Fascist Isaias Aferwerki, the henchman of Eritrea, and his brother in crime, Fascist Col Abiy Ahmed Ali, the brutal illegitimate actual Junta in Menelik’s palace, has campaigned a war of attrition on the people of Tigray. Will there be anyone to doubt this atrocious act of terror perpetrated on innocent children in Tigray. The young monster Abiy Ahmed Ali has tried to lie to the World that his beastly “soldiers killed no one in a month’s fight.”

By WS. Asfaw

 How about the Amhara militias who are rounding and persecuting, killing terrorising innocent Tegaru all over the border areas? Why is the terrorist regime of Abiy Ahmed Ali terrified now?  Isaias Aferwerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali, the two have terrorized and kidnaped, including UNHCR, registered Eritrean refugees in their camps. These fascists have in unison perpetuated acts that are outside the norm of International Law. The two terrorist regimes have a lot to account for, including Norway was not the only country tricked by the illegitimate imposter in the Menelik palace in A.A. It is strange how the Nobel Peace Prize committee by the two imposters, Abiy Ahmed Ali, the young warlord who is terrorising nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. In short, as the duo is in their last gasp, to survive by any means available to them. The Amhara elites and intellectuals are naming the current military aggression to Tigray as “Meneliks Campaign to the North.” In his two military expeditions to the north (1889 & 1896), Menelik had caused immense suffering on Tigray. These devastations are transcending from one generation to the next as if it happened yesterday. We shall see some parallels between the Menelik expedition and the joint Abiy Ahmed Ali / Isaias Aferwerki current expedition without going into details.

Abiy Ahmed Ali And Isaias Aferwerki the duo tyrants of the Horn of AfricaISAIAS AFERWERKI AND ABIY AHMED ALI

Was Norway Peace Committee conned by the innocent looks of the political swindler of Ethiopia? Or was Col Abiy, the former spymaster of INSA, providing classified information to Ethiopia’s arch enemies, who recommended him to the Committee?

Could it be the mission to rehabilitate his brother in crime, the Eritrean dictator, who focused on Tigray as his last target to settle revenge? Or was it that Col Abiy promised to the blueprint of Ethiopia’s enemies, and his bluff to annihilate Ethiopia for his Arab clientele, the way he was inspired by his mother, “to become king” coincided smoothly with the help of Isaias Aferwerki?

Abiy Ahmed Ali occupied imperial Menelik palace, on the one hand waving Oromo flag, and on the other Amhara placard and trotted for some time until he felt safe. Once that achieved, he began galloping, brandishing his chauvinist flag while dropping his Oromo identity once the Wollega resistance was “crashed.” Although, Abiy Ahmed Ali initially pretended as if he was an ‘enemy’ of the Amhara people. The turncoat, suddenly, became the Amhara intellectuals’ darling boy.

Consequently, the great majority of the Oromo population lost faith in Abiy Ahmed Ali. Kero, the Oromo youth who unknowingly brought the sell-out technocrats to power, neither gained employment nor further education. They let in the Neftegna back to Menelik Palace. Since Abiy Ahmed Ali came to power with the Oromo card, he had to devise a plan to assure them. To entice the Amhara elites, he started promising them ‘pie in the sky’ the port of Assab ‘as Ethiopia’s historic land.’ Assab was sold to an Italian ‘company’ in 1872. Assab was peddled way before Menelik sold Eritrea. Menelik ratified the sale of Assab to the Italians with the more significant land, Eritrea. With the mafia boss’s help, Isaias, Eritrea may lose its sovereignty or its ports to Ethiopia.

This act of treason and conspiracy of Abiy Ahmed Ali and  Isaias Aferwerki was finally exposed in their fake “peace” treaty cooked in the Arab World but served to no one. The economic sanction imposed on Isaias Aferwerki’s regime for the crime against humanity, aiding and abating terrorism, the crimes he committed against Eritrea’s people, was absolved overnight after the fraternal criminals’ treaty.

