Abiy and Isaiah are forming a front and bombing the people of Tigray; The Eritrean soldiers were captured in yesterday’s battle. The people of Tigray, no matter where the war broke out, they’ll sacrifice and win. They bury their enemies.

instead of working towards a peaceful resolution Abiy Ahmed Ali and Eritrean dictator Isaiah Afwerki are increasing assault on the people of Tigray. Abiy’s approach of total armed warfare against Tigray, with the objective of preserving a unified Ethiopian state, ultimately leads to disintegration of Ethiopia by the mass killing of civilians, & the resultant unleashing of ethnic hatred nationwide. Our hearts are with you.Eritrean army

Thousands of Civilians fleeing fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region described bombing by government warplanes, shooting on the streets and killings by machete, as they joined thousands of refugees crossing into neighbouring Sudan.Eritrean army

Anything valuable is looted, and our area was attacked with tanks,” said Araqi Naqashi, 48.

Refugees said they expected many more Ethiopians to join them in Sudan in the coming days.

Barhat, 52, said she fled from Moya Khadra after people from the Amhara region, which borders Tigray and whose rulers back Dictator Abiy Ahmed, attacked them.

Seeing this brought back memories the 80’s. I have been working so hard to forget, what I endured as child. We Tegaru(Tigrayan) have endured so many things in the hand of the so called Ethiopian government, Haile Selassie, Derg, and now Abiy Ahmed Ali.Eritrean army

“They killed anyone who said they were Tigrayan. They stole our money, our cattle, and our crops from our homes and we ran with just the clothing on our backs,” she said.

Elias, a 48-year-old farmer from the same town, said he was horrified by what happened there: “I saw gunmen killing and slaughtering people in the streets… and I fled on foot until I got here two days ago.”Eritrean army

Local Sudanese residents said they could hear the Ethiopian government air strikes in Tigray until Tuesday. Witnesses said some of the refugees were injured and transferred to a local medical facility.Eritrean army

“The bombing has demolished buildings and killed people. I escaped, part running on foot and part in a car. I’m afraid. Civilians are being killed,” said Hayali Kassi, a 33-year-old driver from Humera, a town near Ethiopia’s borders with Sudan and Eritrea.

Women, children and men fleeing fighting in Ethiopia, Tigray region cross the border into Sudan.Eritrean army

So far over 17,000 refugees have fled in search of safety. Our UNHCR teams are working with the Sudanese authorities to provide lifesaving assistance.

The statement made by Dr. Debre Tsion Gebremichael, Chairman of the TPLF, is as follows:Eritrean army

Distinguished Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples!

For more than a week, the people of Tigray have been under heavy siege. What makes the current war a little different is that Eritrean dictator Isaiah Afwerki (foreign) and the Ethiopian Defense Forces have joined forces and are invading the people of Tigray. The country’s dictator is determined to crush and crush the people of Tigray with the assistance of foreign invaders. What needed to be done was to defend the country from foreign invaders. The Ethiopian leader has betrayed the country. He committed a serious historical apostasy. This is a great disgrace to carry out air bombardments with Eritrean dictator Isaiah Afwerki.
Isaiah is weakening Eritrea and working to disintegrate Ethiopia. In the past, he has been bragging about the country’s disintegration, saying, “You are ruling Ethiopia with disintegration.” It is with this force that it is attacking Tigray, which is part of Ethiopia.

However, in the Tigray region, the Eritrean army, which Abiy was handed over by dictator Isaiah Afwerki and sent directly to him, was attacking Tigray, and we began to retake some of the captured land.

There are also Eritrean soldiers captured in this battle. “No power from outside!” We will now show you all the captives who were lying. This agenda and war should have been on the agenda not only of the people of Tigray but of all Ethiopians. The enemies were lying, and the truth is out. We also expose to the world community the fact that both dictators are fighting side by side.
Dictator Abiy is bombing his own people in many parts of Tigray, as he boasted, “I will bomb you.” Mekelle has been repeatedly bombed by war jets in Adigrat and Alamata. In addition, various cities and rural areas are being hit by air strikes.

They wanted to bomb Mekelle several times, but they were defeated because they were recently hit by an anti aircraft and they knew it would hit them back. 

As a result, the airstrikes are being inflicted on civilians, not on war zones. During the last battle in the western zone of Tigray, Eritrean leader Isaiah used heavy weapons to provide support and change direction. Today, the ISIS leader in East Africa is carrying out a similar heavy artillery fire through Shiraro. Not only the Eritrean army, but also the defense forces, are facing Tigray. It should be noted that the combined fighting and fighting of these forces is apostasy!

On the other hand, in the southern zone of Tigray, a large number of battalions have accumulated and prepared to invade. The Amhara Land Revolt Special Forces and the militia also lined up to fire bullets. There are also events in different areas. So the battle is just beginning.

He ordered all the army from all parts of the country to besiege Tigray, ordering them to crush and crush their own citizens. But the army’s mission is to save and protect the people, and it has become a worker who will crush his own people under the orders of a dictator.

Federal services in Tigray have been completely shut down. However, we are trying to serve the people. We are working to ensure that the people of Tigray are not punished and mistreated for their democratic choices.

We were in the dark, with one of the services being cut off in advance. However, despite our best efforts, it is clear that dictator Abyssinia will intensify the massacre by hitting the distribution station yesterday. If Tigray falls to its knees, they will brutally massacre the rest of the Ethiopian people.

We are witnessing in the face of this unscrupulous dictatorship that has bombed the country’s infrastructure and left its own people in the dark. It should be noted that this government is dangerous and will not back down from claiming that the TPLF has demolished its own dam in the air.

Even foreign invaders do not affect some public service institutions; But this means that “there should be no out-of-control service!” He acted cruelly.
However, we do our best to provide the electricity. We have enough experience to fight and defeat the enemy in the dark, even if there is no light, so we strengthen our arms and resist the invading force!

The people of Tigray are never seen kneeling before the enemy, Amen. History is a witness! This story of defeating the enemy will be repeated in Tigray!
The dictator expelled the senior officers from the army simply because he shared the ranks of the senior military leaders, saying, “These people are untrustworthy.”

Therefore, the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia are expected to play their part in opposing the dictator who is fighting Tigray with foreign invaders.
The nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, this apostate dictator of the Eritrean government, said, “Such treason is enough; pull over! The country should not be humiliated! Its required. We must fight.

They should realise that the differences between the Ethiopian army and the Eritrean army cannot be resolved by force, but by the political table. Ask the members of the army. You should not engage in bullfighting. It is impossible to bring people to their knees. Because you should know that you are not fighting with the Special Forces and the militia, but with the people of Tigray. The people of Tigray in particular will never dream of kneeling! Both dictators are still the main culprits in this conflict.
We will make the necessary sacrifices and reaffirm our rights and identity! The people of Tigray are fighting for their rights!
Thank you!Eritrean army

Eritrean army

Eritrean army


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