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    Tigray Defence forces, TDF are advancing

    Recent reports of Ethiopian war indicate that Tigray forces are advancing on the road to the capital Addis Ababa.

    Abiy Ahmed The remnants of his regular army were destroyed in Afar, North Wollo and North Gondar yesterday and today.

    The last strongholds of Kobo, Addi Arkay and Chew were destroyed

    Kobo & AdiArqay fall to TDF This is a major defeat for Ethiopia

    These towns are just miles away from two key locations in the west, Debrak & Gondar, where a curfew has been imposed for fear of a Tigrean takeover of the Amhara capital, Gondar, as it has been confirmed in the Raya area of Kobo that all ENDF bases have been destroyed.  Heavy military equipment in the hands of the TDF.

    The heaviest fighting is reported in Zarima after the TDF broke through the ENDF barracks and the last town of Addi Arkay, TDF is also advancing on the strategic town of Mile,

    Many bodies were reportedly found floating on the Tekeze River from Humera.

    It is feared that Amhara and Fano militias killed Tigrean civilians in retaliation for losses suffered by the Tigray Defense Forces in the town of Kobo in Amhara Region, following days of fighting with the army.  Ethiopia and the Amhara and ENDF forces fighting alongside the defeated Oromia Special Forces.

    With the victory over Kobo, the Tigray Defense Forces are advancing on Woldiya in the West.

    Abiy Ahmed Ali currently has no additional troops left, other than
    Addis Ababa presidential guards killed in clashes

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media


    Abiy Ahmed air force bombed Afar

    Simply they didn’t wanna fight for Amhara, Abiy Ahmed air force bombed Afar.

    They always doubt the strength of TDF, and that is one of the reason that made Abiy to lose this war. Abiy will never learn. He is just strengthening them every heavy War machine are sent to Tigray are either destroyed or captured, NONE of them make it back to Addis Ababa.

    Captured by the heroic Tigray Defense Forces: Fascist Abiy Ahmed and Oromia Special Forces Victory for the people of Tigray! Victory for the Tigray Defense Forces!

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media


    The TDF is on the move

    The TDF captured a BM-21 grad multiple rocket launcher near Weldiya. The TDF have captured several tanks near Weldiya.

    The TDF captured at least one Chinese-made WZ-551 APC in Afar during fighting.

    The TDF control Kobo Robit, Wach’o, and Gobiye near Weldiya, with claims that the TDF has captured Weldiya awaiting visual confirmation.

    The TDF are also near Debark in the hills after capturing the famous Limalimo area.

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media


    wounded Ethiopian POW

    A TDF soldier tending to a wounded Ethiopian POW in need of assistance. This is our culture!!! The principle we live by.This is Tigray, Land of people with outstanding moral and resilience!!!

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media


    The brave Tigray Defence Forces

    The brave Tigray Defence Forces have liberated more than 20 cities by destroying the enemy’s army in the east forefront.
    A huge victory has been recorded in the attack of East Afar, Woldiya, Mersa, Lalibela and other surrounding areas.

    Ethiopia Autonomous Media


    General Tsadikan

    General Tsadikan at the frontline. With his brilliant military skills, he outsmarted Ethiopia, Eritrea & Amhara forces.BBC called him “…the finest military strategists in Africa.” He is the greatest military leader Africa has ever seen since the immortal General Alula Aba Nega.