity and existence of the people of Tigray because Tigray cannot be a democratic party.
2-It is anti-democracy that Abiy and Esayas didn’t see the conspiracy of TDP to destroy the existence of Tigray people.
3. Tigray people have been asked to Addis Ababa’s office by giving an answer to the people and realizing that it is a foreign interest and policy that is found in Tigray and the central committee that is found in Mekelle.
4. The income and cost of the organization is not known and clear because it is collecting money in the name of the people of Tigray and it is not acceptable.
5. We have decided to work with the people of Tigray who were members of TPLF.
6. We apologize to the people of Tigray for the inconvenience or unknown things we have done to the Tigray people.
NB-members of TPLF in Tigray region, starting from today, Tigray Democratic party doesn’t represent the people of Tigray, so let’s encourage you to be with your people because it is officially destroyed. The people of Tigray don’t bow down to their enemies!

Tigray Democratic Party

′′ We want the people of Ethiopia to know us. Abiy Ahmed’s team is being said to be ′′ ready ′′ to join Isays and beat Tigray on both sides. This betrayal is destroying and destroying the country, it should not be taken to the end of a burning mistake only in Tigray. As it is us, we are saying there is no need for war. If it comes to kneel down by force but we are ready to set up any power. We have a purpose And we will pay sacrifice for our purpose. It should be known that Tigray is the grave of Adharis. Adhari can never be exploded in Tigray!” Friend Dr. Debretsion
Tigray People's Liberation Front
The chairman of our organization TPLF and the Tigray regional government president Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael has given a press release on current issues. The main points they took in the press release are as followed.
? The central committee has predicted what the national political situation is heading to and what the other people should do like Tigray, what other ethnic groups should do with other nations and other related issues. He has made different decisions too.
What we want from here is to express what Ethiopian nations and nationalities need to know. There may be a difference between politics, but now like the people ′′ why are you fighting for your identity Why are you going to vote Why do you use your own chance? What I say is that you didn’t accept the dictatorial act
? All this is a shame on the people of Tigray, and now there is a movement that says ′′ we will kill you!”
? different activities in the country are being seen. It has been said that the defense force everywhere is ′′ be careful Do we have an invader force to get ready for all the army? It shows that there is a way that says I will solve them with power with the people of Tigray
? we said ′′ let’s go to a discussion We said ′′ let’s talk in the other way or in the election The solution is to release political prisoners and come to a discussion. ′′ I will be solved by a soldier, by a weapon problem!” is not a solution. The whole army is concerned when there is no foreign invaders. This is what the federal team and Eritrea government planned.
? yetigirayi hizibini yewuch’i hayilimi tet’ek’imehi lemaniberikeki newu iyetasebe yalewu ። The process of kneeling through foreign power is a betrayal. This is a new mistake that hasn’t been made even in the era of Mesafin.
? so this is happening so much. We all need peace. It is known that there has been an injustice on the people of Tigray for two years. As long as there is no new difference, we are going to leave it in peace.
? Prosperity can be organized and have a thought that he wants, but he has power by the people. Difference has a right to be solved. In the country where there is a problem in different areas, everyone can speak the language he wants and live in peace in Tigray region. This is the thought of federalism. Any citizen can go to work and move anywhere they want.
? this is why we need peace. Our goal is to create institutions that have continuity and make a good administrator. Development, we want to make a change. Our agenda is development, not a fight. This is how we came to work. Your peace doesn’t need peace but the thinking that says I will bless you with power can’t be acceptable. It can’t be acceptable but we will face it with our people.
? The people of Tigray are still not acceptable because they are standing for their right. It’s a fight we don’t want, but we can get into it. We are proud to be with our people if there are members who are thinking about our rights. We will all inspire our strength. Because they are to kneel down the people, they are going to be a people’s fight. The power that says ′′ I’m going to kneel down your voice!” won’t succeed. He can’t win even if he hold the weapon he wants. Our victory is strong. He’s been looking at a lot of things. And now we don’t go backwards. We say ten times but ′′ no need to fight!”
? we want peace, we say ′′ if there is no difference it will only be solved around the table ′′ All political parties need a discussion. At this time millions are being displaced and thousands are dying. And the prisoners are a soul.
? lēlawi wede tigirayi yemīmet’a fereniji yihuni lēla ke’ayeri menigedi gotito mawuredi newu iyetesera yalewi ። So the people are killing each other, they are getting injured, they need to stop. Now we are saying ′′ criminals should be brought to justice!”
? The killings that are done in any area should be stopped by another reason. The problem is political without calmness everywhere.
? Another event we are watching at this time is the intervention of the Eritrea government. The Eritrea government has clearly said ′′ the issue of Ethiopia is my issue ′′ There is no one who said ′′ Stop doing your own The central government is happy when its own citizens are embarrassed by foreign forces. Because he has never had a protest when he happens like this often. It wasn’t said ′′ stop and don’t compromise on Tigray ′′ ′′ Touching Tigray is touching Ethiopia ′′ Instead, it is said ′′ if you have the power, let Tigray continue!”
