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In Military science, when a military division suffers defeat, you then understand that the war was not right in the first place. However, when you lose more than two divisions, the only option to overcome the humiliation, is to surrender or to seek for a peace without any conditions. The war that Dictator Abiy Ahmed is imposing on Tigrayans is definitely a satanic war, that only benefits the regime parasites, while Ethiopians lose out. The loss of 23 army divisions to Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) in recent battles is a sign of a demoralised personalised army. It also makes one wonder, why Ethiopian children are perishing in meaningless wars???

Tigray Defence ForcesAfter breaching the peace agreements in bad faith, the criminal regime of Dictator Abiy Ahmed, assembled in the south of Tigray; Amhara special force units, Wollo fano and milisha, the sixth and eighth infantry units of the federal defense force, the second, sixth and eighth mechanised divisions that were gathered from other areas for the past five days, after the last five days, the sixth and eight mechanised divisions were added in Abebe Door, Janora, Gubagala. And in the direction of Yalo, there was a massive attack towards Alamata, Bala and Bisober.
Tigray Defence ForcesThe attack that was started by this front was not the main target of the campaign from western Tigray and western Gondar to Adiyabo, Asged and Tselemti.
Although the depravity of this barbaric regime’s actions is not surprising, they continue to shock the human conscience.

In an attempt by Dictator Abiy Ahmed to reinvade Tigray with a cocktail of murderers, the Killers were decimated and hundreds taken prisoners of War. A great number scattered in different directions to save their dear lives. With the objective of going back to the crime scene and carry on with the unfinished genocide. The killers failed and instead ended up losing several of their positions and strongholds in Gugudo, Fokisa, Zebul, Mendefera, Kobo, Robit, Shoch Mariam and Tekulosh. Most of the regime forces on those fronts are either dead, wounded and captured while the rest have scattered and fled.

Tigray Defence Forces

The criminal regime of Dictator Abiy Ahmed Ali, had assembled killers from the; 210th Corps Divisions 11, 85, 52, 26, the 301st Corps Divisions 25, 32, 75 and the 204th Corps Divisions of the Southern Ez were involved in the campaign 37, 38, 39, 203rd Corps Division 83, 8th Ez 801st Corps Divisions 45, 46, 47, 802nd Corps Divisions 48, 49, 58, 803rd Corps Divisions 42, 44, The 36th Division of the 104th Corps of the Central Ez, supporters of the 2nd, 6th and 8th Mechanized Divisions, one Republican Guard Division, a total of 23 divisions, Amhara Special Forces Tedros, Tana and Dejen divisions, thousands of militia and 6 Fano brigades participated in the botched up killing orgy. Tigray Defence ForcesAfter being defeated, the psychotic and sadistic warmongering Abiy Ahmed, brutally started bombing civilians and school children in Raya Azebo woreda and Mekelle city centre. As a result, many civilians lost their dear lives. 

Tigray Defence ForcesThe sadistic warmongering Dictator Abiy Ahmed, has now moved a large force of killers to Eritrea to attack Adiyabo and open up another front. Thus, we will continue to see mutilated bodies of slain innocent children. Because the barbarism of Criminal Abiy Ahmed will mean unleashing a reign of heartless, sadistic aerial terror on innocent Tigrayans civilians.Tigray Defence Forces

Meanwhile, careerist diplomats on the payroll of criminal Abiy Ahmed, for over two years during the genocidal blockade of Tigray, they failed to decry the plight of Tigrayans. But were shamelessly able to scream loud with Vuvuzelas, when TDF fighters reclaimed their own fuel to carry out emergency duties.

Tigray Defence ForcesJust like possessed Satanists , the regime and its sycophants of buffoons made a big meal out of the misinformation. When a receipt of an agreement between the World Food Program and TPLF regarding the fuel was made public, they ended up swallowing their own vomit.

Tigray Defence ForcesThe similarities between the fascist regime of criminal Abiy Ahmed and careerists UN diplomats, is the chronic culture of always blaming the victims of Abiy’s criminality. That’s why several Human rights abuses reports tend to always favour the regime and its allies, while condemning Tigrayans. In spite of several evidence of crimes of genocide against Tigrayans, Careerist diplomats tend to coverup the crimes by finding something to fault the victims (Tigrayans) of the genocide.

Tigray Defence ForcesWhen Tigrayans pulled out of Amhara and Afar because of pressure from careerists diplomats, they were promised two things before peace talks: return of borders to pre-war time, and restoration of essential services. The careerists diplomats knew these were preconditions for peace talks, and they imagined they would put enough pressure on Abiy Ahmed and Amhara region to respect it. They were playing everyone as always and many people sadly bought into their double standards.

The racist international community as always has remained pathetically silent, doing little or nothing to stop the Biblical catastrophes that’re already happening in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul-Gumuz, Agaw and Kemant. If they had cared in the first place, then they would have taken immediate practical and realistic actions by imposing severe punishment on the Ethiopian criminal regime and its allies that have committed genocide on Tigrayans, Amhara and Oromos. Basically all Ethiopians are captive to a genocidal regime.Tigray Defence Forces

Let’s stop deceiving ourselves that the world will come and rescue Tigrayans from the genocide being carried out on them by Criminal Abiy Ahmed and his gangsters. It won’t happen today or tomorrow, because the Tigray genocide is part of the African population reduction program being championed by World Economic Forum (WEF) and the globalist cabal. It’s upon Tigrayans to stand up against oppression and state sponsored terrorism. Freedom can only be guaranteed through the strength of its people’s unity. Tigray Defence Forces

The struggle of the people of Tigray to ensure the continuity of their existence, should be supported by all Freedom loving people. However, we should understand that countless atrocities and massacres are being committed in Oromia, Afar, Somali, Benishangul, Gambella, Southern Nations and on Amhara people by Criminal Abiy Ahmed.

Tigray Defence Forces

We should not underestimate criminal Abiy’s warmongering plans, because for the last five months he fooled the world, that he was for peace-war was meticulously planned long time before Tigray’s November 04, 2020, war. Other wars were waged on Ethiopians in various regions and zones of the country since late 2018. Those wars were started in West Oromia (Wolega), south Oromia (Guji and Borana), Kemant, Benshangul-Gumuz (BSG), Sidama, Agaw, Gedeo, Konso, Wolayta and other parts of the country- as late as 2018 and intensified in early to mid-2019. This is the reason why criminal Abiy Ahmed is using helicopter gunships and mechanised military brigades to decimate Oromo, Benshangul-Gumuz, Agaw and Kemant hamlets, villages, and towns.Tigray Defence Forces

Though the criminal regime is trying to break the Tigray Defence Forces positions, so they can massacre, rape and plunder the people of Tigray. But they have failed because they’re fighting an unjustified war. After being humiliated at the southern front, the criminals are now trying to create a western front to carry out their genocidal project unhindered, but the people of Tigray will not allow to be massacred for the third time.

To be Continued…


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