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Members of the Executive Board and Management of the Ethiopian Council of Religious Institutions held a discussion with the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa on current national issues and bilateral cooperation.Ethiopian Council of Religious
During the meeting, the secretary general of the institute, Lt. Gen. Tagay Tadele Kibret, thanked the deputy mayor for accepting the meeting. They briefly outlined the major activities and achievements of the congregation over the past decade. He said the conference has a strong working relationship with the administration through the Addis Ababa City Council of Religious Institutions, adding that the national conference is located in the city and it is possible to work together on peace building and value building activities in the city.Ethiopian Council of Religious
The Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Adanech Abebe also expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the institution for its contribution to the stability and peace of the country. She further said that there is a lot of responsibility that should be fulfilled by the nation as a whole, adding that religious institutions have a significant role to play in maintaining peace and moral development in the country. In this regard, she said the current gap in moral and ethical values ​​building in the country is contributing to the worsening of the problem, adding that it is necessary to work hard to rectify the situation.Ethiopian Council of Religious
Ethiopian Council of ReligiousIn this regard, she said that the spread of false information and hate speech spread through various social media sites and various media outlets is an obstacle to the development of the country. In particular, she called on religious institutions to work hard for peace in the upcoming general elections and for the Ethiopian Council of Religious Institutions to play its part in upholding the rule of law and holding peaceful elections without disturbing the peace of the country.

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