The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, presented part one of his remarks to members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives on current affairs in our country.

We read about the conspiracy of the greedy TPLF Junta before the power of change came to power, and then the conspiracy in the defense and security structures, the distance it went to destabilize the country and neighboring countries, and the distance the government traveled to rectify this. 

Conflict between Afar and Somali When this happened, we called the leaders of the two regions and sat down for a review. During the review, the President of Afar, Ato Awel, came up with an interesting idea. Afar and Somali have long been at war; Not new. But do you think the current Afar and Somali? Check it out.

how? Say: First, he said that a woman would die in this conflict. But a Somali woman does not kill; He said, “A shy woman will not kill.” Because we fight, we don’t kill women, and this is a new behavior. Second, Afar and Somali will clash during the day, not at night; He does not know the battle of the night, But the present has a night battle, he said. Third, Afar and Somali are openly speaking and fighting, not covering their mouths and hiding their heads, their faces are now hidden; he said. With this in mind, we said, “Take out your defense, take out your forces in the Somali region, take out your forces in the Afar region, and take out the federal police.” The Special Force is going from here (Republic), if you see the defense, if you see the police, if you see the Afar and Somali regions, we all send out Special Forces so that no one can get close. Even conflict: Congratulations: No sound.

We can’t take the defense out of everyone. Conflict in the defensive area is a major scar. The saddest thing is the situation in Sudan. As I have said many times, the people of Sudan owe a great debt of gratitude to this country. It is still a very supportive people in this situation. But we are also the ones who are going to defend Sudan. We will not stab you. Now is the time to take possession of the land; You can log in: They are provoked by us.

But the Sudanese government has given us the information that we will return what I claim peacefully, not by force. When he had finished speaking, he left. If you go to the Somali region, the same government will support Mogadishu; Supports antenna; Much work has been done to unite the Somalis with us, and if you go to South Sudan. Domestic issues are not over.

Then you remember the commando troops coming to the palace. About 200 armed men arrived. We had no information from the palace where he came in until it was invaded. They came to the compound because there were not enough clashes between the people, secretly trying to assassinate them, and fighting between the regions and the region. It failed. Illegal arms trafficking: Money laundering is widespread. This intimidation, this struggle went out of the people, the nation, the faith and went into prosperity. Even people who bring about change in their lives when there is a constant killing, when there is nothing, they say no, we can’t have these people if we don’t agree. They say that if we do not listen, we will not succeed. How can a person be in harmony with Satan? You agree, but you do not agree.

Unless you have a specific goal. Our inner strength also became more and more fragmented. The adversary was greatly troubled; The people were desperate. This kingdom is said to be enough, enough; As you know. What did they say now? The old is better for you. You’d better go back, You need a strong government. In plain language, they openly proclaimed the need for a repressive government.

They made the people of Tigray feel isolated and isolated. Amhara is about to attack you. Eritrea is about to attack you; The federal government is going to attack you; Put him under siege. They worked hard to make him think he was going to invade. They put the whole Ethiopian people in a state of shock.

Unsafe to enter, A family that does not trust in going out in peace; They made it a dangerous country. The government should focus on the weekly agenda of change reversal; They had him arrested. They worked hard to keep the change going. In doing so, as I mentioned earlier, security service reform is particularly important. If we do not fix that, the conflict will continue. We did not bring a soldier; We continue with what we have and we divide it into three parts because reform is needed. Top leadership, middle leadership, lower leadership.

We have reduced the number of senior leadership positions from 55 to 26 percent from general to major. Prior to this war, 26 percent of the top leaders were from Tigray. Despite the large number, we strongly believe that the people of Tigray should play an active role in defense. We have no question about it. It will be fixed.

It was fine, but we did not have the position that Tigray should not exist. After we did that 26, we made all 25 orders. What the people of the South needed to realize in particular was the last major general for the Southern Generals until the time of the change. It was only after the change that the South received the title of Lieutenant General. We have equated that area with 25, Oromo 25, Amhara 25 and Tigray 25.

Because it can be. Because there are qualified people. It’s not a matter of competency. They are now qualified. Mechanized brigade is 100% professional. It is now 50 percent Tigray. We could not go over 50. Because it was not easy to change. We have reduced the infantry from 80 to 40, the mechanized brigade from 85 to 44, the infantry from infantry from 40 to 40 percent.

The commander tried to make one south, one Oromo, one Amhara, one Tigray. We have not reduced the number of people we have raised so far. In the past, Abebaw Tadesse and Bacha Debele were told to leave because they were still in their infancy. But we did not repeat that mistake. We tried to make up for it by reducing the amount of pension, as it was decided that only a retiree should follow the law and not repeat yesterday.

The second adjustment, however, is moderate leadership. There is a problem with middle management. He has a problem with a major and a lieutenant colonel. What is the problem? General is a political appointment. A colonel can be appointed general in six months. It can be appointed annually. But a major cannot be a lieutenant colonel every year unless he has a special adventure. There is a time: Cannot uninstall. Nor can it be simply appointed. If we just let it go, Ethiopia will be hurt by yesterday’s collapse. It will still be demolished. We will build and tear down.

When we changed the second problem, the resulting force retired from the FDRE Defense Forces, retired, and began building another defense there. And if we take the medium wide, it will go there and build. We left the middle a little because it was empty here. Do not shake it: Even if we remove it, this will weaken. By saying that another will be strengthened; Because it strengthens elsewhere when it comes out. This takes time to prepare.

The third was the lower leadership. Over the past two and a half years, government trainings and discussions on the lower leadership have taken place over the past ten years. Fifteen years without a defense. Defense is well aware of this. Change the strategy so that the Ethiopian soldier does not become a prosperous soldier so that he can rely only on the constitution and the Ethiopian people. If he is a soldier of prosperity, it is dangerous. We are clearly trained; The soldier had a salary demand; He had a uniform question. He wears torn clothes. We tried to meet that and prepare the power below. This experiment was not completed in two years. It took time.

