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“The people of Tigray should still be confident that the only solution to their problems depends only on their arms.”
The TPLF Central Committee Member Zenebesh Fisha said in an interview today that the people of Tigray who have been fighting against geocide in  the past 19 months by the fascist and arrogant forces should continue to strengthen their struggle to fully bury the allied enemies. 

people of TigrayAccording to freedom fighter Zenebesh; The struggle of the people of Tigray is a popular struggle with the right goal and principle from the beginning. We’ll make them not to raise! They’ve been dispersed! Its leaders have been destroyed! It doesn’t make sense anymore!” said to the people; He has reached a high height where his enemies will be reorganised and equalized, and even completely destroys his right to self-determination.

fighter Zenebesh, who reminded that there was a clear goal when this popular struggle was to start; That is to ensure the right of self-determination of the people of Tigray; However, she says this has not been peaceful and the people of Tigray have entered the war.
Now the main goal and direction is to ensure the welfare and security of the people of Tigray. Based on the nature and identity of these enemies, there is no situation where it will be resolved peacefully. She said; work is being done to carry out political, diplomatic and military activities in this direction and tune.

freedom fighter Zenebesh; By setting up the genocide accountability, the referendum issue and the details of the goals set by the Tigray government. The relationships will also reduce the enemies, and friends will follow more directions and support the struggle of the people of Tigray.
She further said that by successfully completing this war, the aspirations of the people of Tigray will only be ensured by referendum.
“The people of Tigray must work to strengthen their armed struggle to break the blockade on them, and to increase their needs and acceptance in the world;” freedom fighter Zenebesh said that the attention given to the war between Tigray and Ukraine is a major difference in the war between Tigray and Ukraine.
She continued, “The people of Tigray have been fighting from the beginning and the only crucial issue is to continue with the armed struggle. That is the only solution at hand,” she said.
According to freedom fighter Zenebesh, the people and government of Tigray always give priority to peace. Even before the war, they repeatedly claimed that political differences were a political solution, not a war. However, negative forces chose war because their aspiration is to destroy the people of Tigray.
The Tigray government had issued a peace proposal even at the gate of Addis Ababa, they gave chance to peace.
However, there is no questioning that Abiy’s force is not a peaceful force but a genocide force and there is no chance that they will ever enter peace, and it was still our only option.
freedom fighter Zenebesh said that since the struggle began, the populace has been supporting our army with resources and morale. However, she said, greedy traders are causing the people to be exposed to the worst problems by distorting markets and increasing prices.
“These greedy merchants are spreading false rumours, “The electricity will be lost; says freedom fighter Zenebesh.
However, she advised that they should not be the victims of these greedy traders, being confused by rumours.
The community should get accurate information from the relevant authorities and the media of Tigray. Anyone who wants to be honoured for stone and charcoal,  “The lights will be put out.” 
Overall, the people of Tigray have achieved every miraculous victory by the struggle and sacrifices they have paid so far. To move to this level, We must continue to strengthen the political, military and diplomatic victory we have achieved. Therefore, the Tigray Diaspora should also continue to work together to complete the struggle and put an end to war.

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