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A statement given by the National Security Council regarding the current national security and security issues.

The National Security Council has evaluated the national security situation in its meeting today, and has started the review of actions and limitations based on different national concerns that have been identified in the past months.
security issuesDuring the meeting of the security council on June 1 the following are the actions that were decided to take place:-
1. To destroy terrorist and armed groups by focusing on their leadership.
2. Since the enemy’s strength is a traitor security force, we have to identify the reason, the origin and the main actors.
3. Discussing with different sections of society, communicating on purpose and action, to coordinate cooperation and reduce conflicts to the extent that they become peaceful.
4. To discuss the causes of a concern and actors of a concern and to separate themselves from being the cause of a concern and the actors of a concern.
5. To re-establish the displaced people to their former places, to reorganize the destroyed government structures and to make them start working.
6. contraband, economic diversion, murder, robbery, illegal organisation, etc. To stop such illegal activities from their jobs,
7. Directions were put in place to correct justice and security institutions.
The Security Council, which has seen the actions taken in accordance with these directions, has appreciated that are very critical, problem solving, reducing challenges, and helping to maintain peace and stability and economic activities are being done at the regional and federal levels.
The command posts of Shewa, Wollega, Guji are organised to destroy Shene in Oromia region. The defense, the regional administration and the regional security forces are conducting a joint operation.
3180 armed forces of Shene have been arrested and the ones who said they didn’t give up have been destroyed.
In addition, a large number of cells of Aba Torbe, Alshabab and junta have been captured.
In the operation many lives and team weapons, shooters, vehicles, money and different properties have been taken from the enemy.
1,255 of the 1,739 kebeles that were captured and destroyed by the enemy have been reorganised. 47,558 Abawora with 252,129 family members have returned to their former issues
Similarly, in the Amhara region, a large number of suspects are under the shadow of the law by the security forces, the leadership and the people.
Among these, half of them have been betraying the security forces and creating capacity for illegal armed forces, the rest are wanted for different crimes.
Action has been taken on armed forces who are working to cause conflict between the people living in the region with TPLF. The enemy is being worked on to a level where they won’t find any more people.
To solve the problems arising with the people of Kimant and to prevent the peace in the Oromo people zone, discussion platforms have been prepared and better understanding have been created.
In total, more than 6.6 million people have participated in the region, and measures have been taken on 633 leaders and professionals from the first warning to putting them under the control of the law.
security issuesThe security council has realized that good deeds have been done in order to ensure the peace and security of the people in Addis Ababa.
More than 497 extremist groups of Junta, Shene, Alshabab and other extremist groups have been arrested.
Along with them security forces clothes, fake IDs, printers, documents prepared for terrorism, electronic weapons, weapons, vehicles, mobile phones and bank books that were to be sent to the terrorists have been seized.
314 suspects who were leading organised crimes were arrested and 75 city and federal government officials were arrested on suspicion of corruption.
It has been possible to take action on 1596 places where illegal constructions were taken back lands taken by land encroachment.
The security council has confirmed that the work done in Addis Ababa has been fruitful. It has evaluated that it has not been done enough in terms of clearing the judicial issues
In addition, the council has emphasized that the public discussions in the city have not created enough confidence, that the parties involved in the terrorist movement should be more exposed and controlled, and that it is necessary to work with full force and determination to curb corruption and economic corruption.
The National Security Council has observed that the threat in Benishangul Gumuz is decreasing from time to time, and peace is getting more assured.
Illegal armed forces operating in the region have been destroyed and about 1,826 armed forces have been arrested. 749 special weapons and 5,639 shooters were taken from the enemy, 9 boats and 65 enemy camps were destroyed.
A work has been done to bring back the illegal armed men who gave up peacefully and to settle 171,485 displaced people in Kemashina Metekel zones. Out of 180 kebeles that were freed from the enemy, 169 government structures have been reorganised.
The security council has positively evaluated that there is peace in the region, the weakness of bandit groups, the rehabilitation of displaced people is improving, and the unfinished work that needs to be done.
security issuesAmong these are the actions of destroying the bandits that are moving around the border in collaboration with Shene and the Junta, re-establishment of the government, and helping the armed forces that have arrived safely to return to a peaceful life.
The council stated that it is firm belief that the regional leaders, security forces and the people will do these things in the remaining days.
The security council has evaluated that the peace and security that is being done in the southern region is getting better results than the previous ones.
Work is being done to identify organisation issues arising from nationalities and solve them in a way that will benefit the country and the people.
As there is a situation to solve questions, a force that can be organized regularly and creates pressure is being seen in a peaceful situation.