It took time, but we could not go as far as we wanted. The second problem is that any discussion that we are discussing is not as authoritative as the one that came to Junta’s ear in an hour. We are divided; One needs an institutional discussion. Therefore, it is meaningless, especially if Ethiopia’s existence is in jeopardy, we have developed a secret reform other than the three reforms we have made in defense of Ethiopia’s existence and unity.

One is the establishment of a Republican Guard. The Republican Guard has now completed its mission. He can no longer be a member of the defense. We need to set up a special force; Surgeon: We tried to shut down operational, highly qualified, multinational specialized units. At least if we have a problem.

The second is Airfield. Airfield was dead. Correct him. Because of the need for technology for many reasons, we did a lot of work to prepare, especially the old ones or the UB Anman Air. But we did not allow them to see their number or type by placing them in places they knew. This reform was confidential. They began to see nothing when the Special Force demonstrated. But they do not know our abilities and numbers. They know a lot about Air Force reform, they don’t know the whole thing. If you recall, we had a tour of Air Force a few days before the battle. Some of you have wondered why it appears in your heart or on Facebook Airfox. That is intentional. The airport is the same as you know, we showed them that there is nothing new. Because we do not want the enemy to know what we have prepared.

And they were glad to see Jan Airfield; No preparation. That is, they were courageous. There is a lot of talk about the drone. You can clearly go and see. It is a capacity that has been considered and built for years. But I did not hide the power of the junta in the past. Obviously, we did not fight the militia a few months ago. We fight modern warfare. We have such technology; Please don’t think of a fight.

But they did not believe; Because it does not appear in their network. So they did not accept it. But this force is fleeing Mekelle and gathering around Hagere Selam. What I want them to hear is that we spent the night around 4:00 pm when we saw the turmoil around Abiy Adina Hagere Selam. We see enemy activity directly. He did not attack them at night. Because they fled with their wives and children. They took our captives with them. There was also a lot of chaos in the area. We left it at that. They will hear: Because they know it.

The second question concerning civilians is that I am amazed at the efficiency of the Ethiopian Air Force and the Defense Forces in general, especially the Drones. He himself attacks and returns. Not so in the past. After the situation was settled, the pilot asked the officer to sign and each sign was signed. The Honorable Council can see it if it wants; There is a signature on a missile or bullet; Responsibility for each target will be taken into account. It is not just a game of lies.

We hit 99 percent target, He did not have 99 percent collateral dams. When in doubt, do not shoot; For example, we do not shoot at night; What if babies die? Because they belong to us. The enemy was unpredictable on the Special Forces and the Air Force, so they only thought of drone shooting. But we use drones to see. To see the movement. We see them day and night. Extreme caution has been exercised in dealing with civilian casualties. Fighting anywhere in the world in three weeks: Humera, Adigoshu, Dansha, Shiraro, Adey Hageray; Adihala, Adinbri, Daro, Shire, Selelaka, Axum, Adwa, Adigrat, Zalambassa, Mekele — a city where no one was killed. No soldier in any country is more qualified than that. We have a very disciplined hero.

But questions arise. The question arises as to why you did not do Special Force, why only Air Force, why not Mechanized. Because it is not difficult to ask; It’s hard to work. Why Mechanization Can’t Work It requires money. You know how much a tank costs. It will be difficult to manage all those resources in our current state. However, the Ministry of Defense has doubled the number of missiles used by the junta. If you want, you can go and see now.

They do not know that we have double capacity. As I told you, it’s built with Special Forces. But we did not fire a single rocket into the Tigray region. Who are we shooting at? A rocket is something that goes unnoticed for miles. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If our pilots go and see if there are any civilians, they will return with their bombs; Because you can decide. We don’t do it because we decide to look at it in the past. But with a rocket it is dangerous. If we had a better number, we would not do it because it is our country. We are not junta. We work responsibly. Mechanized money was the problem.

The second problem I want the entire Ethiopian people and the esteemed council to understand is that most of us are fighting on Facebook. Over the past year and a half, we have tried to increase our defenses a little. Leaving the other region, it was difficult to find a thousand people from the larger regions of Oromia and Amhara. No one wants to be a soldier, But you are not defending your country, you are not taking the first step, this is for Facebook, not for action.

He was not interested in recruiting. One person, being a full-fledged young soldier, makes a whole person. In many countries, people over the age of 18 are required to work for six months, one year; He does not exist in our country. How can it be a challenge to recruit five thousand ten thousand people in a country with a hundred million people?

The Ethiopian people should think about this. It is dangerous. Soldier has the courage to say no to his country, but to die for five days. How he hates this man. A soldier is a person who rents a house without paying and earns a living, earning less than a day’s wages and earning a living. The preparation for this Ethiopian people was minimal. He needs to know now. It must be corrected. Nothing can be built. In the future the enemy will come, You will defend, if you are willing and involved. Only in that way can a country be protected.

The other is the Diaspora. The Diaspora, as you know, loves the country; He screams and gets upset when something happens; There will be a procession; It is known. But the Diaspora was heavily financing this Junta. Frequently, please save a penny; Do not commit adultery illegally to earn two birr, we say this power was earning more than the government. The diaspora is armed with bullets and weapons of mass destruction for the sake of earning a living. The diaspora must also be conservative.

I know that when money comes in illegally, it makes a profit. But that surplus could be a bloodbath for one’s own brother. It is better to create a way for the money to be misappropriated legally, but the Diaspora should correct it in this regard, as it is harming criminals and harming innocent people. In the future. Despite this, no matter how much the SSR reform is done, no matter how much it grows, we will not be able to bring about the peace and prosperity that we envision in Ethiopia unless we do reform in other sectors.

