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      Despotic Dictator Abiy Ahmed’s Coronation Is a ‘History Repeats Itself’ Scenario in the Dejected Ethiopian Empire.


      By Denboba Natie

      I. Background
      Evidence is abundant showing successive Ethiopian rulers were rather concerned with building of their personal images than working to improve the lives of their subjects, lifting the empire from abject poverty, indignity, and un dignifying deprivation. This was witnessed by generations and to this date this is happening. In 1974, Emperor Haile Selassie has become notorious with his attempts on concealing the existence of the famine of 1972-3 in Wollo. The Wello famine, however, was only one in a succession of various incidents of such nature. Prof. Mesfin Wolde Mariam of then Addis Ababa University has documented how the famines of 1958 and 1966 in Tigray and Wollo were treated with official indifference, bordering on hostility towards the peasants who were considered sufficiently ungrateful for the ‘Divinely-Sanctioned’ rule of Emperor Haile Selassie as to allow themselves to defame his majesty’s reputation by dying of famine, (Mesfin Wolde Mariam, Rural Vulnerability to Famine in Ethiopia – 1958-1977, London, 1986, p. 106).
      Moreover, there was severe famine in Tigray in 1958 which went without government relief. In 1965/1966, reports of famine from Were-Ilu Awraja in Wollo arrived at the Ministry of the Interior in November 1965. One month after the situation has become clear to the local police, still no action was taken. The information took a further 11 months to reach the Emperor, who then requested the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) to act. MoI did act only by asking officials in Wollo to send a list of the names of the people who had died due to famine and eventually a small relief distribution was authorized (unknown author 1980s).
      During the time, the only consistent response to famine was to regard it as a security problem. The famine created destitute migrants were therefore strictly prevented from entering towns, particularly Addis Ababa. Both the 1958 and 1965/1966 famines killed tens of thousands of people. Additionally, the famine that struck Wollo during 1972-3 also played a crucial role in Ethiopian history. The revelation of the indicated famine by the BBC journalist ‘Jonathan Dimbleby’ has played a key role in initiating the struggle that has culminated in the downfall of the rule of Haile Selassie’s brutal regime. Between 60,000 and 100,000 people died when the population of the empire was just 31 million.
      The irony is that; in the face of the indicated famine in his own domain, Emperor Ras-Tafari Haile-Selassie has extravagantly celebrated his 80th Birthday on 25 July 1972 by inviting international dignitaries and diplomats whilst concealing the famine. He has ordered tens of thousands worth special Birthday Cakes and other birthday party decorations from Arab and European countries by spending significant sum of fund on his party; the fund that could have potentially alleviated the suffering of thousands of starving citizens in his own domain.
      Furthermore, the 1980s Ethiopia famine and hunger crisis during Derg’s regime was one of the worst humanitarian events of the 20th century- the same to the current manmade hunger in Tigray. The indicated crisis during the time in Wollo and Tigray has prompted a global response to bring food assistance and save lives. This crisis of 1983 to 1985 led to an estimated 1 million famine related deaths, according to the United Nations. During this very time, the Derg’s regime was splashing huge sum of fund on extravagant celebration of its party establishment although it has called for an assistance of international community by allowing to an unfettered access to famine victims by international community. The action of the Derg’s regime in allowing unfettered access for humanitarian support is different from the current blockage of aid assistance to Tigray by Abiy’s despotic regime.
      II. Political Change in Ethiopian Empire Since Early 2018 and the Ensuing Crisis
      The Oromo youth led revolution in Ethiopian empire between late 2014 and early 2018 has culminated in the demise of EPRDF’s regime that was regarded as an absolute totalitarian – ending its 27 years’ reign. Following its demise, the EPRDF’s architects have unanimously conceded their collective failure in delivering development, freedom, equality, and justice for citizens – further vowing to rectify their mistakes by employing full-scale reform. They vowed that as they made mistakes, they take full responsibility for rectifying their mismanagement of the empire and its subjects. Mind-bogglingly, the promise only short lived when the empire started to be ruled by a short-sighted narcissist – with toddler mentality supported by hatred intoxicated Amhara expansionist elites and the Eritrean dictator who wrecked vengeance on TPLF and the wider Tigray people.
