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The 2nd level of land certification has followed the modern procedure and secured land ownership for farmers.
land ownership for farmersLand Investment for Transformation Program “Lift” has been implemented in the Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray regional states.
According to the Land Administration and Utilization Directorate, the main focus of the program is giving the secondary rural land ownership certification and increasing ownership for farmers
Formerly, the land ownership right was difficult for female farmers; it was usually entitled to men. Then, the land was taken by the neighbours or relatives. However, the situation is changing by the intervention of Ministry of Agriculture with different projects and programs.
land ownership for farmers“Lift” has achieved significant results in reducing border conflict by incorporating farmers and developed land maps to make the data encoding better and more reliable using advanced land surveying technology.
land ownership for farmersReceiving 2nd level certification secured land ownership for both male and female farmers as well as to increase yield production and helping for renting to additional investment.
Finally, work is underway to benefit 6.1 million farmers by measuring 14 million farmer’s land in 140 woredas.

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