One is political reform. Leave the military and there is a poisonous idea that if the EPRDF disintegrates in politics, Ethiopia will disintegrate. It is very dangerous to think and act on the basis of the existence of the party that was formed yesterday, the EPRDF, for thousands of years. That’s what the party thought. Without us, there is no country. In connection with this, there are those who say that when the party is reformed, when the prosperity is created, the TPLF leaves.

It is wrong. The TPLF Central Committee discussed the agenda of the Hawassa Conference without creating prosperity. He said we will not go to Hawassa, we will not attend a conference. You have been designing internally. We have the information. They came to kill us from where we are now. We get information: We know their opinion, they came to Hawassa and decided that it is better not to do what they want while we are trying.

The organizational forum after their arrival in Hawassa is controversial; They made it a platform for mourning. For example, let’s accept the Algiers Agreement: The decision of Eritrea to take over some of the land, and to end it peacefully, was decided by the unanimous vote of the so-called EPRDF. One of the reasons for this was the security officer; Absolutely. Parliament is approaching; You know. For almost two years, he was forced to live up to his name.

There were three rows. One of the line-ups was just plain abusive at the start of the meeting. There are assigned forces that will make the meeting a point of contention. There is a second group that opposes them and seems to support them. He is one of them. Third, there is the power of the elders. You give up, you give up, that’s not it; The law is not like that, and so on. This is done in an orderly, negotiated and assigned manner.

At the end of the meeting, the force that is supporting us is shaking hands with us at night. He later supported us in a statement and opposed us with a statement. Insults are not seen in the media. This is a new wine in an old bottle. At that time, Divide and play. But we knew it, but it didn’t hurt us much. The forums, however, are full of controversy. Efforts have been made to keep them from working.

Talking to the public against the party’s decision to come out in secret, protesting outside the party, hiding criminals, Ethiopia all; The idea of ​​having a wealth for all is a far-fetched idea of ​​how to get Afar, now Somali, to have the same voice as us. The biggest birth of Ethiopian politics in terms of the ruling party is the creation of prosperity.

In fact, they try to say that prosperity is unitary. Prosperity is not unitary. Prosperity is the party that creates the true federal system. Prosperity requires the establishment of a nation where all nations are respected by their language and culture, and not by one or the other; For one language to grow; He does not want one to perish. That is why it strives to build an institution where all people participate equally.

How did these forces get into a terrorist country and how did the terrorist media get in here? They later formed a federalist force with the terrorist forces. It means nothing. The controversy was intense when we got in and out of the country. They later became friends and tried to be federalists. Following this change of party, the TPLF Junta took action from Kuomintang.

As the Communist Party of China (CPC) liberated China, it created a country called Taiwan with nearly two million civil servants and government institutions. Comingang said he had an educated economy and a government, but he had a chance. Taiwan has a port. Like Kuomintang, even the members of parliament gathered here.

Please note that the idea of ​​secession does not work for you; Your interests are guaranteed with Ethiopia. Don’t think about it: The experience of motherhood and motherhood has suffered. They were working for the political interests of the Communist Party. From an economic point of view, the economy has stagnated, there are macroeconomic ills, there is unemployment, our projects, big and small, are being looted, it is a looted project. Salary is a problem, debt is a problem. Foreign exchange is a problem. I mean, outside of what I said before.

If we do not implement this reform, the defense will disintegrate, even if it is not paid. Like politics, the economy needed reform. Many economic reforms were undertaken, and the silver lining, like the neck of wealth, was changed. The economic change caused by the silver exchange was successful and the world knew that change in Ethiopia was promising. We have been shown, small and large, that projects can not only be stoned but also completed.

By the way, I did not enter for a while, but like the defense sector, the banks and large development institutions were fenced off. They are not for work, they are for wealth. Everyone in the defense and security establishment is in the economic sector. There is telecom, there is Elpa, there is sugar in everyone. He is not here. The economic reform, however, was very critical.

The third critical reform requires law. Legal Reforms In Ethiopia, repressive laws have been widely opposed and widely opposed. We divided these into three parts. First, amendments to the oppressive political environment: For example, if you take the Charities and Societies Proclamation, we have made it a little easier because organizing is a painful country. In fact, many NCs in this area tend not only to do their job but also to do more work. We may be checking it out and correcting it. But it was a repressive proclamation. He kidnapped the culprit and the developer.

The second was the Electoral Board Amendment Proclamation. The Board of Elections was established as an independent democratic institution, and the work was done to make it a strong institution, as it was constrained by a proclamation that it could not carry out the work it wanted in accordance with the constitution.

The third is the election law. The Code of Conduct for the Registration of Parties also includes how to register and conduct disciplines. It is a legal process that resolves the tensions between the parties in the past. Another is the proclamation establishing the Human Rights Commission. Human Rights As you know, it was an institution run by our cadres. Although we have strengthened the institution after the change, there is a strong case for a government that can report to the parliament without fear of reprisals, but it has tried to create a comparatively independent force.

The other repressive law was the anti-terrorism law. When we arrived in terror, many groups suffered. We improved it. The worst of all was the Prisons Administration Proclamation. Proclamations and budgets are provided for by imprisonment, imprisonment, imprisonment, flogging, and incarceration after violations of human rights, such as nail-biting, incarceration, imprisonment, and imprisonment.

Another is the media proclamation. As you mentioned, before the media change, there were more than 270 websites and bloggers. Conventional media will be jammed. If jam is not possible, the dish will not be frozen at home. There are even those who do the same thing when the media is released. It needs to be corrected by legal practice. But much work has been done to improve such oppressive laws. The cabinet has been working since Monday to Friday and is holding a cabinet meeting on Saturday. Most of the amendments came after a cabinet meeting called Saturday, not before. It also comes down to the fact that there is a lot of work to be done.

