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Ethiopia Is Becoming World’s Vampire State with Insatiable Appetite for The Blood Of Its Own Citizens.

January 05, 2022 (By Denboba Natie)

The current Ethiopian government masterminded and stage-managed tragedies unfolding in Ethiopia are befalling the citizens of all corners of the empire. Between 600,000 and a million citizens were needlessly killed to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the current super-egoist PM who is increasingly hungry for fame and power since the war started in Tigray over 14 months ago and in Oromia and other parts of the empire since late 2018. Due to the current PM, his Amhara elite advisers’ and their Eritrean dictator associate inspired, and stage-managed war waged on own citizens; tens of millions are equally displaced mainly in Tigray followed in Amhara, Afar, Benshangul-Gumuz and Oromia where the displaced are left with no hope and aspiration for protecting and feeding their children.
EthiopiaAlthough the actors unquestionably believe they are achieving their heinous objectives; the consequences of their reckless actions are becoming far reaching as it is impacting the lives of the entire stakeholders as no one is immune from this tragic civil war. The consequences of the indicated ill-intentioned actions of the indicated Ethio-Centrist players have become incomprehensible acts of barbarity unparallelly to any other acts of such nature that have existed throughout the human history.
The erroneously claimed Amhara protectorate, the Ethiopian empire, that is also claimed for having a unique history, is uniquely embarked on collective punishment of the citizens in their tens of millions. The players in the contrary claim they are doing so to defend their ailing empire- completely blinded about the fact to the contrary as they are destroying it. Unfortunately, the brutality of the players to the citizens of the empire are unfolding in front of our eyes as the subjects are destined to insufferable sufferings in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant, Afar and Agaw and elsewhere in the empire. Tens of thousands of civilians are languishing in various substandard prison cells temperately concentration chambers where the victims are often subjected to tortures other forms of human rights violations; under the rule of 2019’s Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
It has been over a year since the subjects in Tigray were denied access to necessities including food, medicine, internal and external communications, banking, electricity and all the other necessities mankind in the 21st century takes it for granted as Tigray is put under complete siege. Furthermore, the subjects in Tigray’s regional state are subjected to a full scale continued war that is conducted by their own government – that has forged alliance with the other 8 foreign governments using multiple methods of modern warfare and armaments including drones, mechanised several dozens of divisions and high-tech war planes that often indiscriminately kill unarmed and non-combatant civilians.
The same war is waged on Oromo, Benshangul-Gumuz, the Agaw and Kemant peoples subjecting the citizens to harrowing conditions. Particularly, the same restrictions were imposed on the vast Oromo nation since late 2018- and it is ongoing to this date with wider consequences in entire Oromia as the Oromo civilians are subjected to severe punishment in allegation of their alliance with the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). The mass execution of the Oromo youth is intensified in entire Oromia.
Furthermore, various nations of the empire are obliged to send their sons and daughters to fight unnecessary war against their own citizens for both parties to lose the precious lives of hundreds of thousands. Nations and peoples in Ethiopia are deceived into erroneously believing the current war is in defence of the country by masking its very being Amhara elites’ territorial expansion and the Eritrea’s dictator’s vindictive war against the peoples of Tigray, Oromia, and the entire federalist forces in Ethiopia. Additionally, this war is also having a wider geo-political manifestation as more than 8 countries are involved in Ethiopia’s self-destructive war. The current PM and his hatred blinded vindictive Amhara and Eritrean supporters are actively and blindly pushing forward with their war project by totally rejecting all calls for a peaceful resolution that could be the only possible through all-inclusive political dialogue with multi-ethnic federalism framework in Ethiopia.
