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It makes sense to pass on our Ethiopian values to the youth in order to establish national unity and social cohesion.
The Ministry of Peace, National Volunteer Community Development Service Program 4th Round Youth Volunteer Training Program Opening Ceremony at Hawassa University July 3, 2014 E.C.

The Minister of Peace, Federalism and Conflict Management Sector, Hon. Dr. Seyoum Mesfin, opened the ceremony. The program will build the youth’s attitude, skill and morale and also create national understanding by making one understand each other’s culture, values and strengthening, that will act as a catalyst to peace and unity of our country.Ethiopian Youth

Ethiopian Youth

Ethiopian Youth

Ethiopian Youth
Hawassa University President Dr. Ayano Beraso made a welcome speech and said that Ethiopia needs the love of her children and the highest service and we have to work hard to maintain the unity and peace of our country.
In order to raise awareness of the important role that volunteers play in the development of the country, is to enable them to participate constructively in nation building and to develop social values. Thus, engaging the youth with skills, ethics, and creativity is very important.

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