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A 19 million euro aid agreement has been signed between the governments of Ethiopia and France

The aid agreement between Ethiopia and France is 19 million euro or 1 point 02 billion birr. It is known that the French government will support three different projects in Ethiopia.
The first project will give 8 million euros to maintain and maintain historical heritages in Addis Ababa city. It will help to make the heritages attractive and attractive for tourists and visitors.
The second project is a support of 10 million euros and it will help Ethiopian Electric Power to enhance the efficiency of the organisation and improve the service. To do this, it is a support for the construction of the training facility that will be built by Ethiopian Electric Power and to complete the internal equipment.
The third project is a one million euro support and it will be used to support Ethiopian civil unions agencies. The project will help civil unions to fulfil their role by building and strengthening their capacity.aid agreement
The agreement was signed by the Ethiopian government in the presence of the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Semreta Sewasew and Valerie Tiao, the ambassador of France to Ethiopia Remi Maschwex.

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