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      Prosperity Party Appointee, Acting Mayor of Mekelle, Atakilti Haileslassie, says “We’re pressing the Federal Government & Higher Military Personnel of Ethiopia National Defence Forces to enforce the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray.”

      The Abiy-installed “new mayor” of Mekelle bluntly, & perhaps inadvertently, conceded that Eritrean troops are in Tigray. He said they entered because the Ethiopian defence was attacked by the TPLF. This concession is in stark departure from the Ethiopian government’s position.

      The trauma that the people of Tigray have faced & the devastation they will continue to endure is deeply troubling. These are real people with lives and families, and the urgency to intervene is NOT there.

      The invasion of Tigray caused: *1000s death *over 2.5 million children to need urgent assistance *over 54,000 to fled Sudan *looting & destruction of ancient churches & mosques *destruction of factories & universities.

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        Tigray was the most peaceful of Ethiopia’s 10 regional states

        Prior to November 4th, Tigray was the most peaceful of Ethiopia’s 10 regional states. After November 4th, the federal government and allied with Eritrea, and Amhara militias waged a genocidal campaign against 6+ million Tigrayans causing mayhem.

        Our children don’t feel safe- they feel the genocide in Tigray. That’s why the came to Sudan to be refugees. They don’t deserve this.

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          This 800-year-old church in Ethiopia was carved from a single stone.
          Good morning  Tigray:

          The land of hopeful
          The land of honest
          The land of civilized
          The land of disciplined
          The land of hardworking
          The land of perseverance
          The land of fair & just
          The land of heroes

          Have a wonderful workweek!

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            Tigray war

            Full fledged Tigray Genocide while the world watches idly. Abiy Ahmed Ali sending more tanks to Tigray. Below is a photo taken today on the road to Tigray through Afar.

            This is today! After the war is over a month bac, as claimed by the Ethiopia regime/

            Tigray war means of late, from Mekele to Addis: 2 days by bus through 20 police checkpoints. Eyewitness 15 destroyed tanks along road between Mekele and Alamata.

            If between Mekele and Alamata destroyed 15 tanks imagine how many tanks destroyed between Mekele and Humera. This reminds of the time during DERG, when it took us hours to reach Mendefera or Massawa from Asmara through checkpoints.

            Arriving in Addis everyone taken to a police station for questioning. 6 detained. Locals forbidden to fly from Mekelle to Addis.

            My husband had to wait 6+ hours for questioning by police when they all arrived to Addis. Seemed like half of the passengers were sent to a bigger police station (detained?)A failed state by all standards, thanks to the warlord in Addis Ababa – where the hell is he by the way?

            Ethiopia without a Tigray is like a car without an engine. Now let’s see this car moved.


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              The Agony of Tigrayans

              At a time when the free flow of information and free debate about the government’s actions in Tigray are urgently needed, the Ethiopian government has arrested six journalists, reports the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission.

              The arrest of 6 journalists in Ethiopia pales in comparison to what’s happening in the northern region of the country. Over 6 million people are deprived of food, medicine, electricity, Internet, phone lines, access to banks.

              Open your eyes and ears world do let Tigray people down urge Abiy Ahmed Ali to open communications, banking roads let humanitarian and journalists in Tigray. Let the world see what’s going on in Tigray and let the world judge who is doing what.

              Abiy Ahmed is fooling the international community and diverting their attention from focusing on humanitarian actions to be taken. Still he is bombing by airstrike hospitals and schools as we speak.

              Tigrayans are suffering from starvation, lack of medication, extrajudicial killings, indiscriminate shelling & other war crimes.

              Crimes against humanity. 70 days without electricity, telecom, internet, gas, medical supplies, banks are still closed. Abiy Ahmed is committing war crimes.

              The shameless and incredible looting of Tigray!!! “The first division entered Ethiopia last few weeks ago and arrived at Adi Grat. Their assignment is to identify and take control of all assets — military items, warehouses, industrial equipment, etc.