? so they’ve been working together for a long time. If both people love each other, why don’t the both army get her out of the wall? Why isn’t there an agreement to get the army out of the wall? The people’s relationship has started and closed. But they are always friends. To open the closed road, development, business and investment movement could have been done. The relationship between the two people is still closed but it is known that the relationship between the two people will continue. We say ′′ this way is a toy map to continue the people of Tigray ′′
? He / the Eritrea leader / says ′′ Federal government has supported me, but the Tigray government has banned me The government in this also says ′′ we are not happy So the minister of Defense should build it, and the old man who works should work for it. Let it be like this by the scholars, institutional and clear. Well everything is both they finish it shouldn’t be a secret.
? before we have decided that ‘ KO like EPRDF ′′ the problem of both countries should be solved together ′′ So where is he at? The agenda will last until Tigray is shaken. When both country soldiers were in the wall, Dr. Abiy invited Isayas Afeworki to visit the Ethiopian Air Force. If the closing is like this, why isn’t the problem of both countries solved? So the discussion stage should be prepared in public, this people and the army should know.
? If this ′′ Tigray is not criticized ′′ is wanted to hit one’s own citizen by foreign force, they are now using it for a military program. The amazing thing is that the Ethiopian government ′′ when he released a press release, the Eritrea also released a press release, because everyone is against Tigray.
? There are instructions that come out for the army, even if they don’t know them, we know them. They are saying ′′ get ready ′′ for both sides to hit Tigray. This is the one who destroys and destroys the country. This can’t be taken away by a fierce mistake on Tigray only.
? We will face any power as we are, we have a purpose! And we will pay sacrifice for our purpose. Let it be the power you want, we won’t shine Adwa is here. We have made another history by destroying Derg. It should be known that Tigray is the burial of the Adharas. Adhari can never be exploded in Tigray!
? hulēmi āshenafī yemīhonewi yemesarīya gagata sayihoni hizibi newi ። This problem is not only Tigray but also the country. The army can’t fight us out of power. Because the defense force is standing for the people and the constitution. He is protecting his country from attack. The main political difference is that it will only be solved around the table. This is what all the military leaders and members should know.
? The issue with the people of Tigray, government and TPLF and the problem with others is around the table.
? The difference we say is not only from Tigray, it is from Oromo, Amhara, South, Afar, Gambela, Beishangulum, Kimantoum, Somali and all nations. Those who came from inside and outside should be released and let’s have a discussion. The problem is like a country.
? The Tigray government is working with the people. This is the difference, but which party are we like when it looks like a party.
? So this problem can be solved by politics not by military force! Tigray has made the election to respect the constitution. Nothing happened after that. So how could it be a mistake to vote for his own leaders in election? Let alone Corona and virus, we have made it as a country’s choice during the war of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Corona is not more than a fight.
? without election they say ′′ why didn’t the leaders we allowed you to manage?” I was the leader of Debretsion before the election, here it is after the election. It is TPLF who chose the people before the election. It is still TPLF. What is the difference? There is no miracle that happened.
? ′′ Why did the people use their rights?” If it is something else, even if we say the people are wrong, they should be respected. The people of Tigray are not wrong. It won’t be by threatening. Even if the people of Tigray are being fired, they have chosen one voice from top to bottom. This is why we said it is a historical election.
? beshitawini iyetekelakele siri‘atuni t’ebik’o mirich’a yakahēde hizibi memesigeni sīgebawi yetegelabīt’oshi honena negeru ” inik’et’ik’it’ewi!” tebale ።
? There is an army that protects the border of the north, there is a lot of army that lives in a shelter. The people of Tigray who are respecting the constitution and performing their mission, will prevent them from being with the farmers when they are thrown by the lion. Corona virus or different community problems will participate to solve. He is still working as a person of the people like before.
? We see the defense force that does this but not by his race but by his mission. As long as it is in Tigray, we will respect it not ′′ where did you come from?” He has paid a lot of sacrifices to make foreign enemies. The people of Tigray have paid sacrifices together. From now on, the people of Tigray are with the people of Tigray. We will face the line together and pay the sacrifice!
? Even the army should ask ′′ why the problem is not solved by politics?” The army in Tigray knows it, so it should be said ′′ we shouldn’t go to unnecessary war, enough!” ′′ What’s wrong with the army Why Let’s stop and see, let’s check it out For the leaders, the federal and the regional army should say ′′ bring a political solution!” To go to Tigray will not be a solution. Because the mission is to protect the constitution.
? The army is watching that the constitution is being protected in Tigray. We need to be careful not to get into conflict. There is no need for any conflict, and the army should make history like this. Because it shouldn’t be made a lost history.
? We are telling the world that the problem is national and international. To play their own share about them. But we are the most important nations and nationalities in the country.
? If he gets into the problem, they are still the leaders of both governments who take full responsibility. Because even though they are working by flying outside force to continue Tigray, we are ready. This Ethiopian people must know. If there is anyone who comes to keep sticks, it is not only a matter of Militia, the special force. Any force should come to know that it will fight with the people of Tigray. He can’t win even if he has a weapon and program.

