The TPLF Junta, which has routinely disturbed Ethiopia and Ethiopians, disturbed their unity and solidarity, eroded their trust and concern, and traded in the blood of the people for the sake of living alone; It was 46 years ago in 1967 that he laid the foundation of the Tigray State of Ethiopia. Those who know this group well have no problem talking about the group’s intrigue. Behavior and name are separated; The people and the group are against us, This junta, which is deprived of faith and public values, Today, 46 years ago, he struggled in the jungle with the idea that “the day of the cross is deafened.”

In today’s issue, we discuss the TPLF Junta from the beginning of the struggle to the attack on our defense forces and the atrocities they are still committing, the family situation of the Junta, organized political corruption and embezzlement, and many other issues related to the former Junta. We also present the full interview with Laila Hailemariam Reda, who is currently working in the public relations and organizational mobilization of the Tigray Regional Transitional Council.TPLF Junta

How do you describe the TPLF Junta’s attack on the Defense Forces in terms of its conspiracy theories?

Lailai: The organization was formed in two ways. When they went out into the desert in 1967, they had two faces. Half of them came out to establish a system and a government that would work for true justice, democracy and development. On the other hand, conspirators like Sebhat Nega and people like the Nile Sun. Those conspirators are still destabilizing the country by prolonging their lives.

The current crisis in our country has not started today. It is a practice that has been practiced since the beginning of time. There was no injustice in these groups. In this way, sincere and Ethiopian people were killed. People with different views were killed. Not only were they killed, but their execution was horrific. They were burying their lives. For example, if a farmer or a farmer is arrested in the name of a judge or some other person, dig your well; If he did not dig, he would be buried alive.

In general, these conspirators in the organization have a satanic nature. For example, before them there was an organization called Gedle Harnet Front, which came out before 1965. When they wanted to bring this organization to them, they said, “We are fighting for Tigray and we for Tigray.” Why don’t we fight together? ” They āgibebitewechewi; After agreeing to form a front and spend the night together, A TPLF guerrilla fighter was allowed to sleep side by side at 9:00 pm and killed members of the guerrilla group in Tigray. This is exactly what they did today.

And this group is evil, because they have already killed the children of Agame, Kiltewelaelo, Enderta, Rayana and Tanben in the resentment of their parents; They killed them. Not only this, The conspiracy theorists committed many atrocities in the desert. After entering, they committed the same atrocities. For example, they killed more than 2,500 militants with pneumonia and pneumonia. They shot and killed more than 1,500 in Hurso. At the end of 1985, more than a thousand people were killed in Awash Arba for alleged smuggling. On February 4, 1984, EPRDF and Derg captives and others (such as Colonel Serekberhan, Tsegay Debtera, and Awot (former TPLF founders) were killed in Kuiha. , Shot dead all over 500 prisoners.

The TPLF’s conspiracy theorists are in control of this conspiracy. Starting from Addis Ababa University, he dreamed of destroying Ethiopia’s reputation. For example, they have branded Amhara as a “historical enemy.” In the past, the process of establishing the Greater Tigray has focused on creating a chaotic Ethiopia by not fighting the national struggles of the nationalities in Ethiopia. ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ ግምገማ ከማስገባትዎ በፊት ይህን መተግበሪያ መጫን አለብዎት።

And when they wake up, they have these and other satanic thoughts. However, he did not accept the views of this group of people like Gesesse Ayele. He argued that it was impossible. A native of Tigray, a democratic force within the country, has changed this. We, the oppressed people, like Ethiopia, have no reason to separate Tigray from Ethiopia. We should not see Amhara as an enemy of the people; Amhara ruled us, not Amhara; As a result, these conspiracy theorists set out to assassinate the Gessesen.

They killed 10,000; In Tigray, they killed the so-called Ethiopian princes and all those who kept Ethiopia as a fence to destroy Tigray culture. And these mafias are killing people. They are still defending themselves, just as they did against the Tigrayan rebels who came out to fight with us. This is a shameful, shameful act of the mafia. If this group does not disappear once and for all, neither the people of Tigray nor the entire nation will live in peace. For Ethiopia to move on the path of development, this mafia group must be buried with the black mark of history.

How do you describe the recent attack on the defense of the Junta, which is known for its conspiracy theories, given the army’s more than two decades of presence in Tigray and its close ties to the people of Tigray?