      Following the indicated political change that came with the huge sacrifices of over 5,800 Oromo youth known as Qeerroo/Qarree mainly and the entire subjects of various nations of the country in general; EPRDF’s cadres vowed to lead the transition from EPRDF’s authoritarian regime to all-inclusive, democratic, fair, and free system by facilitating or allowing the creation of an independent and non-partisan institutions that prepare avenue for reconciliation, national dialogue, free and fair general election. Once again this has also failed when the indicated narcissist and his supporters have hijacked the change and finally installed their own politicians who do their jobs whilst obfuscating already bewildered subjects and the wider global community.
      III. A Dictator with Sadistic Personality Appeared from Nowhere!
      The current extremely delusional, misguided and narcissist dictator PM has appeared from nowhere following the change to publicly confess all crimes EPRDF has committed on citizens by promising all will be alright- and he is a God-given angel for all peoples in Ethiopia to save them from pending danger. Subsequently, he has declared to be a self-proclaimed 7th king of the empire ascribing the previous prophecy to his late mother who has told him he will be a king of the empire whilst he was a 7-year-old boy. He has embarrassingly but publicly declared during his Prime Ministerial inauguration speech of April 02, 2018, that he is a chosen one to be a king and to navigate the empire through the period of its transition.
      After his official declaration of his intention; apart from few critical thinkers and critiques- no one has questioned his plan on becoming the 7th king of the empire. Instead, the subjects trusted him and taken his words of deceitful promises and vows on its face value. After asserting his position by hijacking it from his comrades; he has started to messing up with everything including lying to and deceiving the international institutions such as UN, EU and other the Ethiopia’s historic allies to relegate the position of the empire to the lowest level since it has been created in its modern form by Amhara king Menelik II in 1880s.
      He has started acting recklessly, irrationally, and erratically by changing his colour like Chameleons. He started using lies and deceits as his own signature of governance and never feels ashamed of his actions whether they are immoral. He failed again and again in allowing the creation of the promised independent institutions. Instead, he has become engrossed in and embarked on a full-scale state-terrorism by masterminding and stage-managing high profile political assassinations since June 2018 to eliminate his opponents and to have an excuse to imprison countless members of mainly Oromo, Tigray, Sidama, Wolayta and the rest politicians of various nations and nationalities.
      IV. Waging War on Own Citizens Forging Alliance with Foreign Country To Commit Genocide.
      Unsatisfied with the above, he has also waged a full-scale war on own citizens including in Oromia, Tigray, Benshangul-Gumuz, Kemant, Agaw and elsewhere in the empire by inviting dozens of divisions of foreign army in addition to deploying of the Ethiopia’s entire defence forces, Amhara Militias and various regions militias and special forces to attack the indicated federated states mainly, Tigray. Tigray and Oromia are his regime’s and unionists prime target and to this date Tigray is denied access to necessities after fully decimating the region by destroying all infrastructures, Institutions, Hospitals, Clinics, Factories, Universities, Farms lands, Cultural and Religious institutions to eventually leave Tigray as ‘War-Torn-Barren’ land and its subjects without any access to international and regional assistances and contacts. Tigray’s over 5.2 million people out of over 6.5 million general population are subjected to manmade starvation and denied access to an international support. Tigray is to date kept under total siege whilst air bombarding its infrastructures by the collaboration of the Ethiopian forces & the trios.
      This is the case with Oromia, Kemant, Benshangul-Gumuz and Agaw with varying degrees. The war that is over-stretching from Tigray, Benshangul-Gumuz, Kemant, Afar and Agaw is also ravaging Amhara and Afar regional states displacing between 1.8 and 2.1 million. Over 9 million citizens are gravely needing food assistance to survive where the inflation has rocketed to over 35% (August/September 2021). The regime in power and his ‘Ethiopianist-Apologist’ supporters give deaf ears and blind eyes to these critical issues needing urgent attention and genuine policy directions.
      Instead, the regime led by the indicated dictator, his Eritrean ally and Amhara expansionist elites continued embarking on a costly war that is decimating the youth of the empire in addition to diverting of its scarce resources and the entire budget to buying a high-tech Weapons including sophisticated drones from UAE, Turkey, Iran, and other unknown countries by spending billions of dollars. The Human cost of the war since November 2020 is staggering and estimated to be between 160.000 and 210.000 death in addition to the incalculable material costs in all indicated regions, mainly in Tigray.
