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Ethiopia will host the 36 congress of the International Union of Leather Technologists and chemists Society.
The leather and textile sectors are the quick win sectors which helped many of the developed countries to transform their economy. Africa holds nearly a quarter of the global livestock population that constitutes bases for the leather industry development. Ethiopia ranks first in Africa and 10th in the world in terms of livestock number. However, revenue generated from this huge natural resource is very limited due to limited value addition and linkages to the global value chain at commodity level.Leather Technologists
Mr. Tarekegn Bulbulta, the state minister of growth and competitiveness sector noted that the agenda of 36 congress will be started on 2 November 2021 in Addis Ababa with the theme of “Greeting the Leather value chain”. It will focus on science and technology surrounding the production of leather. Considering the complexity of the global leather value chain with regards the required deep knowledge in science and technology and environmental concerns, the existing line-up of speakers will share interesting valuable information on the pressing global issues challenging the leather sector development. Continued creativity and innovation in the leather industry will improve the image of the global tanning industry especially with regard to population and environmental sustainability Mr. Tarekegn added.
The congress has been arranged with the prevailing of COVID-19 pandemic. Regarding this, the state minister thanked the Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute and other stake holders. He also expressed most sincere wish on behave of Ministry of Industry that the discussion and deliberations resulting from the three days’ congress will positively contribute to the consolidation of the aims of the IULTCS and thereby to enhance the development and sustainability of the leather Industry.