Mr. Laila, in fact, this defense does not deserve guns and bombs. If you go to any camp, it will teach 20 to 30 children. It has an army to help orphans. Living with the people of Tigray as milk and water; It is an army that does not appear to be in any nation. For example, a relative has been married to a Harar man for 20 years; At that time there were ten chiefs, But now he is a major; He then saw his former grandson, his first child born to his Tigrayan wife; And now they are shooting at him.

The army there is an army that does not want to get married and give birth. He sees the people of Tigray as his people. When weeds and mowers arrive, they work in the fields with the farmer; What you see when a tree is planted in winter, It is an army that you will find with the people in general. It is an army that has been a shield for the people of Tigray for more than 20 years. It knows how it went to that region. It is an army that has received the trust of the people.TPLF Junta

During that war (Ethio-Eritrea), for the first time, Somali fathers in seven or eight trucks went to Shiraro, slaughtered one of the elders, dipped his bullets in his blood and handed them over to the commander. It was an army that had been entrusted by the people and was guarding the border and the people of Tigray. Bombed: This is a very sad and horrible act and story. I don’t know what we are talking about after the law enforcement process is over. It is a very difficult time. This is worse than what Italy did at 6 Kilo and other parts of Ethiopia; Such atrocities have never been seen or heard in Ethiopia’s history.

But now the people are shaking to the end of this story. He is also calling for the removal of the junta. The people did not react in this way, but because the government did. One is the result of the group’s previous atrocities; Second, he is outraged by the junta’s claim that they have been wiped out by lightning strikes by the media. And the defense force, which is carrying out its mission with this morale, is now cleaning up, not war.

The Federal Government is currently enforcing law enforcement action in the Tigray region. What was the role of the TPLF Junta?

According to my understanding and information, the federal government has been overly impatient. The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that he will send a bullet to the people of Tigray. Not only that, but for Tigray, the federal government has done what the Junta group has not done in 27 years.

The Junta has been without water for Mekelle for 27 years; However, since the last two years, the federal government, especially Prime Minister Abiy, has been doing a great deal of good for the people of Tigray. For us, Prime Minister Abiy is a friend and brother of the people of Tigray.

On this basis, the federal government has been impatient with the Junta’s repeated incitement to violence. Thankfully, it has sent an elder. Otherwise, the people of Tigray did not fear that we would be involved in a general war. Amhara will come to invade you; The central government is coming to invade you; So be prepared to defend yourself.

For example, this Junta group recently met with its Special Forces and Militia about a month ago. How do we fight the Militia and the Special Forces against the Federal Government? There are more than 10 divisions in Tigray; Are we going to fight this division or is another war coming? The Special Forces and the Zoba Militia asked. At the time, the answer to the members who asked this was, “You are the spies of prosperity.” The government of Amhara has bought and sent you; You are sent by Isaiah, When he says: As a result, after killing 27 members, thousands more,

I am sure that these arrested members will now be shot when the law enforcement action is taken against them, because this is the behavior of the Junta group. This is because they have always been shooting at people in prison to avoid being taken away during such operations.

And this scheming group, even though all its work is evil; But the people did not know about the nature of war. If they had known about war, they would not have done it, because there are many criteria for going to war. For example, have you trained your army and your people and prepared them for war? The biggest secret is psychology. It is the morale of the military and the people. What will the Ethiopian people say to me if I start a war? What about the people of the world? You need logistics in the last war. In the past we could not eat for four or five days. At the same time, the tactics and technology have changed. Human psychology has also changed.

This is where the conspiracy theorists came into being. This is the result of pressure from various quarters. Why is the army fighting the federal government? What are we talking about because he is doing development work? The defense force here has been guarding us for 23 years; He is doing a lot of good for the people and he is helping the farmers financially; Why, then, do we clash with him? There are so many pressures.

In the past, it has been a problem for the army to train and pay salaries. Because they could not afford to pay for their training on time; They even started begging the people to give us grain, pepper and syrup. When all these pressures were met, they decided to go to war. Their choice was to fight directly with the federal government. Because they had to design a new direction; If it weren’t for the big confrontation, they would have weakened and recaptured power. The target was the defense.

In the last two years, they have been bringing in Mekelle under the auspices of the Ethiopian Nationalities. They have been sending them everywhere. Since the Defense Forces elsewhere have come to the aid of the Tigray region, these trained forces can recapture power if they can in a conflict zone elsewhere. If they could not, they dreamed of implementing the manifesto written by Abay Tsehaye in 1967 and becoming independent.