Whatever deal they may have among themselves, the collective owners of the state’s sovereignty, Eritrean people were not consulted about Ethiopia’s peace agreement. Neither the Ethiopian people were consulted through their voiceless representatives. Nor do we know why no one raised the issue to be discussed in public? Thus, TPLF, Tigray’s ruling party, who noticed Eritrean and Ethiopian counterparts’ gradual encroachment, became the primary enemy of Fascist Abiy Ahmed Ali and his boss  Isaias Aferwerki.

The two dictators began secretly concocting suspiciously on the independence of Eritrea.  Isaias Aferwerki was heard in public, saying, “it is foolish to assume that we are two separate people.” We cannot stand by and become neutral observers on issues of Ethiopia”. On another occasion, Isaias indorsed Abiy saying, ‘Abiy, you are our leader from now.’ He then began persecuting anyone who mentioned the issue of the constitution or democratic governance.

From the day  Isaias Aferwerki became weak, he ordered the opening of compulsory military training without an end in sight to quell all sorts of political opposition that somehow one day might rise. He used it as an experimental station of Eritrean social engineering. Isaias needed docile soldiers for his extravagant military expeditions against his neighbours. Isaias shut the only university of Asmara because he thought it would be a breeding ground of opposition to his dictatorial regime.

The rout of dictators is the same. For power, money, and ego, they are ready to sell the country, which they consider is their possession. Fascist Col Abiy Ali and  Isaias Aferwerki are no different from Idi Amin Dada, Col Mengistu, or others. They are all the same.

Menelik sold his country for European currency, so did the current self-imposed, illegitimate governors. They are mutually complementing each other in public to buy and sell land which does not belong to either of them.

GENESIS of Persecution and Genocide on Tigray.

Nations and nationalities in contemporary Ethiopia had suffered degrees of persecution and deliberate or systematic extermination, particularly the frontline regions who try to stand for their identity, land, culture, history, etc.

All the Amhara leaders who followed the dynastic ambition of King Menelik had reinforced the same state scorched earth policy. Menelik was not cooperating with Ethiopian patriots to attack the foreign aggressors and invaders. He was not only complacent but actively engaged with the Italians and Derbushes to attack Yohannes. These triangular frontal attacks were intended to eradicate the power base of Tigray once and for good.

The Amhara elites and intellectuals are not bothered about what happens to Ethiopian unity. The similarities of Meneliks policy and the ambition of the contemporary elite are identical. The rule of Menelik’s reign was savage and brutal. It had never been inclusive and fair. But a symbol of persecution, subordination, and dominance to all non-Amhara Ethiopians. However, to the Amhara, Menelik’s reign was the golden age and the beginning of Ethiopian civilization’s renaissance. The same mediocre equate the massive economic transformation carried out in the past 30 years as” the dark age.” Schools, printing press, telephone system, roads, railways, were most of them started then.

Many nations and nationalities who were incarcerated were/are fed up with a century of subjugation and becoming second-class citizens in their land.

There are stark similarities between the current situation in Ethiopia and that of the Menelik era. They believe in a unitary state created out of Amhara dominance, terrorizing others, while it made an exclusive Amhara-cantered Ethiopia with its culture, language, political economy supremacy. With a blind expectation, sugar-coated with “Ethiopian unity” instead of Amhara first

Painful as it was, no nations or nationalities will ever go back to one nation-state rule’s old order, dominating over others. What Menelik did and why we say it was a sell-out history will not be forgiven!