? Until we stand for the world, we are ready to pay ′′ I fear this!” without power sacrifice. Let it come from any direction, and we will win any problem. This is always a known issue.

A press release given to the national medicine about the current situation of our country.
The situation of our country is getting worse from day to day. The issue of living in peace has reached a very important level. Even though the death and displacing of citizens is a daily act, it couldn’t be able to give attention to the issue. Instead, it is busy sending another force to the death and displacement that is happening to innocent people. The power in power since recently is on the way to all Ethiopians, nationalities and people, especially the people of Tigray, the conspiracy that won’t forgive the history of the people of Tigray. Because of the current situation of our country, the Ethiopian federalist forces have announced the following 7 points for the national medicine.
1. Including the killing in different parts of our country in Oromia region, Western Wollega zone, Guliso district, including the killings that were done in different parts of our country should be brought to law, and the killing and killing of the security forces that are asking for the rights of the people in different areas should be stopped immediately and the killing of the peaceful citizens We strongly ask killers to be investigated by an independent party.
2. The only solution to our country’s problem is to accept the call to save the country’s peace and country on September 2013 Instead of organizing a national discussion and negotiation with political prisoners including political prisoners, ethnic groups and people representatives, regions and civic unions, the representatives of our country will be disintegrated to business and disintegration. ′′ I know you only ′′ we call you to accept a call for discussion and negotiation. We need to understand that it is only the power in power for the problem that is happening not this.
3. The unexpected government will do what is happening on the people of Tigray, the unexpected budget, the safety food insurance budget, the children’s mask, the herd of defense equipment and other rights prohibition and the economy that hasn’t been negotiated and has been a weapon for years for Ethiopia. We ask the people of Tigray to be confronted in their country and to make doubt on the federation. We would like to express that the federal government is responsible for any problem that happens in the unity of our country, not this.
4. We strongly condemn the movement that is going on to declare the war on the people of Tigray and foreign forces especially with the leader of Eritrea Esayas Afeworki. We ask the government of Esayas to stop the intervention of the Ethiopian history and respect of its own people and state.
5. We invite you to stop the E-constitutional system that has been built for over 5. years in equality for the united and anti-democratic force to stop the E-constitutional way that is going on to be destroyed.
6. It is known that all the defense and security forces of our country have been given responsibility to protect the country from any foreign intervention, protecting its sovereignty, and protecting the constitutional system. And it is known that you have been given the responsibility to protect the people of Tigray and the children of Tigray by building the nationality and the people. Forgetting the role they played is an unforgettable act of invasion on the people of Tigray. We call you to save any political force’s needs.
7. All members of the international community who say we care about the issue of Ethiopia and the issue of Ethiopia are leading to a bus mix. So we ask the international community to accept all the participant discussion calls to save the country and play your role to save the country.
Ethiopian federalist forces union for national medicine
October 24, 2013

Addis Ababa

A press release given from Tigray National Regional Government
It is not only a dangerous anti-people conspiracy that is made to destroy the truth by the blood of innocent citizens, to run for political profit, to abuse, as usual.
The people of Tigray and Tigray regional government, October 22/2013, 22/2013 in Western Wollega Zone Guliso Woreda, Kanqa Gawa Kebele, will express their deep sadness about the murder of innocent Ethiopians. In any place or time, ethnic attacks, the people of Tigray and the national regional government strongly condemn.
Therefore, the people of Tigray and the national regional government wish comfort to the people of Tigray and the people of Tigray for the injustice that has been done on my innocent people.
The people of Tigray and the National Regional Government, in the past two years, the united dictatorship team and Mr. Ashagre’s team shouldn’t be thought of the attack on any Ethiopian nation, nation and people, it is a fact that they have been fighting for their age.
But yesterday in western wollega zone, the very tragic and tragic killings done by our innocent people, without calling on who it was done correctly, the illegal united dictatorship team has been sentenced to the third party as usual. This is the illegal united dictator group leaders that have done the attack, OLF is a shame, and TPLF is supporting it as they want, let me go, those who are lying to me, those who are saying that they are accepting it without any reason, they are getting married. This crocodile tear, Ethiopian nationalities and people, sovereignty should be investigated as the anti-people conspiracy that the Tigray people and government are making to kneel down as a fire to use Benzin.
In the end, it should be known that running to get political profit for the innocent blood killed, not only to abuse injustice, as usual is a dangerous anti-people conspiracy. So yesterday in Western Wollega zone and before, the people of Tigray and the national government call for the public to know the truth about the Ethiopian ethnicity, nationalities and the world community. So any human rights institution, and the international community, should be responsible for their emergency investigation work.
The office of Tigray region commission issues
October 23/2013, 23/2013


The clique in power, ostensibly in the name of reorganizing the armed forces, has been trying to implement a devious scheme to, once again, try to bring the people of Tigray to their knees. The clique in power is in the middle of selling out the country’s sovereignty by weakening members of the National Defense Forces stationed in Tigray to ensure the security of our border areas following the unresolved conflict with Eritrea lasting 23 years and preserve the country’s sovereignty. Nevertheless, as repeatedly articulated by the government of Tigray as well as other federalist forces, this unitarist dictatorship, following the expiry of its term as of October 5, 2020 in accordance with the FDRE constitution, does not have the legal responsibility or power to make significant political and military decisions.
Since the unitarist, personalistic dictatorship in power, outside of solutions put forth by Ethiopian political forces through dialogue, has no legal responsibility or power to make decisions regarding the reorganization and/or operations of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, any decisions made thus far are not acceptable and will not be implemented. Accordingly, it should be known that any decisions related to Tigray, such as operational decisions, leadership changes and command reorganizations and the movement of troops or armaments, are absolutely unacceptable and will never be implemented. We call upon the defense forces to reject this illegal reorganization for its runs counter to their core constitutional mission. Responsibility for any and all problems that follow from this irresponsible decision will be appropriately laid at the feet of the two individuals at the helm of their respective unitarist, personalistic dictatorship: Abiy Ahmed and Issais.