In order to do this, he has agreed with OLF Shene abroad to form a government. To establish another kingdom, And their dream was to disintegrate Ethiopia like Yugoslavia. These scheming people are still in their 1967 thinking. The fact that their speech, their songs, and their activities are all the same is a testament to this.

It is easy to imagine what the Junta will look like not only the people of Tigray but the whole of Ethiopia. The junta is not only hated by nationalities but also by a strong desire to get rid of it.

This is the desire of the people of Tigray. How can the people of Tigray fight each other? This is because they have killed even the elders who are in the middle of the fight, saying that you should not kill each other.

And because this Junta group is hated by the people; He lost more than 75 percent of his territory in two weeks because he did not know the morale of the troops he had gathered. Junta did this to make the operation more confrontational. The public, however, is helping to realize that the operation is aimed at capturing thugs.

The fact is that the federal government was forced to take this step because of these conspiracy theories; The reason for the junta is that it is unable to feed the army it has accumulated, due to public pressure; If he remained silent, he would be silenced by the army and the people for fear of being eaten.

Junta’s main people (for example, Getachew Assefa, Abay Tsehaye, etc.) are always plotting from behind, not confronting problems, even speaking to the media. Why are these people hiding behind?

Lilay: Surprisingly, they are not the only ones; Their families are behind. And that poor man is always the poor boy. They don’t even want to smell the gunpowder, they don’t want to go out and talk about the future because they are in another world. Of course, Mekelle is in trouble now. Mekelle is worried now. But their job is to do their job from the back, they don’t know how to move forward. Their main task is to design their plot and face others in front of them.

This work began from the first day, They have not come to the forefront of creation; You will not find them. But they are organized into groups of 1: 5 and they are called after each other. The conspiracy even went so far as to ask the father to evaluate the son, the mother and the child. As a result, they wanted to kill themselves behind the scenes. As a whole, the junta did not care about the people. They do not want to appear in public because they are not citizens. Because for them, people are the only ones. For them, life is only for them and their families.

For example, Sebhat Nega does not get five cents in the bank in his name. But in the name of his brother Colonel Belay Nega, he does a lot. For example, there were many organizations under the name of Alamuddin; But in the end, they turned out to be his. If you look at all the rich people of Adwa here in Addis Ababa, you will not find them outside the Sebhat Nega family. They are nieces, nephews, nephews, nephews; All these buildings are theirs. Similarly, in the name of their lord Assefa, you will not find anything. But there is no property that does not belong to a child, a sister, a brother, or any other relative.

And they always want to play behind the curtain. Everything is in their hands. But they do this design behind the curtain. How we call each other How we kill one another; Inter alia. They have made the design and they want to warm up the flames behind their plot. And you, Sebhat Nega and their master Assefa and others, may not even get an account in their name because they are hiding and worrying about themselves.

As a result, Abay Tsehaye, Sebhat Nega, Seyoum Mesfin and others are bringing in ethnic groups from other places, keeping women in secret, giving them drinks, giving them money and doing secret work. But what you see on the screen is someone else. Someone else.

Addis Zemen said, “Even they and their families are behind.” The TPLF junta groups called for the people of Tigray to go to war. Tigray State to be turned into a war zone The people of Tigray are making their children subservient to them. Where and how will their children and families be when they judge the children of Tigray?

When they conspired behind a curtain and when a poor Tigrayan boy fell in front of them, no one was in Ethiopia regarding their children and their families (in general, the TPLF Junta group generals, colonels and other leaders). Their wives are not in Ethiopia. Their children, their relatives and their wives are protesting in Europe. And as for this Junta group, no one is in Tigray, not even in Ethiopia; They are not even in Ethiopia or in Africa. You will not find any family members outside of Dubai, Europe and the United States.

For example, Debretsion; “We will set Tigray on fire,” he was quoted as saying. Banda, a native of Amhara who is not from Tigray, said: “We have disarmed them with lightning strikes,” he was quoted as saying. “This is a shocking statement. I would say it myself. It is shocking.” Because the army that has been guarding the people of Tigray for more than 20 years with snakes and scorpions; The army of the people of Tigray, who ate and drank what we drank as a family; To say that we are in danger is to leave the body.

