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Ethiopia Forums Real life The Establishment of Gambela Liberation Front Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG) and Ethiopia National Dialogue!!


    Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG) and Ethiopia National Dialogue!!

    Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG) has been established on Ethiopia National Dialogue!!
    Date 29/05/2014
    The established Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (Ethiopia National Dialogue) is not the usual development party, unless it is to strengthen the work of wasting the country’s wealth and to make the people and the international community fight, it is not a problem solver.
    When the 1st commission was formed, the leader of the development party that created the main problem.
    After the lack of clarity in the leadership of the 2nd commission members, we have realized that the participation of the ten (11) federal regions is not related.
    3rd because all political parties involved in armed struggle and peaceful struggle both domestic and abroad are not involved.
    The 4th soldiers of the prosperous government have carried out attacks on the land and air on the people of the Netswan and the Federalist Islands army.
    So we kindly inform you that our organization is not part of the Gambela Freedom Front (GANG) and the lack of clarity is not participating in the National Understanding Commission discussion.

    Gambela Freedom Front (GangeG) Headquarters
    Victory for the Ethiopian people!!
    Victory for the federal and confederation islands!!

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media