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Ethiopians Forums Food for thought The war in Tigray is being complicated by ideological ambitions

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    The Ethiopian rogue army war crimes

    The Ethiopian rogue army doing what they know best-Human rights abuses and war crimes.

    You do not need training to be humane, only animals need training.
    I can not believe that any Ethiopian would treat a fellow Ethiopian in such a barbaric manner.

    The individuals in the picture should all be brought to justice once the Abiy government is removed. 


    houses in Tigray are being demolished

    In Maynebri (around Hiwane), Ethiopia|n soldiers have deliberately destroyed a farmer’s house, grains and other goods.

    This is just a single example out of the many farmer’s houses in Tigray being demolished in this way.


    Tigray warring factions

    As millions face “extreme hunger, Tigray officials say warring factions, including Eritreans & Amhara militia, have:

    – looted agricultural equipment, livestock & food
    – systematically destroyed/looted farming offices
    – damaged irrigation infrastructure


    Tigrayans in Sudanese refugees camps

    Ethiopians from Tigray region in Sudanese Refugee Camps, are still very traumatised with the horrific experience in Tigray.

    Tigrayans are the most resilient people!

    This too shall pass. Thank you Sudan for your hospitality and generosity!


    The conflict in Tigray

    The conflict in Tigray has caused an upheaval to the life of thousands of children, some of whom have lost their main caregivers or family. Traumatised and hungry, they need food, health care and safety. Children’s protection and well-being should be a priority.



    What the world is not being told by the regime in Ethiopia, is the several battles Ethiopian soldiers are engaged in. It’s very disturbing to witness the ethnic hatred among different Ethiopian ethnic groups. The human rights abuses by all sides is sickening and has resulted into hatred that will result into a civil war.

    It seems, most Ethiopian soldiers don’t understand the reason why they’re fighting. This could be seen from the number of casualties and prisoners of war, the Abiy army has suffered of late. Its not the sort of war, Abiy Ahmed Ali anticipated.


    The plight of Tigray Children

    10 year old Kindkhafti Gebreslassie was playing with other children in Tigray, when an explosion hit her.

    Just like most victims of Abiy Ahmed brutality, the regime will paly the blame game, by organising a protest rally, to tell the world to keep away from their business and  precious “Dam”.



    Ethiopia, Djibouti to scale up Military cooperation to a high gear. The two sides have called for the need to create more favourable platforms and mechanisms to share information, expertise as well as pursue joint trainings.

    This comes after Egypt signed with Djibouti, bilateral military cooperation. In other words, the Ethiopian regime has failed to use soft diplomacy, and has gone for Kamikaze(hard) diplomacy. What the Ethiopian regime has not worked out, is the strategic location of Djibouti in terms of western interests. Any military cooperation with Djibouti,  without the consent of France, USA, etc, is null and void.

    However, Dictator Abiy Ahmed Ali, loves fantasies and self importance.

    commander Jojo



    Ethiopia, Russia Sign Military Cooperation Agreement. The agreement will be focusing on transforming capacity of the national defense force in knowledge, skill and technology spheres.

    Russia during USSR  did not save Derg 1 of Mengistu Hailemariam before, & would not save Derg 2 of Abiy Ahmed Ali either.


    captured commander of Ethiopia’s 11th infantry division

    Col. Hussein Mohamed, the captured commander of Ethiopia’s 11th infantry division, was remarkably frank. He said he wanted to commit suicide after being surrounded by Tigrayan fighters but junior officers stopped him. Now thinking about his wife and three young children in Oromia.


    Good morning Tigray

    Good morning Tigray: Land of fine arts Land of creative Land of cultured Land of tradition Land of hardworking Land of beauty Land of plenty Land of wonder Land of disciplined Land of resilient Land of perseverance Land of fair & just Land of heroes


    commander of the armed militia group Kefagn Amhara

    This is Mesafint Teka, a commander of the armed militia group Kefagn Amhara. A video emerged of him delivering a speech at a packed auditorium said to be in Gondar where he calls on ethnic Amhara youths to join the ranks of his forces and attack Tigrayans in the Amhara region.

    “If they don’t show opposition to the TPLF like we have…Tigray(ans) should leave our area, our land our borders, get out of our country! We can meet them head on (in battle)!” Mesafint clutching a rifle and flanked by heavily armed members of his militia tells a crowd.

    “we will grasp Tigray in our fist,” which he says while clenching his hand into a fist.

    The Amhara regional government ought to reel in such people. In trying times like these, where the slightest gestures ignite communal violence and displace people from their homes in the thousands, there is no place in Ethiopia for Mesafint Teka.

    Spurred on by the crowd and the event MC, Mesafint even says that if permitted, his forces will invade Tigray and promises “you know the factories that they’ve built over there, we will bring them back here!” to loud applause.