However, Debretsion, who claims to be setting Tigray on fire in this way, has two children in the United States. His first wife said she was from the United States. He said, “We will burn it.” He said, “Tigray will be their grave.” So, in his opinion, who will you burn when Tigray becomes a fire? Who will be buried when she is buried? It is the poor people of Tigray, not their children and families in the United States and Europe, who are being burned or killed in the blaze. And this man declared war on the people of Tigray to turn Tigray into a desert and destroy Tigray.

Similarly, Tadesse Worede, who bought 40 million birr in Gambella without any collateral, bought a luxurious villa in the United States and kept his children and wife in the United States. But he is killing poor children here. He shot and killed members of the Defense Forces, which he himself had organized and deployed. He spoke of this as a hero. Probably announcing the burning and desertification of Tigray. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following a spate of shootings in Tigray. A great apostasy took place.

In doing so, they did not place any children or their families in Ethiopia; They are putting the poor boy on the forehead and making a bullet dinner. Instead, they are making him kill his brother. They are also forcing him to shoot at his back without even believing in his special power. The defense is trying to make the people sacrifice in order to glorify itself and Ethiopia. They are putting their children out and killing the poor boy. As a result, Tigray will lose three generations (one in the 17-year war, the second in the Ethio-Eritrean war, and the third for the survival of the Junta faction). If Ethiopia does not destroy these groups, they will destroy another fourth and fifth generation. And if this group does not disappear once and for all, Ethiopia will not have peace. It will not grow.

It is said that there is a wide range of moral and ethical gaps in the lives of these people as they spend time with their families, especially their wives abroad. Do you know anything about this?

Lilay: To see this, it is enough to see if these people think of human nature or not. First, when you look at this, they do not have human nature. They do not have the ability to think like a human being. The strange thing about this is that two sisters divorced one and the other (the eldest in the family). They are a collection of people who are divorced. Cousins ​​are considered as permitted. It is also their custom to take one wife. This is a character and a job for them since they entered.

They still do not work or move at their age. To understand this, you can still see the horrible and obscene work that they are doing in Mekelle. Although I dare not talk about the atrocities, horrible and obscene acts against my people, let me show you the worst of the worst. For example, you entered the hotel where the elders are staying.

They are the ones who force you to stay overnight.

These are inhumane aspects of Satan. In fact, they are said to be jealous of Satan by their actions. And these are the worst manifestations of Satan, which you do not claim to have as a human being.

These Junta members plot Ethiopian politics; It is said that they made the economy corrupt. Can you explain to me what you know about this?

Mr. Laila, in a nutshell, this is a conspiracy group that came from the same family and neighborhood as it was when there was a conspiracy in the organization. As soon as Nega first entered Addis Ababa and came to power, he brought Abune Paulos from the United States. Abune Paulos means their family. And he took over the church from Abune Paulos; Meles seizes four kilos of palace. The palace of Mekele was taken over by the late Tsegaye, the husband of the saints of Nega. They put everything into a network and a family system. They started to grow the economy right there.

For example, Colonel Belay Nega, the brother of Sibhat Nega, was a judge in the Derg military court who had been killing people during the Derg regime. He was a man who had been killing people since 66. You can’t make any investment unless you take it as they are. This is around the palace. They have also set up a network of robberies in the church. Let me give you an example to illustrate this.

The church is bidding for the renovation of a church building. Abune Paulos will bid for more than five million birr without a bid. The man does not have a license. He is not an engineer; He is a retired Derg colonel. The synod opposes this approach, saying how can one million jobs be given by five million. The bid was terminated. His bid was canceled. 700,000, 800 thousand, one million. The bid was canceled and four months later he was ordered to pay five million birr. The former secretary general resigned, saying that he did not work in this way. After that, people from the Sibhat Nega area of ​​the church were brought in and the entire business line of the church was given to them and they became millionaires.

In addition, they have their own network to control the economy. For example, the princes of Seyoum and Sebhat Nega did not pay customs duty until they landed. These people enter the airport, enter Djibouti, never pay taxes. None of the leased land in Addis Ababa has been leased; If you have a lease, you can buy it at Coin House. You can get this file from the municipality or city development.