Taken from the National Regional Government of Tigray Regarding Current Affairs Statement of Position


Tigray People's Liberation FrontOne must be clear, we will take double steps for all the steps Abiy takes. Wherever the airplanes of Abiy are raised, we will hit the airplanes. If there is a plane that has escaped suddenly, where the airplanes are raised, we will take double steps anywhere. My friend Getachew Reda

Abiy Ahmed has announced that he won’t go back from using any weapon to worship the people of Tigray and Tigray. The one that the Tigray people have started to take over the people of Tigray, and the one that says they are in the country won’t go back to the people of Tigray. We are in a situation where Mengistu Hailemariam has continued in the same way.
So at this time, there are areas that are actual tornadoes. The movement to surround Tigray from different directions has continued. We are in a situation where many parts of the army are moving from different areas in Tigray and Amhara region, Tigray and Afar region are ready for war, not only in the western areas but also in the western areas.
Abiy Ahmed, doesn’t go back from using all the weapons he has. If you get a pedestal, you use a pedestal. Missile uses a local missile. If he finds a plane, he will be beaten by a plane. He moved from yesterday to use a plane in action and tried to attack a plane. A large plane crash test was done yesterday. Our little defence situation is not about Alalaws, it’s been a while since he had so many efforts.
Anyway, I don’t wonder if they did this to me, they use all the weapons he got, including the toys. A little amazed maybe made me doubt the mental situation, then I had a doubtful reason, yesterday’s speech, so that people don’t go to the market, so that many people don’t go to where they gather, because he said he’s fooled you.
From this Akaya, maybe Mosoloni, Hitler and Hitler wouldn’t have said that they are doing a crime when they commit a rural crime. For justice, for the prince of German etc, they used a language. It is not that you are being beaten by the market, you are using a place where the people are gathering, it means believing in a crime in public.
So it is a little surprising, but there is no reason that Abiy is in his hand to go back from using any weapon. We don’t have a blessing that says it doesn’t use through us, it uses. One thing should be clear but maybe we are explaining it in progress we will take double steps for all the steps Abiy takes.
Wherever the airplanes of Abiy are raised, we will hit the airplanes. If there is a plane that has escaped suddenly, where the airplanes have rested, where the airplanes have been raised, we will take double steps anywhere. We shouldn’t have any fun here.
So what concerns me is not Abiy’s bragging. What I care about is that a person who says stop saying he is a leader of this kind of madness, craziness like this, and talk about himself, and say he is a country leader, I am a little worried about him.
The message I am sending to the Amhara people is not for Abiy. If Amharic politics wanted to calm down, when it kills its leaders, when it changes the leaders at any time, the Amhara youths are not to solve the job opportunities, but to answer the development questions, it is not to answer the agenda of its destruction, the fire is to be a firefighter. So the people of Amhara should stop this selling.
For the people of Tigray, continue with what I want to say. All Tigrians are born with other partners, we will cover this crazy, invasion. You shouldn’t have a doubt here!

TPLF executive member Getachew Reda, Abiy Ahmed’s team, on the interview he opened with the people of Tigray and government.


Abiy Ahmed ′′ the people of the north are kneeling down Tigray! Tigray is controlling cities! He is lying that he has made missiles down, he is lying that he has burnt fuel deps The people of Tigray will understand the beginning of this lie. This message is not for us, it is to send a useless message that says ′′ you have another dejen, because it supports you from the north, push him!” The second Oromo, Somali, Amhara, Sidama, Wolayta and others are thinking to come to them. Because other people outside the north have left the whole country and went to Tigray. The killing that Abiy has done on Amhara people in western Wollega is moving to make the people part of the bad campaign. We are ready to be brave to bury the invaders wherever the invaders come. My friend Getachew Reda
Abiy doesn’t know the language of diplomacy, he has announced that he will hit a plane in a place where people are gathering. This bragging has taken over the last three and four days to apply to Mekele and Adigrat cities and has repeatedly made the military airlines proud, but they didn’t succeed. Especially around Mekelle city, the Jet that came to Tigray has been hit by a military force yesterday morning after she tried a plane. Even though the pilot / flyer / lighter / healer is not hoping to be hit by a mile, it is being wanted to say it might be down by a parachute.
We are following the military airplanes, but we are not surprised because this is also happening in the hairy countries.
Even though the trials of the military jets didn’t succeed, it is clear that the people of Tigray are going to stop the daily movement of the people of Tigray. Light and Tele have already closed, and they are having a lot of beats by sending military airplanes.
The conspiracy that Abiy Ahmed has been doing two years ago has been doing his bad deeds on the people of Tigray.
We have opened a war in the western zone of Tigray that was held by a tank from last week. Especially in the past three days, the Tigray people are moving to kneel down the people of Tigray in the west and south of Tigray zones and some of the Afar areas.
Abiy’s forces who came to kneel down Tigray western zone for the last four days have got the right response by the Tigray forces.
This destroying group has read a propaganda that doesn’t believe that ′′ kneeling down the people of Tigray means kneeling down the whole Ethiopian people ′′
Still in Tigray southern zone, it is asf to open a war with the Amhara forces. It has been known that the retirement general called Yohannes Gebremeskel is leading in this front. Yohannes is moving to make Abiy happy. So there may be another war on this front for the next few days or weeks. But we will win the warrior’s bravery in order to put the invaders in order to bury them.
Abiy ′′ the northern order is kneeling down Tigray! Tigray is controlling cities! He is lying that he has made missiles down, he is lying that he has burnt fuel deps The people of Tigray will understand this lie very well.
There is a war in the west zone in dance and sea. But there is no one that is burnt Dep and has lost a missile. There are no share and shiraro controlled. There is no other northern army that came together.
This message is not for us but for us it is to send a useless message that says ′′ you have another Dejen who supports the back of the north, push him!”
The second Oromo, Somali, Amhara, Sidama, Wolayta and others are thinking to come to them. Because other people outside the north have left the whole country and went to Tigray. The killing that Abiy has done on Amhara people in western Wollega is moving to make the people part of the bad campaign.
This war is a lot of talk about the people who say ′′ Northern people don’t want to fight with Tigray, Abiy’s homework won’t accept the north ′′
I have just heard that Birhanu Julam is the leader of Etamajor. I thought Birhanu will only be lost. But the place (Geography) is lost. You have to be careful when you say Shire and Shiraro. Because there’s a saying ′′ Save the place and number when you want to believe in lies because it will embarrass you later
So General Birhanu Julam is knowing his boss with a good army that we don’t have to help with lies and says ′′ North is controlling Tigray cities!” After a lie was created in a country where lies will be awarded, Etamajor has gotten an honor. Whether it is Etamajor or Vice, he can never save Abiy. Anyways, if they start lying, they don’t have any other job other than making a fake website.
′′ We have arrested the Tigray media too! The lies that say Ekele has been arrested and killed!” are also lies that have been punished.

