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The National Emergency Centre Committee has held its weekly meeting.
The humanitarian aid distribution in Amhara and Afar region has reported the supply of basic health, water and cleaning services and also for children, mothers and the elderly.humanitarian aid distribution

According to the earlier directions, Bahir Dar and Sumera cities, additional experts have been sent to their place by 10 clusters. The daily transmission of humanitarian aid has been started starting from last week in North Wollo and Wag Hamra. It will continue strongly in the coming days. Instead of supporting the people found in the shelters, the work that started to reach the people that fell on the side of the house will continue.

In addition to the 20 group of health care institutions, they are preparing to cooperate with different regions.
In some Afar, North Wollo and Southern Tigray areas, there is an event to prevent more agricultural professionals and contributions have been completed to the area.
According to the study of the first level damage in various sectors, there are many schools and health institutions that are damaged by the government and government services.
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The National Emergency Coordination Centre Ministerial Committee held its weekly regular meeting.
humanitarian aid distributionThe Committee reviewed the ongoing humanitarian aid distribution, provision of basic health, water and sanitation services, as well as the provision of nutritious food to children, lactating mothers, and the elderly in the Amhara and Afar regions.
Regional emergency coordination centres are established in Bahir Dar and Semera; and additional technical teams comprised from 10 clusters are deployed.
In addition to health services provided at health centres, in addition to the previous 20 mobile health teams are preparing for an immediate deployment.
In some parts of Afar, North Wollo, and South Tigray, desert locusts are on the rise. In coordination with humanitarian partners, additional agricultural experts and inputs have been sent to the area to prevent further spread.
humanitarian aid distributionAccording to the damage assessment conducted in various sectors, many infrastructure services, including schools and health facilities, have been damaged and preparations are underway to commence reconstruction and rehabilitation alongside the daily humanitarian assistance. Preparations are underway to commence schools in favourable areas in the Amhara and Afar regions.

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