The Amhara Fano Showa Celebrates Victory over Brihanu Jula’s Genocidal Forces

In a significant turn of events, the Amhara Fano Showa has proudly announced their triumph over the genocidal forces of criminal Brihanu Jula. The decisive victory was achieved in the Woreilu district of the South Wolo zone, marking a turning point in the ongoing conflict. Let’s examine the details of the battle, focusing on the commendable efforts of the Amhara Fano Showa and the challenges faced by fascist Abiy Ahmed’s forces.

The Amhara Fano Showa, a heroic force,
The genocidal forces, under the command of criminal Brihanu Jula, fascist Abiy Ahmed’s right-hand man, had devised a plan to massacre and enslave the Amhara people. Nevertheless, the Amhara Fano Showa ultimately triumphed due to their valiant efforts. Their unwavering determination and strategic prowess ultimately led to the downfall of fascist Abiy Ahmed’s forces.

Amhara Fano

The Wareilu District Technical and Vocational College.
The Amhara Fano Showa Freedom fighters established a camp in the Wareilu District Technical and Vocational College, a location of strategic importance in the battle. Unfortunately, the camp suffered significant losses in terms of personnel and equipment as a result of a lightning attack launched by the Brooke Demsey Brigade.

Witness accounts from the scene of the incident:
Eyewitness accounts, as reported by the Amhara Fano Showa Ez public relations department, provide insight into the intensity of the battle. One noteworthy individual present during the conflict was Cain, whose actions and involvement continue to be a subject of interest.

The Brooke Demsey Brigade’s Attack:
The Brooke Demsey Brigade’s attack caught the Amhara Fano Showa off guard, resulting in substantial losses. The brigade’s strategic manoeuvring and rapid execution proved to be a formidable challenge for the Amhara Fano Showa. Nevertheless, the Amhara Fano Showa demonstrated resilience and determination in the face of adversity, ultimately emerging victorious.

The Defeat of Abiy Ahmed’s Forces:
In contrast to the heroic actions of the Amhara Fano Showa, fascist Abiy Ahmed’s forces were ultimately unsuccessful in the battle. The strategic planning and execution of the Amhara Fano Showa proved superior, resulting in the downfall of the regime’s military wing. This victory not only marks a turning point in the conflict but also serves to illustrate the strength and resilience of the Amhara people.

Amhara Fano

In conclusion, it can be stated that…
The announcement by the Amhara Fano Showa of their victory over the genocidal forces of criminal Brihanu Jula in the Woreilu district of the South Wolo zone marks a significant milestone in the ongoing conflict. Despite facing setbacks and losses, the Amhara Fano Showa have demonstrated their determination and strategic prowess. This triumph serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of the Amhara people. As the conflict persists, the Amhara Fano Showa’s triumph offers a glimmer of hope for a more promising future for the region.

Down with fascist Abiy Ahmed!

Viva Fano!

Viva Amhara People!

Viva Amhara Revolution!

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