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      Tigray is heartrendingly beautiful

      Tigray is heartrendingly beautiful. Home of an ancient form of Christianity. Land of culture and civilisation. The rock-hewn churches and monasteries in the mountains draw 000s of pilgrims. Easy to lose sight of that in a land now caught up in war, whose people are starving.

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        Tigray Orthodox Tewahedo Church Patriarchate

        Tigray Orthodox Tewahedo Church Patriarchate has been officially formed. The Patriarchate says it will work to return the church’s seat to the seat of Abuna Salama, the founder and first patriarch of the church in Aksum.

        It also vows to work hard to document the genocide, and to hold those responsible accountable, to create awareness about the Tigray genocide among churches and the wider world, and to contribute to the development of the Tigrayan culture and language

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          artefacts looted from various monasteries in Tigray

          A flood of ancient Ethiopian artefacts have appeared for sale on websites including eBay, raising suspicions that they could have been plundered from churches during the conflict in Tigray, according to reports.

          Centuries-old relics – including scrolls, manuscripts and bibles – are being sold on online marketplaces for only a few hundred pounds.

          The 14-month Tigray conflict in Ethiopia has left thousands dead, forced more than 2 million people from their homes, and pushed large swathes of the country into famine.
          There have been reports of Christian manuscripts being stolen from churches and monasteries – some pieces dating from the 13th century – while historic Muslim sites have also been looted.

          The Amanuel church, situated on the top of a hill for centuries, has also been damaged, and around ancient 800 Ge’ez manuscripts have been looted from the Shire region of Tigray, he said.
          “The list goes on,” he added. “A Belgian team … managed to reach the town of Shire, where they videotaped a tank covered with looted goods.”
          Hagos Abrha Abay, a philologist, was in Tigray at the outbreak of the conflict, and has recorded damage to many ancient sites.
          Referring to the increase in Ethiopian relics for sale online, he told The Times: “It is hard to know if the Ethiopian artefacts we are seeing have been taken from Tigray without looking at them, but there have been more popping up almost every day over the last six months.”
          After being contacted by the newspaper, eBay removed from its site a number of unique Ethiopian artefacts with no evidence of provenance. The ecommerce giant said: “The sale of illicit antiques is prohibited on eBay, in line with UK and international laws.”
          Activists in the Ethiopian diaspora are reportedly compiling a spreadsheet of the growing list of suspect items on eBay, as well as on Etsy, an online marketplace based in the United States.
          International experts raised the alarm last year over the security of religious and cultural artefacts in the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, a chapel in northern Ethiopia.

          Many believe that the church holds the Ark of the Covenant – the biblical casket containing the Ten Commandments.

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            Tigray Islamic Affairs Supreme Council

            The Tigray Islamic Affairs Supreme Council announces its decision to severe any link with the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC). It says EIASC’ leaders have blessed the war & participated in the genocide with moral and financial support.

            The head of the Tigray Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, Haji Mehamed Kahsai, said the reason for severing the link is that genocide has been committed on Tigrayans and that EIASC leaders have blessed it, instead of condemning it.

            The participants of the meeting called for the decision said that they cannot continue to be together with religious leaders that supported the forces that waged and committed genocide.

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              Dr Rutah Tafere

              Dr Rutah Tafere A young lady who went out of the clinic to the battlefield to heal the souls of her people!! ትግራዋይነት ክቡር መንነት

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                Heroines of Tigray celebrate Ashenda

                Message of Ashenda from President Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael 

                Heroines of Tigray:- You have performed a surprising feat in the history of our struggle that will be as bright as the sun, you deserve high respect!

                The entire heroines of Tigray at home and abroad in general, have abandoned marriage, education and other personal events and are fighting at the forefront of the struggle to ensure the national identity, freedom, existence of Tigray and its people.

                I would like to say to everyone. In the history of the struggle of Tigray, the youth have been the main engine and leaders of the struggle of the people of Tigray. The generation of this time has similarly faced all the challenges with their remarkable perseverance, and are committing to a bright struggle that is difficult to describe in words. You are half of the youth of Tigray and you are also performing amazing tasks in the history of our struggle, lined up in the ranks of the Tigray struggle after ‘Tigray and its people’ after ‘Tigray and its people’ One of the top values ​​of Ashenda, is social harmony and integration.

                Unity that has proved that is more powerful and the guarantee of our existence in action at every stage. Tigray will be proud of its children by a mighty struggle!