              Full of lies and cover up by the government mouthpiece as always. Tigray have no representative in the parliament. People of Tigray have voted who they want them to administer. Tigray is not Abiy’s PLc whom he appointed a CEO as he wish to, rubbish, Tigray Will Prevail.

              Fact Checking Despot Abiy Ahmed: “No women, No children in Sudanese refugee camps,” Abiy lied to Ethiopia’s rubber-stamp parliament. UNHCR reported 50% of Tigrayans refugees are women. Nearly half are children.

              Ethnic Tigrayan bank accounts frozen -Tigrayans can not fly out of the country, Ethnic Tigrayans dismissed from military, security, and other institutions –

              Tigrayans are under extreme agony, but also their cries, agony and pain can not be heard by the rest of the world.

              Ethiopia Autonomous Media


                Sudanese troops accused of killing many civilians

                Ethiopia accused Sudanese troops of killing “many civilians” in recent fighting over contested land at the nations’ border.

                Tensions between the two countries have escalated since conflict erupted in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region on Nov. 4, with several deadly clashes occurring on fertile farming land in the al-Fashqa area that straddles the border. The dispute risks drawing a third nation into a regional conflict that has already involved troops from neighbouring Eritrea.

                Ethiopian authorities have observed Sudanese military forces carrying out organized attacks using heavy machine guns and armoured convoys at their border, Dina Mufti, spokesman for Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry, told reporters on Tuesday. Ethiopian farmers in the region have had their properties looted, while “many civilians have been murdered and wounded,” he said.

                Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar Qamar al-Din didn’t respond to requests for comment and calls to the North African nation’s Information Ministry and the Sudanese army went unanswered.

                Al-Din said last week that Sudan’s army have taken control of most of the disputed land in the al-Fashqa area. He played down the prospect of the conflict escalating, saying the government will use diplomatic channels to resolve the dispute.

                Both sides met last month to discuss the border issue, but made no progress.

                Amhara Militia
                Foreign diplomats and Sudanese officials who have been following the talks said that while Sudanese troops moved to the al-Fashqa area after Ethiopian federal troops left to help with the conflict in Tigray, large groups of Ethiopian ethnic Amhara militiamen have mobilized in the area.

                Amhara state, whose fighters backed the Ethiopian federal army’s incursion into Tigray, claims ownership of parts of al-Fashqa, including areas that are within Sudanese territory.

                Amhara militias are “asserting a renewed aggressiveness on the border that could result in further provocations,” said Cameron Hudson, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center. “If left unchecked, it represents the kind of ‘low probability, high impact’ scenario that could have devastating and far-reaching consequences.”

                Sudan says the border area around al-Fashqa was demarcated under colonial-era treaties dating back to 1902, putting the land firmly inside its international borders. Khartoum has historically allowed Amhara farmers to conduct business and live on the fertile land as long as they pay taxes and operate under Sudanese laws and, in turn, Ethiopia has recognized the land as Sudanese.

                Foreign Fighters
                The Sudanese border has already been destabilized by the fighting in Tigray. The UN said Tuesday that scores of refugees continue to arrive in Sudan because of persistent violence in the area.

                “Some 800 people crossed from Ethiopia’s Tigray region into eastern Sudan in just the first few days of the new year,” said Andrej Mahecic, a spokesperson for the UN’s refugee agency in Geneva. “Latest arrivals tell of being caught in the conflict and being victims of various armed groups.”

                Despite previous denials, Ethiopian officials have begun conceding the presence of Eritrean troops inside Tigray. Speaking on Tigray’s regional broadcaster, which is now effectively controlled by Abiy’s administration, Ethiopian army Major-General Belay Seyoum said last week that Eritrean troops had entered Ethiopia “uninvited” while federal forces were under attack by Tigrayan troops.

                “We feel bad this had to happen,” he said. “We can resolve our internal issues by ourselves. We are capable of doing so.”