I will only send one message to the people of Tigray. Fight your enemies with strength like yesterday! In public ′′ mothers don’t cry! Abiy Ahmed and his team who came to Derg in action saying we will destroy our people with airplanes!” they have prepared their power to destroy our people and take care of themselves. But you know that the people of Tigray aren’t above our power. Fight them with bravery and strength like yesterday! We will win them without a doubt!


If the national betrayal and disgrace leader Abiy Ahmed and his partners have announced an official war to destroy the identity of the people of Tigray, today is the 7th day.
This country’s shame and betrayal leader is going out in public every day and the cities of Tigray are being beaten by their name; the people should not go out to the market and daily, but if they go out they will beat them.
This man’s commanders have been arrested and followed by the war and lies of his boss. They have forgotten the ignorance of ′′ once and for all ′′ and the history of yesterday. Today, they were trying to look like patriots and another time they are still calling on the Tigray cities to control the victory that they are dying in their name.
If these fascists have the power to destroy the people of Tigray, they won’t regret anything. They have shown us more than 10 times to hit the cities of Tigray with a plane.
The people of Tigray and the government of Tigray who understand the need of killing the people of Tigray and at the end are standing together unless it is destroying the history and degrading the country, the historians who can’t make history have decided to give their price.
Based on this, the invader force in the west shouldn’t be punished. The Tigray people have started to kill the people of Tigray and the airplanes that were moving to the sky have started to dismiss them. This penalty will be done in all areas by punishing this crazy invader force.

Victory for the people of Tigray!

′′ The press release that the Tigray regional government has taken is based on the respect and sovereignty of Ethiopia Especially the people of Tigray are working on the rule and law that doesn’t give birth to the people of Tigray to respect the respect and benefit. ′′ The interview of the fighter Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin with the voice of Woyane TV ′′
Question: Does one regional government have the power to make the military in the region not to leave the region? What is the unity of this issue?
Friend Ambassador Seyoum :- Why doesn’t he have it? Does he have power? That’s what he says he’s wrong. Because the Tigray regional government has already made it clear. Abiy’s team has decided to ′′ this power is illegal ′′ using COVID 19 This illegal group can’t make a proclamation and guide, so this power has announced that ′′ it is not acceptable if any proclamation and rules are made After that he said ′′ we have brought change in the military position and organisation This action is said ′′ you can’t do it until you are in power!” Because Abiy’s team is working illegal. Working illegal doesn’t mean it has a legitimate dress. The people of Tigray are still holding this idea.
Why did this wake up What is the purpose and plan of Abiy and Isayas Shirgud? We are clearly watching what he says. When a person goes to Jimma, Abiy also sees Abiy going to Asmara on media. Abiy is back to Asmera after yesterday. Hidden tours will be held every time. Leaders and their officials will take place. What are they doing? Isayas security and military officials are now in Bahir Dar city. What are they doing? The Northern Western and Western Army has advisors and supporters on how to fight.
Isayas is taking all the soldiers who were in Eritrea around every village at night before the youth. He is saying ′′ I have finished my military program ′′ He is saying ′′ There is no peace before we destroy Woyane ′′ But the army and the people are against it. Isayas is forcing the people, this is seen by Gahad. Tigray is the only one who will follow and know let alone his neighbor. What is Isayas and Abiy thinking? He is saying it. This is the agenda.
So Abiy is running to take this from the soldier that the federal system shouldn’t dismantle the Eritrea system. The heavy weapon in Tigray is the one who put this in the guess. Eritrea and Eritrea army are still on the border.
Did the Eritrean army called ′′ get out of the border ′′ give us the border? The Northern Army of Wollo, Gondar and Afar is found. Now it has been said ′′ you will be a order in the north west of Amhara ‘ When the next one is open for him, the Eritrean army will control him by force. And the one who fights on the border will be the army of Tigray and Isayas. Abiy will take the same step behind him.
If it is like this, he should say that Tigray is not Ethiopia. TPLF can’t live in the sand of TPLF being led by this kind of conspiracy. Because there are people who have given responsibility to ′′ respect my right ′′ The constitution has a responsibility. He wants to get this responsibility out too. The issue of the sovereignty of Ethiopia will be celebrating the border of Tigray. It’s not a sovereignty that is not seen and unexpected.
As Isayas went to this border with power before, he still wants to get in power. This is not acceptable in any generation. If Isayas Semirulet hold a red one, the war will continue. If Isayas thinks ′′ I will bring this change ′′ he is a fool and Abiy is a fool. If they think they will bring it in this game, I believe they are making their own age and digging their holes.
I think the others don’t understand, now the time has changed, the world formation has completely changed. When the problem of Yemen is facing, the forces of the area have become borders. The actors and the important foreign forces are fighting in Libya. Syria is like we will see it.
They are stupid people who think that Isayas will just see this issue when he gets into Ethiopia and gets into Ethiopia. If they think that the problem in Ethiopia isayas invasion is better than solving our own problem, they are wrong if they want to declare the violence, murder and crime war on Tigray than to solve it. All will be a thunder of war, and others will deserve it, no one will see it.
Question :- Do you mean the war of a hand-swing :-
Comrade Ambassador Seyoum :- Who will prevent Eritrea from intervening with Abiy while they are seen in Ethiopia? Who knows who will understand in Oromia, Benishangul and Somali regions. It is open for all. Those who want to separate this country will get a chance.
So they need to stop their game of fires and fires. Unless they don’t want to make their lives, this is what we are watching in our backyard. For example, if we see the war of Somalia, it is not the Somali who is the owner. They have a lot of hands in it. Isayas won’t be able to put his own army in Ethiopia and move on wearing a defence uniform.
So it’s better to stop and think without throwing this country into this bush. It is said that Abiy is the last chain that broke the back of a camel. He is going to do this. We will see where he is following us.

