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Adanech AbebeDeputy Mayor Adanech Abebe laid a wreath at the Martyrs’ Memorial
The Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, Adanech Abebe, laid a wreath at the Sixth Kilo Monument on the 84th of February.Adanech Abebe
In addition, Daniel Jotte Mesfin, the son of the president of the Patriotic Association, laid a wreath, and patriotic and invited guests attended the commemoration.
On the occasion of the 84th anniversary of the invasion of Ethiopia by Italy on February 12, 1929, 30,000 Addis Ababa residents were commemorated.Adanech Abebe

Adanech Abebe

Adanech Abebe

Adanech Abebe
On the same day, Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom bombed and wounded General Rudolfo Graziani, and the Italian army massacred the people of Addis Ababa.

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