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Eritrean nationals residing in Addis Ababa, held a demonstrations today demanding UNHCR to provide sustained humanitarian aid to Eritrean refugees sheltered in Ethiopia. The migrants and refugees demonstrated today at the office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees representative in Addis Ababa.Eritrean immigrants and Refugees

According to the demonstrators, UNHCR has failed to deliver constant humanitarian assistance to refugees sheltered at Hentsats and Mayainy refugee camps set up in Tigray. They urged UNHCR to relocate the refugees to North Gondar Zone of Amhara state.

Eritrean immigrants and RefugeesUNHCR said that, it is working in collaboration with Ethiopian government to fully address the problems of the refugees. The commission stated that it is discussing with the Ethiopian government on the issue of immigrants.

Eritrean immigrants and Refugees

Eritrean immigrants and Refugees

Eritrean immigrants and Refugees

Eritrean immigrants and RefugeesThe refugees said, the Eritreans have not been given any assistance for the last two months in Tigray, especially in the Hentsats and Mayainy refugee camps.

The refugees said that there is no food, beddings, medical supply in the camps-and, those with health conditions are in dire condition. Also, the refugees are experiencing a rise in hate and discrimination acts.

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