So the press release that the Tigray regional government and the people have taken is based on the respect and sovereignty of Ethiopia. Especially, the law and law are working on a plan that doesn’t give birth to the respect and benefit of Tigray. If you go and destroy this, we will see what it follows.

It is known that the people of Tigray are paying a price and sacrifice to save the country by saying ′′ let the people of Tigray pass by the way they say ′′ let them pass by But new dictators who can’t understand your patience are doing you unfair abuse, abuse and pressure. Therefore, we invite you to know that the accident that you are facing on your safety and existence will not continue like this. As always, we call you to rebuild your enemies and make a bright history.
The people of Tigray should not be given a pocket from a personal dictator, but it is the legitimate part of the people of Tigray that is collected from the people of Tigray with tax and budget. If this illegal force is to cut off the budget of the people of Tigray because it is to declare a war live, the only responsible for any situation that happens in the result is illegal, united personal dictator force.
This illegal power in power is using food insurance and help for the political purpose of the political purpose. So the help you have donated to the united and personal dictatorship politics and the oppression of the people of Tigray should be accountable for the united and personal dictatorship. World community, national and international institutions, diplomatic community members in Ethiopia should understand that this country has led to war and disintegration and the international response is very difficult to save the country and you should understand that it is legal and moral duty to save the country. You can’t escape from historical and moral responsibility for the crisis that is happening in this country.

A current position taken from the Tigray regional government on the current situation.

The illegal group has prohibited the mask for students because it is a crime for genocide on the people of Tigray and it is a worldwide law.
Illegal group has recently announced that the Tigrians and teachers in Mekelle city are asking the worldly law to ban the 19 virus defense mask.
Teacher Tewolde Gebremichael, Teacher Sisay Fantahun, said that he gave his comments to the TPLF Official School teachers and students, as he said, it is a bad idea to kill the people of Tigray with a bullet that makes the people of Tigray to be destroyed by its identity.
It is not easy to send a mask to the students of Tigray that the anti-people are doing on the people of Tigray is a scheme that is not enough for the people of Tigray to live in ignorance. The people of Tigray and the government should ask for international crime. They have said it should be.
Bethelehem Adugna, Fiyori Mahari and Hilina Mebrahtu, the 12th grade students of the school, have announced that the federal education minister has prohibited the death penalty from the people of the country.
In the city Nicholas Robinson secondary school teacher Shewit Gebregzabheir and his teacher medical professional Fiseha Gebreselassie is one of the mask that the minister of education has banned the students of Tigray region and the security of Tigray are not different than the other citizens of the country. They have noticed that it is a historical mistake that will lead only the benefit of the political.
The school students in Afomia Nigus and Natnael Zemenfes Kidus’s comment has said, ′′ The action is a disgusting act that doesn’t see Tigray students as a citizen and is a person that doesn’t see them as a citizen ′′

Even though the united group of Abiy Ahmed has given a great thanks to the Tigray regional government for donating two mask to each student.