Apart from these repressive laws, we are in agreement with the law of the United Nations, as the Investor Proclamation, the Commercial Law, the Capital Market Proclamation, and in particular the Arbitration Proclamation. At the end of the day, the law has been amended to say that we can create an arbitral tribunal in Ethiopia. All of these are facilitating the economy and attracting more investors to improve Ethiopia’s status as one of the world’s most lucrative countries.

Third, the Great Contracts, such as the Big Book, have been amended for more than 60 years. In the days of the king, Laws that did not work after the king were a major setback for the 60-year-old. It was not built after the king’s time. It was built after the reform. It is designed to redeem the present. Commercial Law Criminal Law and Procedure Evidence Law Large clusters have not been developed for many years by legal reform.

Diplomacy is another important area when we have done this in legal reform, in terms of political affiliation, in terms of economic priorities, and in general in the context of Low Information Investment. There are two problems with diplomacy: One is that Ethiopia does not have a port. Second, there are situations where forces that seek to weaken Ethiopia are often seen over the centuries and are still active.

We thought that if we did not treat our neighbors, we would be tempted. After all, as we have seen, it is difficult to imagine what would have happened if we had not been reconciled with Eritrea this year. The Eritrean people have shown us more than the Eritrean government that our reconciliation is not for individuals but for the people. We do not trust you when we go to Somalia; You are the ones who divide your territory; It is your government that is doing this; We hate you so much, They told us without hesitation.

When we go to South Sudan, everything we say now is your result. In IGAD, you appointed a man named Seyoum Mesfin and he divided your membership. We could not reconcile; Ethiopia was a country that you all hated.

What we saw here was outside the divisions and conflicts. They were very hostile to us because there was no division among them. To address this, we need to strengthen the partnership of neighboring countries; We must maintain balance; We started working on the need to respect citizens. One is the issue of Eritrea. Eritrea has decided jointly. Prosperity does not determine. It was decided by the EPRDF. It was decided by the junta. Let’s accept the Algiers Agreement. You know the minutes. After that, I came to the parliament and presented the idea. But there is no such thing as a reconciliation. And what we agreed to do will not happen.

Sometimes it is a personal relationship, and sometimes it is named. But now the Eritrean people have dressed up as the junta humiliated the esteemed Ethiopian Defense Forces and sent them naked to Eritrea. The people of Eritrea watered, fed, and armed him.

The Ethiopian people must know and respect this. The people of Eritrea have proved that they are not only a brotherly people but also a determined people. By the way, the people we met everywhere during the operation are exhausted; They dried up in ten days. Those who came to Eritrea fought and won in two or three days. He who is hungry is ours, and he who is thirsty is ours. The naked people came in Eritrean clothes.

That is why the people of Eritrea call it a tradition. So we will never fight naked. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people and government of Eritrea, the people and government of Djibouti, the people and government of Kenya, the people and government of Kenya, the people and government of South Sudan. Sudan has always stood by us and given us a lot of support. Eritrea, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan all needed our neighbors. In the future, we will need to work together in a respectful and friendly manner.

Related to this, if you understand the background of the Northern Command attacks so far, the Northern Command attack did not happen suddenly. There is no answer to swearing; They made a fortune, they believed in the economy and the tool; No answer. They lie everywhere, the bully, there is no answer. They waited for the election of the moon. No answer. Play a lot of politics; No answer. It was during this time that they went to war.

But before that, when we compare the North Command and other Commands, in short, the other Command Combined does not add North Command. For the most part, the Ethiopian Defense Depot is the Tigray region of every shooter. Tigray has all the rocket missiles that Ethiopia has. Everyone who plays the missile is from the same area.

Many attempts have been made to bring that rocket. He called us tonight because the rocket is causing an accident and now we are not afraid of Eritrea. Women sleep; They say no, why is Eritrea attacking us? They know they are not going to fight Eritrea; The weapon will not come out. Because they were prepared. Even if we crush and kill, the other people will not accept you. How the defense kills children.

When we realized that we could not get a missile while we were sick, we said, “Bring the key, because the missile will be launched by Starter.” They are the ones who brought the key and showed it as a defense. When the battle broke out, it was now being shot everywhere. By the way, the reason why the mechanism has been stored there for years is that it has not been changed, but it is clear that the capacity of the country is only there. Ethiopia’s tank, cannon, and even Ethiopia’s largest oil depot are the biggest there.

So the soldier was supposed to have no mobility. There is no money to buy all that, Extensive work has been done in the Special Forces, Air Force and Rockets. But you who are late need more time. It is not possible to appoint a defense minister, it is not possible to appoint a major as a data minister.

So, once they stop the weapons, it is not the past that has made us despair, but we did not expect them to betray their country at that level. Neither the army nor the armor will go.

After doing this work, at around 5:30 pm on October 24, the young Junta junction was broken into, the lights and telephones were switched off, and the soldiers were scattered around forty, fifty, and six. They committed the worst atrocities in Ethiopia’s history. They kidnapped many, they killed many. The dead were left handcuffed until our soldier went and buried them.

By the way, the corpse has no seed. Only if a person has a seed; Race means language, culture; The corpse has no language, no culture. When he dies, he leaves his body and becomes a corpse. It is not humane to think that the corpse is Oromo, Amhara or Gurage. It is disgusting not to bury a science. A soldier who owes you a lot.

Pride and arrogance are bad; Failure is not a prerequisite for failure. They arrogantly pretended to have a weapon. Prior to this, he had publicly stated to diplomats that he would disturb East Africa, even if the Ethiopian government did not act. And the diplomats are afraid, They say that if you touch these, the environment will be disturbed.

Sadly, the old monkey had a problem when he tried to jump on the bandwagon, and he had no military science. They have old ideas in politics, economics, and the military.

