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Ethiopia Forums Real life The Establishment of Gambela Liberation Front

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      Announcement on Establishment of Gambela Liberation Front

      Gambela Liberation Army
      We are here to announce the rebellion against Ethiopia’s prosperity party led government. As we are all aware that there’re only two options when it comes to political struggle, either through peaceful means or by way of armed struggle. After exhausting the means through a peaceful struggle, we were left with no option but to take the latter.
      The country’s just concluded 6th general elections proved beyond reasonable doubt Abiy Ahmed’s illusion of transparency. We took the initiative to participate in the regions political spectrum as a result of the promises made by the current regime to have a genuine free and fair elections. The elections turned out as anticipated, marred by irregularities and malpractices from the get-go. After deliberation and evaluation of the past and current situation of the country as a whole and gambela in particular, we’ve come to a conclusion that only an armed struggle will free our people and constitution from this bondage. And save our constitution undermined
      We therefore ask you our fellow Gambella’s people particularly youths and intellectuals to rise to the challenge of fighting for our rights and freedom that the leadership of the region has taken for granted. The hubris nature of Gambela’s current political establishment has exacerbated the suffering of the state’s population in terms of service delivery and high youth unemployment. Instead of working for what’s best for the region, the current leadership led by Omod and Thankuey are on a destructive path that will take years for Gambela to recover from. We rank last in terms of development and first in corruption in the country. The regions insecurity is way out of hand and the ruling party seem oblivious and detached from reality. Rather than priorities the security of the region from threats such as the constant Murle attacks along the South Sudan border, the leadership has resorted to pleasing their masters at the central government by sending the regions ill equipped special forces to fight our brothers and sisters in Tigray region.
      We therefore appeal to you, Gambella people from all walks of life to stand in solidarity with us in fighting for our rights and freedom. It’s about time we bring about genuine change that will usher in true democracy and development that the people of Gambela have been yearning for.
      Gambela liberation front has elected the following members as the interim leadership until further notice.
      Gatluak Buom Pal – Chairman
      Gatluak Pal Tharjiath D/ Chairman
      Peter M Okello – Secretary General

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        Gambella Liberation Army Victory in Akula

        Yesterday around 8pm, Gambella Special Force launched an unprovoked attacked on Gambella Liberation Army, where the two parties participated in a heated battle, resulting in great victory on GLF side. Gambella Special Force lost their initiated battle with Gambella Liberation Front, which left Akula’ Leader and two Special Force Officers badly wounded and five of them killed in the battle.

        Due to their lost, it caused great anger, where the Special Force are currently intimidating and arresting farmers for no apparent reason and forcefully sending youth to war.

        Where there is UNITY, there is VICTORY!

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          gambela liberation front

          As the current conflict in Ethiopia intensify, gambela liberation front would like to call on all Ethiopians and in particular Gambellans to stop propping the dying regime. It’s time we realise the misfortunes this regime has brought on to the country in its short existence as the ruling party. The social fabric that existed amongst Ethiopians is no longer there and the country risks plunging into a full blown civil war.
          As we’ve been following the conflict for over a year now, it’s as plain as a pikestaff that the current ruling Prosperity Party has no interest in finding a way out of the tough predicament it has placed the country into. Rather it has exacerbated the situation by continuing with their war rhetoric, and continue to muster thousands of ill trained youth to the battlefields in the hope of reversing the dire situation it now find itself in.
          We commend the millions of Ethiopians that have realised this, including the countless members of the armed forces who’ve either abandoned the frontlines or switched sides. We continue to call on the men and women from Gambella still serving under this genocidal regime to come to their senses and stop fighting their fellow countrymen for one man’s insatiable greed for power.
          In collaboration with the other Ethiopian federalist forces that are operating in different parts of the country, Gambella liberation front is ready to welcome any member of the armed forces from Gambela that may wish to join the peoples movement. You can get in touch with us wherever you maybe in and around the frontlines and we will facilitate the necessary arrangements.
          Last but not least we would also like to call on our diaspora community to stand in solidarity with GLF/A and all the oppressed nationalities of Ethiopia.
          Date 24/11/2021

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            Oromo Liberation Army and Gambela Liberation Army Meet

            Chief of Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)  Jaal Marroo, With his counterpart from Gambela Liberation Army (GLA). Jaal Marroo Diriba Lamessa from OLF-OLA and Mr Gatluak Buom Pal of GLF/GLA

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              Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG) and Ethiopia National Dialogue!!

              Gambela Freedom Front (GANGG) has been established on Ethiopia National Dialogue!!
              Date 29/05/2014
              The established Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (Ethiopia National Dialogue) is not the usual development party, unless it is to strengthen the work of wasting the country’s wealth and to make the people and the international community fight, it is not a problem solver.
              When the 1st commission was formed, the leader of the development party that created the main problem.
              After the lack of clarity in the leadership of the 2nd commission members, we have realized that the participation of the ten (11) federal regions is not related.
              3rd because all political parties involved in armed struggle and peaceful struggle both domestic and abroad are not involved.
              The 4th soldiers of the prosperous government have carried out attacks on the land and air on the people of the Netswan and the Federalist Islands army.
              So we kindly inform you that our organization is not part of the Gambela Freedom Front (GANG) and the lack of clarity is not participating in the National Understanding Commission discussion.

              Gambela Freedom Front (GangeG) Headquarters
              Victory for the Ethiopian people!!
              Victory for the federal and confederation islands!!

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                massacre and displacement of the people of Gambella

                The ongoing massacre and displacement of the people of Gambella is part of a project to destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopianism.
                If the genocide against the people of Gambella does not stop soon, it will lead to genocide as a nation.
                What has been happening in the last two or three years is a massive genocide against institutions and peoples that do not compromise on Ethiopia and the Ethiopianism. An example of this is the destruction of the Nuer, Majang, and Anuak peoples.
                The people of Gambella love Ethiopia more than they love themselves. As a result, the people of Gambella have become unfamiliar and refugees.
                The ongoing killings and displacement of Anuak and Nuer are part of a project to destroy Ethiopia and Ethiopianism, which we have not seen in the last three years. This is a living testimony to its failure.