′′ Abiy Ahmed, had a contract to give him money and the dam to negotiate and be useful to Egypt Ethiopian people started sliding a little while saying ′′ the dam is being sold ′′ A lot of things have come to pass! A lot of things are missing. They went a long way, after they had a lot of problems, after they gave them the sovereignty of our country, they started sliding after they gave them to our yard. ′′ Friend Amanuel Assefa ′′
Our organization TPLF central committee member and our region’s justice office officer Amanuel Assefa have interviewed Tigray Television on current political issues. The main points of the second part are nearly as follows.
Question :- The federal budget has said that it will cut off the budget that is coming from the people of Tigray. In the opposite of the budget, he says he has finished a study to give the woreda and kebele Don’t they both get you
Comrade Amanuel :- There are two governments in the federalism system. Federal and regional. The federal government has no ability to decide on regions. The budget that is being said now is not giving to the people of Tigray. The Tigray government is not a dictator team that has put it. The people of Tigray have chosen them. From 98 percent of the people of Tigray, they have said it is ′′ Mengiste Like Abiy’s team, he doesn’t have power on his own time. The people only give recognition to the Tigray government. Another body has no power. So the people of Tigray are giving the budget to the Tigray regional government. That’s how the constitution says.
 One region will accept what it gets from the federal government. The regional government will distribute the income and federal government’s plan and divide the woredas. It will do the work they do in cities. Development peace democracy works. The power to do this is the government. So saying the government won’t give budget to Tigray region means breaking the cable that has from the federal government.
Fasting around the renaissance is the last thing that should be said to be the last thing that should be done. Let’s say Trump is the issue of Egypt, but the issue of the renaissance is the first thing that has been done with the dictatorial power. The Renaissance dam is the killing of the Engineer. Even if the Ethiopian nations and nationalities are hungry, I remember every government employee who has given the salary of the whole month with 100 % (100 %) the government’s salary is only 100 % from the government. This dam is not an ordinary dam where farmers sold their cows and camels. It is a matter of sovereignty. All Ethiopian nations and nationalities have spoken in one language that says Ethiopia is tomorrow’s light.
 In Ethiopia, there are a lot of political forces in Ethiopia. But if you see this dam, there is no difference except a few traitors.
 Now these traitors are the must-do leaders. What did Alemayehu and Esayas Afeworki say? What did Aregawi Berhan and the dam say about the dam? Now these are the people of the must by the way, those people have been made to do it online, when the dam starts saying to you, the main engineer of the must is the one who knows everything until the engineer is pregnant.
Even if a paper that knows everything is lost, it will be replaced. If the design is lost, it will be replaced. Everything will be replaced by the engineer’s head. Because the whole renaissance thought was in the engineer’s body, the engineer should first destroy that dam. Just like the general who changed the defense force to the new track, it means the general killed him. This team is a very dangerous team It’s the power that wants to restructure people first by destroying main people.
This is how the dam starts. The dam is first to call him the name of America and everywhere. He is going around Europe. He knows how much this man has run away from him. Now there are lots of evidence recorded in videos. How embarrassed you are.
 How Ethiopian nations and nationalities have been made to lose their faith after all that basement has been made. Abiy Ahmed has gone to Egypt and promised to swear. Let’s call him a World Bank that doesn’t care. Let’s call him America. They are allowed to negotiate in their home. The deal is now in, they are telling us that the president of the US is the president. The contract was to be given money and the dam was to negotiate and be useful to Egypt. But the Ethiopian people in different ways said ′′ the dam is being sold ′′ are in danger. Even though it was displaced, the people started sliding in different ways. A lot of things have come to pass! A lot of things are missing. But after they have gone a lot of problems, they started sliding after they gave us the sovereignty of our country.
You can’t slide those who are saying the pesos. We have come a lot. They have done the last thing. The Tigray government is doing that now. The results of many mistakes are not new on their own time.
This illegal group that is saying ′′ Illegal government ′′ can’t say to the people of Ethiopia ′′ I am sick of you. The renaissance dam or other sovereignty issues have been given. So Ethiopian nations, nationalities and nationalities should say ′′ we shouldn’t look at our eyes ′′ from now on. Ethiopia’s sovereignty has fallen in this group.
 If we were going to go back this team should know the right time. Ethiopian nations, nationalities and people have the responsibility of self-control and sovereignty.
 Ethiopian defense force is a constitutional responsibility to protect this. People can’t say get up and sit down. Because the sovereignty is lively concerned by the defense force.
Question-Is there a situation where the people of Eritrea and Tigray will shed blood again?
Comrade Amanuel :- Tegaru, Kunama and Saho people are the same. Unless it’s a political difference, they have no difference. Even their brotherhood is impossible to break. We have seen how both people flooded when the border opens. The issues in Eritrea and Ethiopia can be solved with peace and discussion.
Abiy meets with Isayas to weaken the people of Tigray. He doesn’t have any other agenda. It is not the benefit of the people’s peace or economy, because people are closed so that people don’t meet. There are people and government of Tigray who have enemies on the relationship between Isayas and Abiy. They have a relationship that is planning to kneel down and buy this people.
 20 years old have been created in a bad way in an unknown situation. Still both countries soldiers are sitting outside and digging the wall. They are in a hurry with a gun. Even if it is not the same, Isayas will visit the Ethiopian Air Force, and Abiy will visit Sawa. This kind of story has never been known by nature.
Why doesn’t Abiy go down to the US when he went to the border? When he was asked, he said ′′ this is not a matter of leadership but a matter of kebele!”
 The government of Tigray is saying ′′ the past is enough for us. The action of Isayas and Abiy is to spill the blood of both brothers. So the Eritrean people and defense force should stop Isayas saying you are not right. Ethiopian nations, nationalities and people should say that the power that gives you this sovereignty is enough. Because both people want to rule the blood. Eritrea and Ethiopian people can start their peaceful relationship
Question-Is there a chance to accept this dictator group and save the country with the unity of all political forces? Where would the end lead?
Friend Amanuel :- Even if he gets acceptance, one peaceful and democratic government should always call for peace. This team is going crazy every day. There is no democracy in Ethiopia, there is no choice. They send old people everywhere. There is no such thing as being responsible. When the parliament is seated they have said ′′ we will continue!” Parliament has become a political group or an individual weapon. Justice institutions can’t do whatever they want. They can’t make a person free. They can’t release it with warranty and release. You can’t even order any order for the police. The democracy system is completely washed. So Ethiopia’s peace, development and democracy is getting in.
 Ethiopia is not created from God or Allah but from any country. We can say ′′ God has created a lot of people ′′ and we are people who created countries. For example, Eritrea was created. Ethiopia is the people of nations and nationalities that created it by permission. You can also mention another one. Ethiopia is going to be separated. She’s getting demolished.
But by giving up, saying ′′ what this country wants ′′ is not the responsibility of one government. The Tigray regional government is responsible for the people’s representation. We are always paying as much as possible to save Ethiopia, to return their peace, nationalities and people, to make their democracy safe. We have received a lot of injustice when we say to save the country, he took it from Gondar. The sins they do to us from now on are enough. We can’t carry it. The people of Ethiopia should come and discuss and release. Abiy Ahmed can’t solve the issue around him, he is above his capacity.
 The country’s crisis is more than one person’s power. The solution to all the problems we are being told now is Abiy Ahmed. The union is saying that all Ethiopian forces should gather on the same stage and let us cross Ethiopia. Let us have a government that will work until these discuss and have a government that will control all equality and the government of professionals should have a trustee. The Ethiopian nationalities and nationalities have been destroyed by the federation and people’s representatives for five years. This Ethiopian nations and nationalities can’t represent should be formed. It means he negotiates political forces.
 So this meeting and professionals should make an election to be elected by the trustee government. The government that Ethiopian nations, nationalities and people have chosen can save Ethiopia with its responsibility.
  ። ። ። ። ። ። ። ። ። ። ። ። If not, Ethiopia will bring war and division to each other on the journey of darkness and destruction you have now. This Ethiopian nations, nationalities and people won’t last for a while. Because we have seen the end of a derg system. Ethiopia can keep nations and nationalities by tolerance and unity. You can’t rule in Ethiopia other than this.
If not, Ethiopia is like a big sea water that is limited on a big tower. When this dam is destroyed, everyone can take the horns of Africa. Now Eritrea thinks Ethiopia won’t be touched when Ethiopia is demolished. Ethiopia won’t be peaceful even if the rest are in the middle east. Because more than 100 million people is a great country.
This world community, international companies and diplomats should work to solve the problem after the worst crisis in Ethiopia. Otherwise no one can be free from historical and moral responsibility.
 Ethiopia is being destroyed and being destroyed. It’s becoming a country of crisis every day. A very difficult situation has been created from peace, development and democracy. People can’t do anything from Wollo and Gojam. This is also a difficult situation to move from region to region. A dangerous system has been created. If we continue with this, there will be a few quiet things to explode.