The old idea is that the main cause of the American Civil War was the conflict in the South American and North American states. The conflict is unforgivable. When President Abraham Lincoln arrived, he promised to end slavery. The so-called cotton sesame farms in the South have argued that the system should continue and that it should not be stopped.

Abraham Lincoln begged for years, just like us. He begged patiently, and one night, the same mechanized army in the Southern Hemisphere unwittingly entered and beat General Jefferson Davis. He snatched the weapon, snatched it. But Abraham Lincoln was not prepared. I am the same soldier, he is arrogant, no one knows the military better than I do.

Abraham Lincoln called the militias and his first task was to close the border with these southern provinces. They, like Jefferson Davis, attacked the North, and we were quick to close the border. The second story relates to the American Civil War, and we Americans face the same challenge as you; Why did you unite the South with the North for three and a half years? Why is it unconstitutional? Time is of the essence, and so are we.

We ended the attack in three weeks, not three and a half years. On this occasion, you are welcome to help us. During World War II, the U.S. Navy launched a similar surprise attack on the US Navy at Pearl Arbel. At that moment, the US parliament decided to defend itself, not only with weapons but also with nuclear bombs.

By the way, in the American Civil War, the arrogance of General Jefferson Davis failed to rebuild South America 20 years after the war. After the end of World War II, when the Japanese general was defeated, the best village in Tokyo was the only US military base.

In Tokyo, it was a devastated city with no infrastructure outside the US camp. Not to be overlooked is the fact that as a result of that war, the next generation of ignorant children were born in Japan.

With this old-fashioned idea, this greedy Junta declared war on the Northern Command; Not to announce there is one of our people there; According to our man, they said, “I have carried out a lightning strike and I have taken the north hand.” Regional leaders are coming out and saying that the Northern Command is fighting with us.

North Command is not only a force that has fought Eritrea but also a force that has prevented further attacks for 20 years. If the North Command is with them, there is no need to think. He is already defending, No need to shout. It is to hold on to it, The one who is armed is there, the one who is there is; He is with us in one media. In the morning, there was a flurry of activity. There are issues that can be reversed.

What is the meaning of the word “extermination” of the innocent? The point is, even if these people are armed, they will probably be given a name. Massacre of ignorant day laborers, day laborers, laborers is not a bad thing unless it is a moral failure.

By the military and our citizens, by the way, not only in the military, we have a camp near Shire, a refugee camp; They also abducted people from other ethnic groups in the same camp. As you heard at the university: What they did to the students, it was all done. The aim was to hit the north first, capture Gondar and Woldia the next morning, then detonate bombs in Addis Ababa, then explode in Adama and Hawassa, destabilize the country, and then we can do whatever we want. The forces here were preparing.

To take a place when the government changes; Our first task is to prevent the capture of Gondar and Woldia, and the next day a state of emergency was declared, and all armed forces were under one command, and the Oromia Special Forces were fully deployed in Oromia. The Oromia Special Forces were engaged in heavy fighting and heavy fighting, as you know. Without a defense force, we would be in turmoil.

Militants and special forces from the Afar and Amhara regions have fought fiercely, especially in areas of border conflict, to quell the enemy’s desire to expand. In collaboration with the Benishangul Gumuz Special Forces and the Federal Government, the Federal Police has been working extensively in the city to search and rescue people who are planning to torture people with landmines and bombs. All of this requires great respect.

The Council of Defense, in particular, has given priority to many countries if they are wearing a military uniform and waiting for a taxi; If you take a plane, you give priority; Uniforms are celebrated because of the cost of living a stressful day. We don’t pay them, you know, at least we have to be citizens who believe that military service is a price to pay for the country. Otherwise, the enemy of Ethiopia will boil like a moth.

If we want this country to continue, we need to respect the defense. This is something all citizens should do. We must serve, We must respect it. By doing this, we will face the next challenge. Regarding the war, I would like to make it clear to the Honorable Council and the people of Ethiopia that I am not going to go into the details as before.

We have ordered the first operation to prevent the expansion of Gondar and Gojjam, to prevent attacks, to withdraw to Eritrea; But there is no communication; No phone. What we did was to try to unlock a few soldiers’ phones in a different way, and to send a message to the Eritrean side that someone should walk away. But we do not know how many people came out. They disobeyed, saying, “We will not accept a commander first.”

I would like the General Assembly to know that General Diriba, who served as the Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Command, became ill 15 days before the battle and had lunch with them. He deceives himself; Armed forces enter. His companions reported that he had tasted it; Do not talk about such things. We suppressed him for medical attention.

To this day, General Diriba has not been able to stand up to work. When he was sick, we went to the assignment, not to the place. After all, there was a desire to disobey him. Then we assigned a man until he was saved, They said, “We will not accept the assignment.”

They kidnapped his deputy, General Adam; They disconnected the army; You know. The first step is to stop them from spreading. Wednesday. We don’t know anything on Tuesday. Finding information was also a problem all night long. On Wednesday, however, they launched an attack on the Amhara region, and we began to defend ourselves. Within two days, we mobilized and tried to close the border.

After trying to close the border, I took three generals with me to find out about the army that had gone from Tigray to Eritrea, attacking the center of gravity. The main reason we went with three generals was to look at the situation and plan. It was a tragedy when we went with the army. For years, General Abebaw Tadesse led and organized the Northern Command. When the spear cries out to him, you take whatever action you want me to do. I will not return.

Less than three months after General Getachew Gudina arrived from Tigray; It is his own command. The children were beaten. He wept with the army, He said, “I will not return.” Three of General Bacha Debele left.

The army was amazingly brave. I will pick up some of them later, especially those who came in with their weapons. There are those who come in naked. Some are paralyzed. Their immediate request was to bring this junta to justice so that it does not keep us here. As a result, we identified their needs, sorted them out, and adjusted them; The enemy had no doubt that he would destroy it. We were organized there, weakened by this attack and gravity center. As I mentioned earlier with the rocket, the rockets in Ethiopia are 100 percent there. The people are local. Much effort has been made to extract it.