And these people have been in control of the country’s economy in all areas. They even worked in the smuggling business with Abdi Ile. Not only that, Abdi Ile gave the budget of the Somali region to the TPLF Junta group generals. The Afar regional budget was diverted and used by TPLF generals and officials. No development has taken place in Afar. Tens of thousands of Afar youth are unemployed, and the Sebhat family and relatives from Adwana have controlled Afar salt. As a whole, there was no shortage of deception in the economy.

For example, a person who has nothing like Tadesse Worede will get 40 million birr without collateral. There are generals here in Addis Ababa who rent a building for 600,000 to 5 million birr. These are now fighting in Tigray. It shows how economically they are struggling. Not only here, but also in Dubai and the United States. For example, in the United States, you can find money in the US dollar market by setting up their own remittance system, which they use to withdraw money. So you put $ 100 there, and here you give 4,500 birr to your family. They are still opening large exchanges and exchanging large amounts of money that will affect the country’s economy. As a result, they have paralyzed the Ethiopian economy as a whole.

For example, you can observe the Great Renaissance Dam. This is not the time to talk about the Nile today; By the time we have to talk about the Nile revenue, the construction is not over yet. The money they spent on refining is one example of this. Money spent on networking is not easy. I know people who have made money without doing anything about it. I’ve been here for about six or seven years. When I was talking about corruption, Instead, leave him alone and I will connect you with a project of eight million birr. You will give him four million and you will take four million. They told me. I wonder how much the project is, if not one million, but two million; So I was the one who said you would make 2 million. This is very scary.

They robbed the country and left it naked. They are still looting it. We are in a war that we don’t think about. They wait for an airplane to pass and bomb it in public. Do not doubt that mortars will be fired. I also suspect that the universities will be hit. People think that the plane has gone in the shadows, because these people have been beating many innocent people in Tigray, including Hawzen. The people of Tigray should also know that they can do the same in the Amhara region.

There are issues related to Sebhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye and others related to embezzlement. It is also mentioned that a lot of resources have been looted from investment and projects. Sugar projects are also associated with this. In contrast, Sebhat Nega and Seyoum Mesfin live in pensions. Can you share what you know about this?

Laila harvest: These TPLF Junta members have robbed us of their treacherous journey for 27 years; They’ve been around for 27 years. Let me give you an example to illustrate: I was in Jinka, where I was born before the Junta attack. During a week I was there, one of my friends told me that there was a conspiracy by this group. For example, a sugar factory was opened near Omo Morsi. Abay Tsehaye, knowing the matter, came here in Addis Ababa (without even going to the place) and issued an investment license to his children, brothers and other relatives for a total of about 500 people, claiming that he had taken the land for farming. Nearly 500 of their families have been paid for their land and have been paid billions of birr.

Similarly, when Rumer heard that there was oil on Omoratte and that a Canadian company would produce it, these same people turned upside down and took it as a farm. When a place is to be built: That place is already owned by their families in the name of investment.

These people have left the Development Bank empty. Ninety percent of the Junta’s generals and they took over. But they did not take it. Instead, he took it as collateral and bought a machine, bought a pool dozer, etc. He took all the dollars from the Development Bank and went to Dubai Bank, Abu Dhabi Bank. Ethiopia is the seventh largest investor in Dubai; Of these, only 90% are from one network.

Let me return to the praise, for the praise may not exist in his name; No. But here in Addis Ababa, at least half of the building you see standing in Addis Ababa by his nephew, nephew, nephew and nephew, organized by Colonel Belay Nega, belongs to them. For example, Sibhat Nega’s nephew has a very modern furniture house in the Summit area. It has a large steel mill. These are the only two companies with a combined capital of billions. The same is true of Seyoum; You will not receive five cents by their master, The others are the same. But with all their relatives, they have flooded the world.

For example, as I mentioned earlier, they have received land compensation from the Omoratti Sugar Factory and the Petroleum Corporation. Even the government media reported in the past that the 78 billion birr allocated to 11 sugar factories is unknown. The sugarcane plant in Tana is not yet operational. The land was distributed to people before sugar was planted. All of these sugar factories are valued in this way. But they are deserted deserts. And these people have no money in their name, but they have trillions of birr in their relatives.

The accounts of the 34 organizations run by the TPLF Junta have been suspended. Can you explain to the public about the ban and the facts you know about these organizations?

Laila’s arrest: The ban has been in place, but it is the right move. Because, as long as these organizations are now financing the terrorist group and buying weapons and carrying out acts of terrorism, the action taken is justified.