Therefore, we are witnessing as Ethiopian empire devouring itself like a vampire bat that sucks on the blood of its pray. It is destroying itself by its own people who have forged alliance with multiple foreign actors whose interests undoubtedly compromise its both long and short-term interests. Ethiopia is eating itself by devouring its makers (Tigray) people who are claimed to be the foundation of its histories of 3000 years that epitomises its very existence. The current rulers are also destroying Ethiopia by devouring the Oromo people who are the backbone of its existence as key economic power. Since late 2018’s Ethiopian government masterminded war on Oromia, Sidama, Wolayta, Konso, Ogadenia, Afar, Kemant, Agaw, Benshangul-Gumuz and elsewhere in Ethiopia; since November 04, 2020’s full scale allied forces war on Tigray; Ethiopia is becoming the only country on planet whose rulers and supporters conspire with over eight foreign countries to dehumanise and depersonalise own citizens. Ethiopia is becoming the only empire that perpetuates poverty, indignity, and human misery by committing genocide and crimes against humanity on its own people by using foreign forces.
Furthermore, Ethiopia is becoming the only country that is pretending to be the defender of the country whilst allowing its sovereignty to be severely compromised as the empire is ruled by foreign invader whose elements are actively involved in the internal affairs of the country including in the security, intelligence, military, finance and economy, and social aspects as they are freely and widely circulating in the entire part of the country. Ethiopia is becoming the only country whose PM and supporters knowingly or inadvertently gave the country’s sovereign power to foreign forces under erroneous assertion that they are ignorantly although vindictively removing the Tigray and Oromo nationalists from the Ethiopia’s political arena since the fall the EPRDF’s regime in early 2018.
Ethiopia is becoming the only empire on planet that never carers for the death of hundreds of thousands of its citizens and displacement of tens of millions of its citizens – as its rulers and supporters blatantly continue with blindfolding of the citizens whilst digging grave for its collective burial. Ethiopia and its citizens are becoming the subject of collective failure as most of the subjects remain supportive of the regime dehumanising and depersonalising citizens whilst destroying the country. Ethiopia is becoming the only country on plant where all its citizens agree to brutal and barbaric treatment of women, girls, senior and frail citizens, and denial of necessities whilst allowing its resources to be looted and ransacked by foreign forces. Ethiopia has become the only country where the claimed custodians of the empire excessively arm the peoples of their own nation whilst fully disarming their subjects whom they use as fighting tools to enable their war of territorial expansion.
Ethiopia is descending into a dirty and protracted civil war and concomitant chaos that are irreparably damaging the tenets of its existence with huge regional consequences. The thread that holds various nations together is irreparably broken unless it is mended urgently. Ethiopia is also expositing its hidden dark histories as the acts of the current PM and his Amhara elite supporters are showing their true nature as they indulge in an ideological fornication and misappropriation of power to dehumanise the citizens. It is becoming the empire that is undergoing social and collective madness as it has become Vampire State with Insatiable Appetite for the Blood of its citizens.
Therefore, finally, to avoid further cataclysmic calamities from unfolding, the current regime and its Amhara supporters must unconditionally take the following corrective measures including: –
•Unconditionally removing all foreign forces including the Eritrea’s military, security, and intelligence personnel from the Ethiopian soil,
•Unconditionally opening Tigray’s siege to allow an unconditional and unfettered humanitarian access including reopening of public services such as Banking, telecommunications, Social and safety net services, access to national and international players by immediately stopping the war declared on Tigray nation.
•Unconditionally opening Oromia’s siege by stopping the war declared on Oromo Nation to allow humanitarian access to war torn Oromia regional state that is often forgotten.
•Unconditionally Stopping War on Benshangul-Gumuz people by Removing all Amhara expansionists who are racking havoc in the region and elsewhere.
•Immediately Restoring the Tigray’s geographical areas to a Pre-November 2020 position by removing Amhara’s expansionists from Tigray.
•Unconditionally agreeing to an immediate negotiated cease fire before urgently embarking on a peaceful negotiation that is moderated by international and African observers.
•Unconditionally releasing all political leader prisoners and the other prisoners who are unlawfully incarcerated as part of governments’, Amhara elites and Eritrean dictator’s crackdown on Tigray, Oromo and the other federalist forces,
•Agreeing to an urgent all-inclusive national reconciliation, political dialogue and negotiations that pave an avenue for transitional arrangement in Ethiopia.
•Unconditionally stopping an ethnic profiling of Tigray and Oromo people to subject them to imprisonment and unlawful persecutions.
May Justice Prevail On Behalf Of The Victims.
January 05, 2022 (By Denboba Natie)
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