Every oppressive regime in the world is never short of parasites, that make a living on the plight of its own people. That’s the case with zombie journalist, Hermela Aregawi and her phony mother, Haregewoin Assefa. Hermela AregawiThey’re feeding and cashing on the blood of Tigrayans and Oromos. They don’t wish freedoms and rights they enjoy in the USA for their own people. Thus, they want Tigrayans to live in medieval time with no 21st century necessities, and have sold their souls to rapists and murderers of their own people.Hermela Aregawi

Hermela AregawiThat’s why she abandoned ethical journalism and instead became a professional insulter of genocide victims, for hire. The disgraceful mother and daughter, have no shame to sleep and dine with known criminals that have arbitrarily detained, mistreated, and forcibly disappeared thousands of their own people.Hermela Aregawi

Hermela Aregawi

Hermela Aregawi

Hermela AregawiUnlike Hermela Aregawi and her mother( Haregewoin Assefa) that are being dined, and pampered like VIPs on their arrival in Ethiopia- Tigrayan returnees, who have experienced horrific abuse in Saudi Arabia custody, are being locked up in detention facilities upon returning to Ethiopia.Hermela Aregawi

As the Ethiopian oppressive regime, conducts mass sweeps and arrests of Tigrayans, parasitic Journalist Hermela Aregawi is being entertained and dinned in the most expensive hotels. Without a doubt, parasite Hermela Aregawi is an accomplice in the mass murder and enforced disappearance of Tigrayans.

Hermela AregawiReally, what kind of soulless woman is Hermela Aregawi, when her own people are facing massacres, indiscriminate attacks, sexual violence, arbitrary arrests, forcible expulsions, pillage, destruction of property, and blocking of humanitarian relief…. Hermela Aregawi

Is this, the so called 1million home coming gig, that criminal Abiy Ahmed promised his sycophants???ETHIOPIANS

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