How did these organizations come to be? For example, Effort was large and existed in the desert, but it was mainly organized in 1977. Because of the severe drought in Tigray in 1977, this organization traded with the people of Tigray. At the time, they were told to go to Sudan from Raya. He did this so that the people of Raya, including the people of Raya, including Endertan, could not be supported by the Derg in Dessie or Alamata and other nearby areas. Half of the people died in the wilderness.

After the Sudanese invasion, the international community said, “We will help you.” They told us that we are not helping them because you are a political party. As soon as they heard this, they formed an organization called Redeet Tigray (Marat). During this time, beyond the millions of dollars that foreign companies provide at various times, They donated $ 100 million in cash in one go. This is in addition to the wheat, the oil, the nutritious food and so on.

Of the $ 100 million, these groups did not even donate five million to the population. The money went into the organization. Half of the weapons were purchased, half of which was kept in their accounts. The wheat, the oil, and the nourishment were looted and fed the army. And one of the biggest sources of this organization is the money collected in the name of the people.

After that, much property was plundered during the war. Cars, banks, etc. were looted. They have set up an organization called Tigray Rehabilitation and deceived the people of Tigray by saying that they will help the people of Tigray. It is where they organize their private homes and become rich. And he was not giving five cents to the people of Tigray; Instead, it is an organization that has been sucking the blood of the people of Tigray.

On the other hand, several million birr loan was taken from a bank in the name of this organization. Thus they organized their own people, Most of the Sebhat Nega and Seyoum families, the Seye family, are rich in this organization. Then that 70 million birr was spent in that name and it was given to the Sebhat Nega family, the Seyoum family, the Abay family. And it was the right move unless the organizations were suspended.

Because recently one of the companies called Sur Construction: The company is a construction company. But it was a very heavy weapon. It was also found in the Humera warehouse. Here in Addis Ababa, military equipment was found. This shows that the organization was involved in terrorist activities and that they are using it to destabilize the country. And as long as it is a private company, the action taken is correct.

How do you explain the benefits of the law enforcement action in the Tigray region to the fact that the TPLF Junta has traded in the name of the people of Tigray and created rich individuals among the poor?

Mr. Laila, I will tell you about the benefits to the people of Tigray. I think Tigray will be free from colonialism. In fact, colonialism may be better, because at least some infrastructure will be built. But these will not build infrastructure. And now they are destroying the existing infrastructure.

I think this nation should be able to see what the Ethiopian people and the Ethiopian media think about the people of Tigray when they are now free. The day will come when you will see this clearly. What I miss is the day when the Ethiopian people will see the life of the people of Tigray. The people of Tigray are wearing sacks today. More than 40 percent of the people of Tigray are living on safety net. He is living on 25 kilos of wheat. This is because they have kept the people in poverty, fearing that if the people work and become rich, they will not stand by us. When we, our children, and our families become rich and create new ways of life; Others are people who want to be our soldiers, subjects, and soldiers.

That is why 200,000 to 300,000 farmers have been displaced from Raya and Enderta. This is a young man who is suffering more than 40,000 Tigrayans in Yemen who claim that Yemen is better than Tigray. He has never had time. We have never seen such persecution.

Today, there are 10 prisons in Tigray. These people are the ones who have the opportunity to get out of jail. One of the prisons in Shire has a bigger budget than Mekelle University. These 10 are obvious. There are up to five prisons in secret. And the ones you never get back to are the ones like Halloween Trump or Empty Six.

But as a whole, the Ethiopian people see people with gold on their necks, ears, and on TV as they celebrate their wedding. These people do not represent the poor people of Tigray. They are not us, They are the family and relatives of a few Sebhat Nega families from the same area. The people of Tigray are under colonial rule. This is where these brutal junta groups are judged to be living in absolute poverty.

Following the attacks on the Defense Forces by these Junta groups, the likes of Getachew Reda, Dr. Debre Tsion and Sekotureren have been making statements to the media. What is the secret to this?

Laila: We see this in two ways. First, there is a division within the Junta leadership. We will burn them, We will tear them apart; We have taken control of them, Inter alia. Similarly, Banda Sekoture, who left, said that their master had destroyed them in a 45-minute lightning strike. It was heard that their master, Reda, was having a good time and would go there and bury them if necessary.