King Menelik agreed discreetly to sell the Italians, the then northern part of Ethiopia’s empire, from Massawa to Asmara for 12,000 Remington rifles before Emperor Yohannes was assassinated. Count Antonelli, the seasoned Italian diplomat whose head office was in Let Marefia (Ankober), had to go to Wechale near Lake Haiq (near Dessi) to meet Menelik. In the meantime, Ras Mekonnen was sent to Italy to deal with the draft treaty of Wechale. Emperor Yohannes’ assassination in March 1889 for the desperate Italians who wanted a colonial foothold was becoming late. Menelik was unsettled with the promised Remington guns, and money to fend off his opponents was too late. Menelik was even more anxious as the Italians played the Russian rollout with Political Tigray  and Political Shewa Gumbel raffle. Noble worrier, Emperor Yohannes, was campaigning to fight against Italian colonists, while Menelik was sharpening his sword to chop and hand over part of the empire. There is a stark resemblance to what fascist Isaias and fascist Abiy Ahmed Ali are doing today in Tigray.

Menelik was arranging with the Derbushes to attack northwest Ethiopia to divert and weaken the Emperor’s potency of military action. Menelik was reluctant to confront the Derbushes, who, for the second time, burnt down churches, monasteries, etc., in Gonder and its surroundings. Abiy Ahmed Ali involved foreign countries, Isaias. UAE, Somalia, etc., to fight a member of the federal-state of Ethiopia. This act of aggression against a federal republic member is in a nutshell without moral or political justification. It is regrettably based on hate and is leading to genocide. Today, 3000 Tegaru school children are herded from Dansha and its surroundings and locked in a school. They are ready to be transported to concentration camps. HIV-infected men are sent to the occupied towns (in this case, Alamata town) to rape women. Is this not part of the genocide. One of the participants from Gonder-gang rape is heard boasting of committing this heinous crime with 20 women in less than a week. Is this not a state-sponsored crime against humanity?

A hitman was embedded within Emperor Yohannes palace. In case he failed, Menelik advised the Derbushes to focus on the Emperor. The fascist unholy alliance of Abiy Ahmed Ali and  Isaias Aferwerki was fused from the treacherous past.

Menelik campaigned with Italy to take joint action against his Emperor Yohannes and country. This provocative act was, by any standard, a treasonable crime in the court of justice. On equivalent betrayal, Fascist Abiy is probably committing similar atrocious crimes against Ethiopia people by collaborating with foreign named enemies like  Isaias Aferwerki, Formajo of Somalia, UAE, etc. An attack on innocent members, targeting children, women, older people who are not combatants and not engaged in the war by all standards breach human and civil rights of international conventions. He is attacking his citizens by collaborating with foreign enemies to prolong his reign of terror.

The weaker ruler of Gojjam. Both arch-enemies of Ethiopia his grand betrayal of the empire. The other important reason was the Oromo area was a source of money for two reasons—Menelik, who was advised by Europeans, needed slaves. Europeans had to provide Menelik guns to supply lucrative demand for slaves. Simultaneously, Menelik guns were required to suppress the Oromo rebellion. Gurage, merchants were redirecting their slave trade away from Menelik’s reach. Menelik’s income was significantly reduced.

In contrast, Menelik had to control the slave tax income by redirecting the slave route through Addis Ababa, where his agents can account for the slave traffic meticulously. One can observe the destiny of the Ethiopian people is throttled by its power minded leaders. The twin misfortunes who have embarked the saddles of power in Eritrea and Ethiopia are not representing anyone but themselves only. The Ethiopians sold for cash during Menelik are similarly sold for money to the Arabs (Saudi Arabia), United Arab Emirates (UAE). Menelik made Tigray and its people; for that matter, any society that opposes his mighty sword was a target. Menelik’s army came to Tigray twice and caused immense misery. Rasi Mekonnen (1889-1891) and Menelik in 1896 camouflaged with the pretence of Adwa’s battle while the ulterior motive was with dual purposes. The ulterior reason was to liberate Ethiopia from the Italian invasion. Although Italians faced catastrophic military defeat in Adwa’s battle, on the contrary, they were awarded twice the land they controlled previously. Akelguzia, Seraye, and Bark were rewarded for their defeat. All the patriotic Eritreans and Tegaru were begging Menelik to finish off the colonial army, who were in a panic to go back to Europe. Tragically, it was not meant to be. The wavelength of their thinking was aiming at different trajectories. Menelik was thinking of preserving the newly installed infantile Shewan led Amhara dynasty with foreign intervention.