Tigray region’s Justice Office and TPLF’s member of the central committee, Amanel Assefa, the Tigray government’s press release, taken from the ideas they have been with Tigray TV.

′′ This illegal group that is saying the Tigray government can’t say ′′ Illiterate the people of Ethiopia ′′ has given the renaissance dam or other sovereignty issues. If we are going to go back to where we were, this group should be booked in its time. ′′ Friend Amanuel Assefa ′′
Our organization TPLF central committee member and our region’s justice office officer Amanuel Assefa have interviewed Tigray Television on current political issues. The first part is near as the following.
Question :- What is the reason why the Tigray government is forced to release a strong press release based on the current and current situation?
Comrade Amanuel :- The strong press release of the Tigray government has been released by the legal and public for the season. We have been against the united team so that the constitutional system will not be destroyed for the past two years. It has been a while since we have been struggling to get back to the country from being disintegrated. Many illegal jobs have been done in the past two years in Ethiopia.
The crimes that came to destroy the constitutional system of federalism have been done. So many conspiracy has been done. There is also an election that should be done every five years. In Tigray, a government that has a legitimate election has been formed. In the federal level and other regions and both city administrators, there are forces who say they are not elected by the people. If election is not held in the country, what will be the relationship? What is the next body that says he is a government and doesn’t work? The united and dictatorship group that is in the middle of the Tigray government can not continue with the government without being elected by the people and nations and nationalities.
This is the House of People’s Representatives: Federation House: Ministers House: Translation of Law: Executing Law: Executing the same political authority after September 25 In addition, you can’t make a world relationship with Ethiopia. They can’t be the same as ordering the defence army because the executive body is over by person or by team level. The Tigray regional state government has released a clear stand that says they can’t represent the people or the people in the country.
But without the government, I will delay my civilization, they are still doing illegal jobs. All the work they do has been working for a long time to oppress the people of Tigray. They are working. At this time, these teams will not even give a budget that will work on the federal formation budget. They have started to release a press release.
Not only him but also the food insurance found from international radio companies are using it to make the people of Tigray political work and pressure. A project that has been planned to change the farmer’s that have been in Ethiopia for years. It has been made that the people of Tigray will not be beneficial from this. Other Tigray students have been made not to send them a mask of coronavirus and virus from other students of the country They don’t have power or responsibility to do this.
Question :- The dictator team has also added more defence forces. What’s the reason why these eagles set up What does the Tigray government mean with the press release?
Comrade Amanuel :- The dictator and united team is fighting with the people all over the country. Other than Tigray, they are being ordered by command post. The youth are asking questions organized to respect their identity and self administration. But when a question is asked, young people are being killed in a red terror. So this team is keeping the military force to unite his power. There is a central place in Addis Ababa that they are organizing now. This is due to fear to protect four kilo. It was an organized force in republican before. This power can’t fight with the people. When they see it, the Oromo people: Wolayta, Sidama and other people’s questions have not been answered because they have given up hope that this group can’t lead, the situation that is being seen is not answered.
The boastful forces around Amhara, Tsegede, Wolkayit, Umera based on the second one, will ask many questions. Even though it’s not the question of the people, it might be to give this cover. In general, there is something that looks like the people of Tigray and the government are going to lose displaced people. There is a lot of this but it is a conspiracy.
The country has a sovereignty problem. I couldn’t get rid of this. It is possible to solve this. There is no change that will come to all Ethiopian nations and nationalities to decide their country’s book. This team can’t make number one. Secondly, you can’t save this power by killing people with conspiracy. The Northern silence of Eritrea has not been solved and the military has been in a conspiracy to replace the country with another force and use the process they want.
Not all defence forces are responsible to relate to individuals. When they are formed they are formed constitutionally. The mission is to get out of the country’s constitution and the truth of Ethiopia. They are not the messenger of any team. What is happening now is being done to make all these forces stand strong and shed blood with the people of Ethiopia. This army has protected the respect of the institutions and the people for the past 27 years but the group that came is being separated from the people of Ethiopia.
This united and dictator team is being controlled by selling a country. The defense force was wanted to enter the middle and borders were borders. The Tigray government is saying the team can’t order the defense force.


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