However, none of these people are in conflict with what they say or do; Secondly, their untruthfulness has led them to lose faith in the public.

Because these people are liars and say that Ethiopia brought troops from Sudan. The Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) know that they will reach Mekelle if they capture Maichew and cross Wajrat Mountain, but they say they have destroyed the army in the south. They say we are taking them the way we want them to be; While they were shooting at the church, the defense captured Axum Adwan beyond Shire.

The truth behind these lies lies in the fact that the more the defense is destroyed, the more roads and bridges are cut and demolished. Because you will not break the bridge with a weapon that you claim to have won. Why do you say that you will return tomorrow? It is because you are crossing that bridge that you are attacking them. But they know that they will not return to the place they left. They told us that they would not go back like the Trinity and Shraro; Because they have torn down a bridge, They cut the road. If you return, you will not destroy the road and the bridge. It is a chicken that will ruin your house.

While they are doing this, they are saying that we are introducing them in the way we want them to be, that we will re-introduce them. This is one of the manifestations of their ingenuity. Because if they want to destroy it again, they need a road and a bridge. They demolished the bridge and left. This is the biggest sign of their defeat. The Junta group is desperate; They do not live in Tigray; The places they once occupied will not be returned; You are confirming.

These people have been demolishing infrastructure since Humera; They told us that they would not return. They told us that they would not return, They have told us that they will not return like the Trinity. They told us that they would not return as long as they did. Now they will turn to the Mekelle Bridge and demolish it. So far, they have been able to prove that.

However, they did not live there and the war ended when they attacked the defense on the night of October 24, 2013. The day they shot at the defense, the war ended because it touched our national emblem. They have violated our national dignity. They have done 100 million things that offend the people of Ethiopia. 100 million people are morally motivated. Fifty-sixty apostates are fighting against the unprepared and unorganized special forces and militias. It is easy to understand that this is not a war, but a rule of law. The move is to recruit thugs and thugs. It ended with a bomb blast on the 24th.

What is being done to ensure that the TPLF Junta is eliminated and brought to justice and the freedom, democracy, justice and development that the people of Tigray want?

Laila Dege: The historical process of the people of Tigray, which cannot be explained with the religious truths we have; A satanic organization was created because Tigray is the basis of all three heavenly religions. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. In particular, Christianity and Islam, the so-called two heavenly religions, spread throughout the world from Tigray. For example, Islam was the first place of worship when the Prophet Muhammad first emigrated to Ethiopia. It was built in Tigray before the capital of Mecca. From there, we believe that Islam spread to North America, Africa, Ethiopia, and the Arab world itself.

In the Orthodox Church, the second temple was built after Axum, where the Ark of Zion was located in Axum. Due to the Ark of Zion, Orthodox Christianity, especially Eastern Orthodox Christianity, spread to Russia.

And with this value in mind, these 46-year-old devils in the name of Tigray have divided Ethiopia into nations, nationalities and peoples, not loving us. In this regard, the people of Tigray have fought for 17 years for slavery. Absolutely slavery. The people of Tigray did not benefit, but for the ruling class, the ruling unit of the Sebhat Nega family.

The most important thing is that the government is now taking some steps to do what it can do when the rule of law is upheld. He also devised a strategy on how to stabilize and develop Tigray.

This should be able to reorganize the disbanded administration; It must ensure the peace and security of the region; To this end, justice and good governance must be ensured in the region by establishing peace and security councils. We are raised with the belief that. There must be justice and good governance for any development. Without justice and good governance, there is no development. How can we reorganize the other people of Tigray? How do we manage it? We will restore the economy lost in the war; We are focusing on issues such as how to conduct the national election.

In this case, every citizen of Tigray is not mistaken by the propaganda of this insidious organization and the Junta group; The Special Forces must relinquish their guilt so that they can surrender peacefully or turn their guns on these thugs and bring justice to Tigray in a short period of time. However, the Ethiopian people, both at home and abroad, should be aware of the Junta faction of this organization once and for all. The people, especially in Tigray, have risen up for this; He is proving this by his actions. Our defense will create a process of peace and stability in the short term. We will work with the Ethiopian people to develop Tigray. We are hopeful that Tigray will be a region of peace and prosperity.

Happy New Year – Thank you for your willingness to share your thoughts.

Thank you Lila for coming to me respectfully and for sharing what I know with my people.


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