    Emirati unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs)

    The deployment of Emirati unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) on behalf of the Ethiopian government has been speculated on ever since the beginning of hostilities with the rebellious Tigray Region in November 2020. The oft-repeated claims that several Chinese-made Wing Loong UCAVs operate out of Assab air base in Eritrea to undertake combat missions over Tigray have never been supported by evidence that points towards such a deployment either in 2020 or now. However, almost one year into the conflict evidence that shows UAE-combat drones have indeed been delivered to Ethiopia to help it in its fight against the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) has now finally emerged. [1]

    By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

    But rather than being the Wing Loongs that were previously claimed to have been active in the skies over Tigray, the delivered UCAVs instead consist of a large VTOL type that can be armed with two 120mm mortar rounds. These unguided mortar rounds offer significantly less accuracy than the guided weaponry deployed by the Wing Loongs or other Chinese UCAVs however, and are of limited use against an enemy that relies on mobility and surprise attacks rather than static defence lines. Their effectiveness decreases even further in urban areas, and it would necessitate great restraint on behalf of their operators not to deploy them in areas that still have civilians in them to avoid collateral damage.

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has proven a staunch supporter of the Ethiopian government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. What exactly this support has so far entailed is still the subject of debate. What is known is that large Il-76 transport aircraft frequently fly between the UAE and Harar Meda, Ethiopia’s largest air base. [1] Although the contents of their cargo can currently only be guessed at, they are almost certain to contain military-grade items specifically meant for use in the Tigray Region.

    Previous UAE arms shipments to Ethiopia are known to have included large volumes of firearms produced by the Caracal company, which produces a number of modern small arms designs. [2] Much like the Israeli TAR-21 assault rifle also in service with Ethiopia, the weaponry supplied by the UAE was solely distributed to the Republican Guard. In recent times Ethiopia’s Republican Guard saw its tasks expanding to the point where they now actively participate in the Tigray War as one the country’s better-trained forces.

    Images of the UAE-delivered combat drones were reportedly taken some four months ago in the Maychew area of Ethiopia’s Tigray Region. [3] After a number of offensives by Tigray forces (which have meanwhile morphed into the Tigray Defence Forces) that sought to dislodge all remaining Ethiopian government forces from the region, Maychew is now firmly under Tigray control. The drone systems themselves likely retreated along with their Ethiopian operators, their range currently insufficient to harass Tigray forces around Maychew yet again.

    Although the exact drone type that forms the basis for the UCAV design is as of yet unknown, they are identical in design to two UCAVs that were shot down by Houthi forces in Yemen. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these UCAVs were operated by UAE-backed forces at the time of their downing. Images taken of the drones after their descent to earth reveal a large commercial off-the-shelf VTOL design (presumably of Chinese origin) that has been modified to carry two mortar rounds.

    To enable the carriage of the heavy 120mm ordnance, two large tubes were fitted to either side of the drone in which the mortar rounds are contained during flight. After finding a suitable target, the mortar rounds are released by remote control and plummet to their target essentially like dumb bombs. This is a highly inaccurate means of targeting even when dropped from low altitude, and limits the drones’ effectiveness to attacking stationary targets or large groups of infantry. In order to achieve the accuracy needed to strike even such simple targets, the rounds would have to be dropped from low altitude. This in turn makes the UCAV vulnerable to ground fire, although no system is reported to have been downed in Ethiopia yet.

    From the regular flights of cargo aircraft that repeatedly enter Ethiopian airspace it is clear that its allies are not abandoning it in the face of mounting U.S. pressure to solve the conflict through political means (which, as an aside, is an option both fighting parties so far appear to be willing to consider). Interestingly, this even includes nations that are at odds with each other, with both the UAE and Iran delivering UCAVs and other armament to the Ethiopian regime. There is no doubt this won’t be the last delivery of arms, with the deployment of Chinese and Turkish drones also having been reported about, though never conclusively, on a number of occasions.


    Abiy Ahmed urges supporters abroad to raise funds

    In a recent State TV broadcast, Abiy Ahmed urges supporters abroad to raise funds + “hire lobbyist” to silence the ‘noise’ re: the #TigrayGenocide, which includes the siege & blockade of the #Tigray region that is fuelling a man- made famine threatening over 6 Million Tigrayans.


    The War in Tigray Was planned

    Most people have been misled into believing that, the spark of the war in Tigray was started by TPLF when they attacked the Northern Command. Which is very wrong. The war in Tigray wasn’t accidental, but well planned and executed.

    However, Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Aferwerki of Eritrea, had earlier visited the Ethiopian air force a few weeks before the invasion. The two dictators visited the Airforce base as part of war preparation on Tigray.

    The duo would later visit Sawa military camp in Eritrea.

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