The Security Council has given a direction that the shene movement that is seen in the hazy areas should be removed with the neighbouring regions; to identify the questions and complaints raised with the regional organization and to solve them in a legal and peaceful manner; to prevent the questions of intervention to be used for illegal activities, the appropriate measures should be taken by identifying the actors who are interested in identifying and taking appropriate measures.
The security council has confirmed in its review that important measures have been taken to prevent, resist and eliminate security threats arising from inside and issues
The region’s special force has played a major role in destroying the Alshabab force that tried to enter Afder zone Bare and Got Got districts on July 14.
The regional administration has made an educational activity to destroy the enemy by awakening, participating and organising the people. A command post has been established in which the national defense force has participated. 813 terrorists have been killed and 79 have been wounded in this operation.
A large number of weapons, fire bullets, grenades and communication radios were seized.
Even though security forces are being strengthened to identify threat lines to control contraband, they are still unable to properly control illegal activities, tribal leaders and their leaders are not working properly to resolve conflicts between tribes, disciplinary deficiencies seen in the implementation of peace orders, and to ensure internal peace by eliminating Alshabab’s fears. The security council has shown that there is work in the review.
The security council has confirmed that efforts are being made to control contraband activities in Afar region, especially the security of the main Ethio-Djibouti line have been made, and efforts to solve the security problems by talking with neighbouring regions.
In contrast, the council has evaluated that contraband trade with the help of the enemy is changing its behaviour, expanding its horizons, there is a gap in coordination between the security forces, and there is not enough work done to resolve tribal conflicts responsibly. Therefore, in the future, these important issues will get attention and will be implemented in a way that can bring appropriate results.
Dear Ethiopians,
It is an open truth that the government has taken a direction and has taken action to solve the situation in Tigray by negotiation. It is known that the government is determined to continue until the negotiation brings issues
The security council has evaluated the threat situation in that area from the report and confirmed that the situation is under the control of the security forces and that they are being monitored properly.
Based on the review, he has set out directions on what needs to be done by the leadership and the security forces.
Overall, by reducing internal vulnerability, ensuring national security, a huge positive change has come to light, and security issues are not only given to the government, it has been understood from the review that the people are taking the responsibility.
On the other hand, the security council has observed that the works are not completed yet, the peace and security structure is not as good as expected, the work of building the strong mentality of the leaders and the people has not been done properly, and the junta has not done enough to ensure the coordination it wants with internal and external issues
He assessed that if these issues are not handled with proper attention and determination, the relative peace will not be sustainable.
Therefore, he has put a direction that the following actions should be carried out by the leadership, the security forces and the people’s commitment and sacrifice.
1. Taking terrorists and illegal gunmen to a level where they are no longer a threat.
2. Discussing with the people, marrying armed bodies, engaging the youth in peaceful activities, and doing things that ensure lasting peace.
3. By clarifying and strengthening the judicial bodies, making them do what is required for the country’s peace and security.
4. Making the people happy by taking drastic measures against the economic crisis, corruption, contraband, illegal money transfer etc.
5. By clarifying the current leadership and widening accountability, creating a competent, active and ready leadership at every step.
6. Working with those concerned to prevent public and religious holidays, ethnic and administrative settlement issues, the enemy’s fulfilment of his objective and the peace of the people.
7. Between Afar and Issa, we should do the appropriate political and security work to sustainably resolve the security concerns that are seen in the Amhara region of the Oromo people zone.
8. To prevent Alshabab from working with internal and external forces to increase the threat, to conduct integrated security forces and people’s order and to prevent it from being a meaningful force in the future are our next issues
We have learned from our past work that when the leadership, the security structure and the people work together, what kind of good results will be achieved.
It is necessary to continue this in the future. Every action should be counted and taken responsibility, review every time, encourage those who have done it and punish those who do not fulfil their responsibility. It is important to believe that the peace and security that is being done in every area will strengthen the peace of Ethiopia. The whole thing is the result of the sum of the luxuries, sometimes more than the sum of the pluses. In order to improve the overall security and security situation, each of us should perform the grainy work we are assigned to in quality and efficiency.
He has said in one word that our people will be an active participant in the development of Ethiopia by ensuring their peace and security. The discussion we have regularly should not be one that we hear new reasons, but should be one that reduces problems and ensures peace and security.
This will be achieved by understanding the plan properly, implementing the necessary steps and working hard for the result till the end. Therefore, the National Security Council calls on the leaders at every level, the security force and the people to speak as one word, as one heart advisor to ensure the peace and security of Ethiopia and to make it a reality.