      Generally, the empire is ravaged by war, lawlessness, civil strife, high inflation, and the lack of social cohesion and main importantly with the lack of leadership and collective vision for the future of multi-national empire that is on the verge of collapse.
      V. Ignoring Of a Gravely Concerning Demands Needing Urgent
      Meanwhile, in the face of the indicated and unindicted multi-faceted challenges the empire has faced, the trios have decided to ignore and push with their personal agendas of planning for their power consolidation. After putting all Oromos and other nations’ powerful political figures behind bars using various excuses: the PM and his associates have conducted illegal election in June 2021 by the illegal party known as Property Party (PP) – reincarnation of EPRDF. PP that was created by the despotic PM has never held its general conference and never elected a leader.
      Therefore, according to the Ethiopian constitution, it is a bogus party that is not supposed to take part in an election let alone leading the empire of over 115 million. It did and did it all in Mafia style. To date it is blatantly and ignorantly acting recklessly without giving due attention to the yearning of the mass for stability and security, rule of law and sustainable peace for all stakeholders who are driven into unnecessary war. As indicated above, PP is an illegal entity that has unlawfully put all prominent politicians behind bars. After putting them behind bars, the PP has competed with itself to eventually declare 410 seats victory out of 436 seats.
      VI. As History Repeats Itself – Grandiose Delusional Dictator Lifts Himself to The Level Of The 7th King Of The Empire.
      The PM as it has been prophesised by his late mother whilst he was a 7-year-old boy has decided to ensure his coronation as the 7th king of the empire is asserted- instead of swearing in as an ordinary PM who leads an executive. He has decided to make his coronation to be extravagant, glittery, and expensive. Therefore, he has spent over 150 million ETB (£2.4 million or $3.3million) for Meskel Square’s decoration alone. More was spent on the invitation and management of the dignitaries. As he does so by inviting African dignitaries; his narcissist and grandiose delusional belief subconsciously reassure him that he is doing the right thing for his coronation of October 04, 2021, in the face of starving over 9.5 million citizens and ongoing civil war ravaging the empire.
      VII-Conclusion and Recommendation
      Grandiose delusional PM’s extravagant expenses are the biggest in empire’s history. Compared to all the indicated his predecessors including late Emperor Haile Selassie and the Derg’s regime, the current PM’s extravagance at this critical time of history is staggering. This coupled with the ongoing war that is daily displacing millions and the current famine in Tigray that is subjecting the citizens to a daily death of hundreds- and the denial of access to international support; and food shortages in Oromia, Amhara, Afar and Benshangul and the entire empire makes the actions of the current PM’ and his supporters utterly reckless and inhumane at worst.
      The condemnation of the international community and western politicians is intensifying although doing nothing to stop the collective madness of the empire’s peoples led by short-sighted delusional dictator. Apparently, it is sensible to assert that the empire’s subjects are undergoing collective amnesia. The genocide that is in making mainly in Tigray, and generally in Benshangul-Gumuz, Oromia, Agaw, Ogaden Somali, Afar and Kemant did not concern those who are hell bent on clinging onto power even if over 20 million peoples die as some of the former G7’s leaders have publicly stated and the current PM and his associates have officially endorsed.
      Finally, the empire is at the verge of collapse. As all fascist dictators of the world, the Ethiopia’s current despotic PM is in denial of his failure to deliver and lead the empire out of the current frightening nightmare and its possible disintegration. The Tigray people are kept under siege and its civilians are dying staggeringly on daily basis. The empire’s mass is supporting the genocidal war on Tigray and on the other indicated federated nation instead ascribing all crimes to TPLF that was part of EPRDF with the current PP’s Cadres who are pretending to be holy angels.
      The regime in power, its Eritrean dictator ally – whose over 10 divisions of army are operating in the Ethiopian soil; PM’s Amhara expansionists associates and the misinformed mass are collectively failing to thwart the intensification of already ravaging civil war that needs to be unconditionally stopped. To rescue the empire from the looming disintegration and protracted civil war, the PM and his associates must unconditionally be stepdown to allow all-inclusive transitional arrangement. Otherwise, the current alliance of nations and nationalities for waging war to military remove the regime in power to restore law and order in the country will be the last and the only remaining option that must be urgently considered by all federalist forces in the empire.
      October 06, 2021
      By Denboba Natie ([email protected])

      Ethiopia Autonomous Media

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