Combining small scale agriculture development projects will help achieve nutrition and nutrition goals.
A lot of changes have been recorded since the implementation of the food system based agriculture strategy was started. In Oromia region, Adamitulu Jido Kombolcha district, many people living in rural and urban areas have secured their family’s food and food system by using the technical advice and limited materials provided by agriculture and carrying out small agricultural development activities.agriculture development projects
They say that they are able to carry out agricultural development activities based on integrated food system, and they are able to reach a better standard of living and modern agriculture. agriculture development projectsThey are able to focus on farming food system by providing food what is connected to their families and produce food that is rich in food and improve the health and safety of their families They show that they can.agriculture development projects
Mr. Shume Tahir and Mrs. Chaltu Gemede are residents of Dodicha Kebele district. They say that they are successful in doing various agricultural development activities in a modern way. They are breading fish in the water pond they have built in their backyard. agriculture development projectsThey are farming fish in the water that they have found in the ponds they have, they have improved chickens in order to speed up the farming that is suitable for fish food. The farmers are always in the garden. It is mentioned among the combined agricultural and development activities that take place in vegetables and fruits, egg chicken, fish, milk from cows, breeding breeding an oxen.
agriculture development projectsThe movement of the farmers shows that it is possible to easily ensure food and dietary security by combining small areas. From the eggs, milk, fruit and vegetable products and fish produced in their yard, they are always satisfied with their products. They stated that they are able to lead a strong, happy and healthy family life because such foods are not disappearing from the market.agriculture development projects
Farmer Tesfaye Getachew, who is a neighbor, has said that he has been able to fix the family’s diet by doing similar integrated agriculture development work like Mr Shume Tahir.

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