But now, as soon as the problem arises, this rocket poses a danger to us.

One is that there is a rocket in Mekelle that can travel three hundred miles; There is a device that fires the rocket. The rocket is in the city. The shot goes out. Then there is the low-capacity Adwa Metek camp. All the military personnel argued with me. We argued about the implications, the implications.

We want the Honorable Council to understand that hitting the missile piled on Mekele may destroy Mekele. We are not sure what will happen to Mekele. He will not destroy it; It is also suggested that it be technically seen. It is said that if we turn off the feed, this will not work. The feeding is out of town and our citizens will not be harmed.

It was decided not to hit anyone in the city. Because it is dangerous for our people to be beaten to death. The enemy in Adwa was in the Metek camp in the city, and there were fears that if we fired at him, he would destroy Adwa to a great extent. As you know, he has made blind border tests.

After the rocket was fired, the next step was to give the unarmed forces a chance to surrender. It is to stop the civil war so as not to harm our citizens. Success is where we work. It is to end the battle in a short time. It also reduces the potential for hostility. By the way, it took 15 years for Junta’s forces to enter Shiraro Mekelle, excluding Humera. But we arrived in 15 days. He and I walked.

The heroic army marched from Gondar to Humera and Shire Adwam on foot. I mean, some of you are late. The road is boring, even on foot. You are bored with cobra. I’m bored too. He is thirsty. The lineup we followed to do this, I will clearly tell you. Don’t get caught up in the controversy.

Satanaw General Belay, the courageous general like the first defense in Gondar; Together with his friends, they managed to capture Humera and Humera. They are the children of Ethiopia. They had no counselors, no special powers. They walked to Humera. Tintagu General Abebaw organized the Ethiopian army on the western front to Kombia, and Shiraron first of all, because you may not know our fortresses, for there are many forts. He was assigned to take control of Shiraro, including Gemehalo, Badme, and Biyaran. After capturing General Belay and General Mesele Humera, they took Adigos and crossed Tekeze to join forces with General Abebaw. This power combined with Shren and Axum.

He organized General Bacha during the battle in Ramana. General Bacha’s mission was to seize Adwa and fortify the area leading to Adwa. Prior to the capture of Zalambessa, the flames of General Bacha’s mission were to organize and begin the forces of Tzore and Rama. But there are forces that are expected of him. Through Zalambessa, Gislaw General was tasked with organizing his forces and capturing Zalambessa and Adigrat with great courage and determination. As soon as General Belayna Abebaw Shire arrived, Adwaw Adigrat’s speed was due to the fact that there was an organized force, already holding the fort.

On the eastern side, it was General Alemshet, the military chief who began the task of coordinating heavy weapons. With him was General Solomon, the invincible General Crown. This lineup is not permanent. This is how we started when one was booked, but later things went awry. When crushed, some may move to another front. The choice is based on knowing each mountain; From knowing the height of each mountain; In terms of knowing where to hide.

General Abebaw knows the region by name in detail during the war with Eritrea. We also used the battle to identify the battlefields, difficult places, and mountainous areas with less or better knowledge than the enemy knew, since the general knew their master in the area of ​​Zalambessa.

With this victory, General Berhanu Jula has been in charge of the entire command post with two commanding officers, 24 hours a day. One of them is the patriotic General Yohannes. General John, who does not negotiate in his country; The general who follows the sensor and the enemy’s coat: General Tesfaye, the campaign officer who reads the map like Earth; General Abdurahman, who facilitates the input; General Hachalu, who is a major supplier of manpower, General Hassan, who is building the capacity of the party, led a day and night battle at two command posts under one command post. There are two forces I will not go through here.

One of the most disturbing is the development of General Yilma. The Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force fought valiantly to bring the war to an end. The eagle, General Shumana, and General Berhanu Bekele organized special forces.

By the way, I’m not talking about special forces. Because Ethiopian writers, artists, filmmakers have achieved the heroism that you will never find in the world. I could have been a hero if we had fought in another country. We do not waste time on it because it is ours and the burning tank is ours and the dead are ours.

But the special power of Mekelle to control Mekelle before anyone dies is indescribable. This special force destroyed the fort at Humera and destroyed a brigade. It is difficult to describe the heroism of these people except in movies. The Special Forces marched eastward, retrieving the enemy and firing the first bullet behind the general. There is a hero who is completely disarmed and stripped of his weapons. That’s the way to win in 15 days, 15 years.

Although there are many people to mention here, General Girma Kebebe, the commander of the 7th Battalion, entered Eritrea with the force that he would not give up his weapons but would die until the day we arrived. He is armed. Burn what he could not bear. We are the same tank, We did not expect a cannon, An armed force came out. As you know, the commander of the 5th Battalion, Mulualem, was a hero who did not take up arms until he reached Humera.

On the other hand, General Nasser Abadiga, the commander of the 8th Battalion, is coming out with all his troops. He is the one who later fought and captured Shiraron. Such amazing people: If you did not create such heroes for the rest of your life, it would undoubtedly change the way we are today. It is what makes Ethiopia like the countries we despise.

I want the House of Representatives to understand the role of the people of Tigray, the identity of the people of Tigray and the patriotism of the people of Tigray. First, on the day of the conflict, there was a Tigrayan who was beaten by Banda for not touching the defense. Don’t touch them when it starts. There are people who have made great efforts to save their lives. I will go with the army to Eritrea; there is a Tigrayan who says he will not sit with me when Mother Ethiopia is attacked.

