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Ethiopian government

The White House: “The U.S. Government condemns in the strongest possible terms the Government of Ethiopia’s unprecedented action to expel the leadership of […] the United Nations organizations involved in ongoing humanitarian operations. We agree with UN leaders: this is a stain on our collective conscience and it must stop. This action follows the release of reports warning that hundreds of thousands of people are starving to death in northern Ethiopia.

We are deeply concerned that this action continues a pattern by the Ethiopian government of obstructing the delivery of food, medicine, and other supplies to those most in need. We call on the UN Security Council and members of the international community to take urgent action to make clear to the Government of Ethiopia that impeding humanitarian operations and depriving your own citizens of the basic means of survival is unacceptable.
President Biden signed an Executive Order earlier this month enabling the U.S. government to impose financial sanctions on those prolonging the conflict in northern Ethiopia. We will not hesitate to use this or any other tool at our disposal to respond quickly and decisively to those who obstruct humanitarian assistance to the people of Ethiopia.”

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