The 2nd extra-ordinary session of the House of Peoples’ Representatives ratified nomination of the National Dialogue Commissioner’s assignment, today.
National Dialogue CommissionIt was Honourable Tagesse Chaffo, Speaker of the House; who recalled and explained the process from the very beginning, to the MPs; during the session. According to him, the religious elders, civic associations, leadership of the contesting political parties and public figures were part of the whole process.National Dialogue Commission
Hence, the following people are nominated to be Commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission:
1. Professor Mesfin Araya – Commissioner Chairperson
2. Woizero Hirut Gebreselassie – Commissioner Deputy Chairperson
3. Tegegnework Getu (PhD)
4. Ambassador Ayrorit Mohammed (PhD)
5. Woizero Blen Gebremedhin
6. Yonas Adaye (PhD)
7. Ato Zegeye Asfaw
8. Ato Melaku Woldemariam
9. Ambassador Mohammed Dirir
10. Ato Mulugeta Ago
11. Ambaye Ogatto (PhD)

National Dialogue Commission

National Dialogue CommissionThe nomination of the aforementioned eleven nominees was ratified by a majority vote of approval and five abstains during the extra-ordinary session of the day.


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