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Abiy Ahmed & Company are trying to have their supporters believe that they are making advances on the battlefields in Amhara and Afar: they are not. In fact, thousands more are being mopped down by our forces everyday. As we speak, thousands are killed in Haro, Wegeletena & Debrezebit. What has slightly changed the last couple days is, Abiy is deploying not regular army, special police or even unarmed militia. They are sending Tabot carrying priests, women and children as cannon fodders.

Our forces are trying to avoid the slaughter of children & women as best they can. We are taking very measured steps to avoid unnecessary loss of press gaged civilians while relentlessly destroying whatever is left of the capabilities of enemy forces. There is no chance Abiy will have his way. There is no New Year Surprise he would treat his gullible supporters to. As far as the campaign of our forces is concerned, We won’t stop until our conditions are met & fully.

The stories they are churning out every minute to hoodwink their supporters into believing they are reversing our advance are simply not true. The made up stories they are busy fabricating to cast aspersions on the integrity of our forces are meant as distractions.

Their claims of advances in the battlefield simply are plucked out of thin air. There was no fighting in Afar, and the fighting in Amhara region is proceeding in a manner that will make sure Abiy cannot lie his way out of this quagmire he has landed himself in.

Tigray is prevailing!

Getachew Reda
Advisor to the President of Tigrai State

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