In comparison, the northerners were unlucky as they needed strong motivating and unifying leadership—Degazmach Bahta Hagos (Segenaity) and Rasi Mengesha Yohannes attempted to incite the rebellion. Unfortunately, Degazmach Bahta, was killed by the Italians. Rasi Mengesha was killed in Ankober after taken captive. Both were opposed to the dived and rule policy of Menelik, respectively. Adwa’s battle was started when Bahta and Mengesha initiated a co-ordinated armed struggle against Italy in 1894. The only success it had was the Ethiopian people proved to themselves that unity was their strength in fighting the common enemy. Although the Amhara intellectuals distort history to the contrary, politically, Adwa was a disaster in many ways. Menelik was a reluctant participant in the patriotic war against invading Italy. More people were killed while the northerners were defending and the Amhara looting army. This age-old lingering hatred is one of the reasons for opting out of Federalism.

Once again, the victim was Eritrea. The people of Eritrea have been fighting to liberate Eritrea from 1961-1991. Their vision of Eritrea was a peaceful and sovereign state that will be an envy to its neighbours. Its mission to live amicably with its neighbouring countries was suddenly hijacked by the president for life, the fascist Isaias Afewerki. ISAIAS AFERWERKI AND ABIY AHMED ALIThe Eritrean population was defrauded once again from their midst, who pretended to alleviate the public’s raw sentiment. Nobody knows what the ‘Peace’ agreement of these two dictators stand for if at all there is any.

Amharas are united to resolve the political issue by military means. It is a desperate act instead of a massive heart and mind solution. They are not leading the warfare but making the peasant Amhara part of the conflict’s cannon fodder. They were agitated a long time ago by telling the poor peasants that the “Tigre” has taken your land, Wolquite, and Tsegede, which is your “inherited” land. But the rest of the frontline fighters are mainly young Oromos who are told that the TPLF is a “fugitive” from Ethiopia. Thus it is the Oromo’s responsibility to unite Ethiopia by force. The Somali Republic of Formajo is getting involved in a conflict that does not concern Somalia. The other participants in the theatre of war are UAE oppression and persecution of Tegaru, including the Tegaru who served in volatile Somalia’s peacekeeping force.

The duo fascist, the old devil, and his disciple are attempting to rewrite history their way. Col Abiy and Isaias are trying to finish the political plot that Menelik started in the 1890s.  Isaias Aferwerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali have been in an intriguing class. While Haile Mariam Desalegne (2012-2017) became a loughing stock were trying to resolve the “no war no peace” deadlock with care and sensitivity. Despite Haile Mariam’s abominable article written recently, the former head of state exposed himself miserably, suggested that he go to Asmara to discuss the border issue’s peaceful resolution. But Abiy and Isaias had a different itinerary. Today, it is immanent that their conspiracy and intrigue were a poisonous plot against Tigray’s people from the time Abiy Ahmed Ali was spying for the Arabs and Eritrea.

An external enemy, Italy, assisted Menelik to wage war against the people of Tigray. Haile Selassie sought the British from Yemen to suppress the First Woyane. Russia and Cuba supported the other fascist Derg against our people. Today, it is not only locally grown fascist, but including UAE and Somalia. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the end of the treacherous journey of one hundred and thirty dark Tigray years. Since the Amhara are one of the principal architects of this unwanted and ugly war, they will end up losing what they wished to gain at the end of the tunnel.

The Amhara [militia] cut off the heads of four children. They cut the babies out of pregnant women- I saw it with my own eyes. Says Burani.” Eritrean Hub: The Telegraph, Nov22,2020, by will Brown. Their crimes are yet to be known to the World at large. The tip of the iceberg is horrific.


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