It is good to see not only the damage but also the development. On Humera, there was a man who was wounded by the defense and asked how he was beaten. The issue was Ethiopian and greedy junta, not Ethiopia and Tigray. Later, when we arrived in Shire, the people brought 200 brakes and handed them over. This is yours, they have given us, saying, ‘Strike you, and we will not strike you.’ When we arrived in Axum, he hid about 40 wounded and handed them over.

There was a meeting in Mekele; Come on, let’s go back to our lives as soon as possible. In some cities, the thugs and the dispersed force have agreed to form an administration as soon as possible to prevent looting, destruction, and defamation. The military is patriotic and does not cause any harm.

But this force is not limited to the earth. As I mentioned earlier, in our defense, when the captain went out, he became an unarmed army. The main weapon has been taken, Better place: Defensively, people have already engaged in diplomacy with money; Lots of lobbying has taken place; There are people who go and lobby, There are people who lobby in the media, We are all at war. It was all open and many of our friends were talking.

As the Honorable Council knows, we desperately need a speech; We hate war; Because we know: We begged: We begged until we were crushed, After that, take Gondar, take Wollo, do whatever you want in Addis Ababa. As things got worse, politics began to take shape. If you are a politician, you will never beat the North 20 years. By the way, no one makes it a country; They told us to talk to us, but if any country was attacked by the defense forces, they would fall down and not talk. But we say this because we are poor.

Our message to our friends is that we know diplomacy: Ethiopia is a founding member of the UN; Ethiopia is a founding member of the African Union. So she is not told about diplomacy; In peace We are a negotiated country. We have served as peacekeepers. In Korea and many African countries. This will continue. But what I want to tell our friends is that if you want to be a friend, you have to know us as well. No matter how poor we are, we have been a government for many years before some of you were created. We are a country that did not stand as a nation. We are not a nation that is confused by state. We want you to know this. Even today, Ethiopia is the only free country that we will choose not to buy, but to die to buy you a better armed force of the last century. If you forget this, it is important to remember.

The third honorable speaker’s honor, award and praise is Ethiopia’s existence. Do not expect an Ethiopian to compromise on Ethiopia’s existence. It is wrong. Recognize that we are peace-loving and strive for peace, so let us work in a spirit of cooperation, not poverty. If poverty comes, no Ethiopian will give up his dignity. It is not our fault, therefore, that you should not judge us.

It was our ancestors who passed us by in blood, We can’t. Coin intimidation does not work. Only respect will work. For those of you who are afraid, Ethiopia cannot be defeated while being Ethiopian. After we are done, he can do whatever he wants. No one can win while being an Ethiopian; Today and in the future. It is not right to think that way. It is important to listen to us when we are worried and trying to enforce the law. This is for our sincere friends.

Here is a hidden agenda. I don’t want to name the hidden agenda. All our neighbors are brilliant and powerful. Demeke and Abby talked, Demeke brought you soldiers there, Abby, you are soldiers. Demeke and Abby disagree; Negotiate in Kigali; Negotiate in Johannesburg; It is said that the whole country is moving around the country.

That cannot be repeated in Ethiopia; Ethiopia has one government. The Ethiopian government operates by law; Subject to the law: If he does, he will be held accountable by law. It honors its citizens. Build as much democracy as Ethiopia. It doesn’t look like a little bit of evil. This does not work in Ethiopia. I don’t think there is a government that does not understand what this force is doing and what it is doing in Ethiopia. After all, no one has ever heard of Maikadri.

We have heard of Michael, The North Command kidnapped, the corpse was lying naked and talking, with whom are we talking? Of course, I wanted the Honorable Council to understand that the Ethiopian government was negotiating; Fighting: It is a lie that he does not negotiate; We were negotiating. We have been fighting for the last two or three weeks. Let the governments of the world know it. This discussion took place with Dr. Mulu. With the legitimate administration of Tigray. We negotiated with his committees; We discussed how to stabilize Tigray.

First, enforce the law, arrest the criminal; We were negotiating in the second city, so that you would not have to fight in the second city. It is a mistake to say that you do not negotiate with a criminal. We spent the winter negotiating with the legal. This will continue in the future. I do not advise a neighbor; It is useless for the Sudanese not to try it; It does not help Somalis to fight; We do not want war, we want peace; This means that it is self-serving, and it is obvious that things will change when you are slapped. There is so much to believe. Anyway, please help us, We want a fight. But if He comes in our glory, we will not return to anyone. It is important to know this.

There are suggestions for bringing criminals to justice. There are many people who have betrayed, committed terrorism, coordinated criminals, and raped. It is important to understand this well in relation to the operation. The first task is to free our captives; Bury the dead, return the looted tank; Thousands wounded; We buried the dead; we took government property. For example, after I was arrested, I was arrested and asked if I should start a search. We said no. Defensive training is to fight efficiency. He has no experience in testing in the city and can destroy. Take your place. A trained policeman will come in and do the work. Defense No one entered the house. Not only did he not enter the house, but he was searched by the police in the area under his control.

Near Mekelle, near Kuya; Nejashi area: Believe it or not, the farmer would gather the fields for nothing. He knows that he is his own soldier; nothing has happened; He also knows the propaganda. The second issue is that we have twice given 72 hours. Why 72 hours? There are people who wonder why it is so long. The reason it has been extended has many purposes: But I did not explain it all; One is that as we get closer to Mekelle, the power that came with that speed and morale is on the jungle, so if we don’t work on emotions a little bit, something can happen that we will regret.

He says he has found the junta, so he has to come up with something out of the ordinary and come up with something out of the ordinary. The second junta, as we have seen, is destroying wherever it goes, so it can destroy the Mekele area. There are many people who do not want a third battle; They did not surrender; There are many people, They need to be given a chance. There are other reasons. For this reason we know that we will enter; We know we will. But we plan, we think, we fail, We delayed because we had to deploy and take responsibility. We said it in a short time and we finished it in a short time.

