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    Mekelle city interim mayor, Ataklti Haileselassie resigns

    Ataklti Haileselassie, the Interim Mayor of Mekelle city, has resigned from his post, Ataklti has confirmed to the media, but said he would provide more details on the circumstances surrounding his resignation “tomorrow.”
    Atakliti was appointed by the federally arranged Tigray regional state interim administration in December 2020, shortly after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the war in Tigray over on November 28.
    In early January, while responding to questions from community members who participated in a meeting, Ataklit became the first high level official to admit the presence of Eritrean forces in Tigray and said it was “a daily question of the interim administration,” and that “relevant military leaders have been asked to give explanations.” He told the residents that Eritrean forces were “being withdrawn from the country in a short time” and that it was “a mistake to associate this with the interim administration.”
    Four months after his promise, Eritrean forces remain in Tigray and have committed atrocities which may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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