Even though it is fast approaching, it will bring destruction, Even later, it can be devastating. It was done on time. In fact, he plans to finish the defense in two weeks. However, it was made public by the government and extended for a few days. This is because collateral damaging is not required. The next step is to apprehend criminals. Criminals have gathered and moved to an area. We struggle; They say.

Who are they fighting against? They have to fight with themselves; they have to fight with their murderous ideas, their thugs, their oppressive thoughts. Where does the young man go and what he struggles with. He can organize and win political prosperity. The youth of Tigray: We are not in bullets, not in politics, not in elections, not in bullets. We want to win, not by bullets.

By the way, these people entered Hageresela without killing any of the young people of Tigray, saying they had been fighting for forty-nine years. Let me fight, protect me; I’m not going to die, they’re going to kill me. And who is the fool who keeps them alive year after year? If they had been heroes, they would have fallen and died instead of leaving the people of Mekelle. They flee while you fight. This is a very dangerous thing. They take it for granted and quickly give up.

I believe in the law. If it is not in the law, it is the same in war, and war kills lives. We are following them; You can’t go very far. As for them, they should not always be silent. What do we care about the palace when you leave the palace? We will manage it in Addis Ababa. When they left Addis Ababa, they said, “We will rule in Mekelle.” When they left Mekelle, they said they were peaceful. Not so. It’s important to stop and think so that you don’t end up with people.

Our next task is to build Tigray. The people of Tigray are in dire straits. The Honorable Council should know that the people of Tigray live in Breshen. That ratio is declining and he is living his life. All we have to do now is get our people out of trouble. We must support him to get out of trouble; We must establish; We must return the exiles.

About 30,000 people have been displaced. The Honorable Council knows that this change has resulted in the displacement of millions of citizens. 30,000 is breakfast for us. We have experience. We have experience in Somali; We have experience with Gideon. We set it up and we set it up in a week. UN: The Sudanese government is also open to allegations that it supports refugees.

We will bring them back together. Unless you have committed a crime. But there is a problem: There are no women, no children. Only young people are refugees; Time will tell who this young man is. He will be held accountable by law if he is killed in Maikadra and evidence and information is obtained. If he is an innocent citizen, we have a committee. We are ready: If the world wants to help, our door is open. We do not want our citizens to sit outside.

We do not want anyone to govern Tigray except the legitimate parties of the region, Arena, Tigray Democratic Party, Prosperity and other legal parties. We do not. Tigray is a respected people; He can govern himself. He even came out of captivity. We will have a short election with our own children and the people will be ruled by whomever they want.

The case with the junta will continue with the next operation. The game as a government and as a country is over, but if there are individual culprits, it will continue. But it is also good to give advice to the junta. All this was done in order not to give one or two criminals. Now we have a soldier who betrays us as a soldier and he will judge. No more than the forty or forty people we want in politics; The keys. Thirty or forty people should not be forced to surrender. He will not be killed, he will be held accountable by law.

We must work hard to ensure that there is no depopulation of thirty people. Our future is to build, to stabilize, to bring peace. The next step is to democratize the next election. What I want the Honorable Council to know is that it is the right medicine for Ethiopian democracy. The election must be credible; it must be democratic; It must be done according to the schedule set by the Board of Elections. We must buy and prepare for this.

This council should be a place where many votes are heard. He is our guarantee. This applies to both Tigray and Ethiopia. It is good to put our neighbor first. It will continue in the future. We must continue to strengthen. The Ethiopian people must build Tigray together. After seeing the damage, we will do what the government does; Our people must cooperate.

Finally, our message to foreigners and insiders is open to those who want to negotiate with Ethiopia from any outside force. But if there are countries that want to conquer Ethiopia with injustice, play, and fraud, I advise them to sit down and learn history. It is not possible. In peace By consultation: It is possible to work with us through diplomacy. This is my advice to the outside world. Personally, if it is serious about the junta, I do not hate it personally. That you may not have, Our hatred is from his thoughts.

We must be careful not to let one junta be the other. If we say this is Junta, we are Amhara, Oromo, Tigre, and we are Junta. Therefore, if the natives of Tigray, whether in Tigray or outside Tigray, have no connection with the Junta, we must love and respect them as Ethiopians. If we do not do this, the place will change and nothing will happen. The entire Ethiopian people must be very careful not to do this.

In defense: By the police; In the case of civil society, the people of Tigray need to be protected. In the past, some have been fired. There are two things they need to consider. First, there was a massacre. Therefore, care must be taken not to allow such a large number of troops to attack. They need to be protected. Second, no doubt a lot was bought here. The house is mined; Designed to explode without a bomb. That means we don’t have to wait until Christmas to explode. We must learn from Maikadra. But while he is calling, everyone should take his place.

Every other war has its own set of weaknesses. We won the war with great courage. But if this thing takes us to pride, it is a disaster. We must stop winning songs. It is true that he won. He won with tears and prayers from Ethiopian mothers. The other person must be humble. Instead of spending time talking about victory, we need to get involved in the battle. The main battle is not yet over. Poverty-stricken countries fight at least once every ten years. At least if we don’t go to war, don’t worry, we will fight Junta X, let alone Junta X. If this is the case, we must move quickly toward prosperity. We have to go to development. To this end, the Ethiopian people must reaffirm their commitment and cooperation. A country without begging does not have complete independence.

The commander-in-chief is numerous. We can work hard to get out of begging. We can change. Eligibility is the quality. If we do what we started in agriculture and industry in cities, growth will not come overnight. Ethiopians are the ones who make progress. Another is helpful. There is no growth in begging. Growth can only be achieved through the efforts and work of the people. I entrust the Ethiopian people to do this.

Ethiopia will be ashamed and honored by the efforts of her children and will continue to exist through the blood of her children. thanks.