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    Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)Tigray People's Liberation Front
    Gujral Isaiah Bimwan jumped on the bandwagon and jumped on the bandwagon. The government of Tigray, Africa, has announced that it will reopen its embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Alamata, Gondar, Zalambassa, West, Gerhu Sernai, Zalambassan, Adiyabon, Birkat Zebul, invaded the front lines.
    If you don’t know what to do, you can ask for help. I give you a lot of work, a lot of courage, a lot of heroism. I gave birth to the Tigrean militia, the Tigrayan militia, and the people have a great education.
    The army chanted “Aikalnan!” Abilomom eyo. The 25th 32nd Infantry Regiment, Commando Kilte Beragid Mechanized, is fully operational and fully operational.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear from you. Ba’al also said that the circle of prayer and the real Sha’al Aikalna began.
    I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in your dreams, I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in Tigray, I wish you strength in Tigray. There are so many types it’s hard to say but if we can get rid of them, we can get rid of them. If so, why not make a Crab Grab and get organized. See the army’s morale drop.
    If you don’t know what to do, you can ask someone to do it for you. Let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down, let’s jump up and down. Let’s talk about the heroism, the sacrifice and the historical heroism.
    Tselai Moral Nimtsgan: “We have jumped from place to place in this city.” The reason is that Mrs. Wage Ab invaded the herd and said, “Let’s not invade!” Because the people of Tigray are elephants. Look at these, Let’s say, “Look at the justice of the people.” The people of Tigray will not be spared.
    Father, I wish you the strength of the people. Tigray jumped and fought. Please tell, what’s the story of them big puppys ………….. Huluf Halifu Kab South Sudan Hagez army for Minu Neiru; If I miss you, I’ll miss you.
    So, look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this. Utom Zwagagu jumped on the bandwagon and defeated the army in Tigray. The road is open, the place is big, the road is big, the road is big, the road is big, the road is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big, Tigray is big.
    The whole of Ethiopia is in a state of turmoil. May the mighty forces fight you and jump. Pray, but with all its might, the sovereignty of that country is in jeopardy. Let’s call Ab Gelegalu “Army Habuni” Ab Awyat Eyu Zelo.
    Gujral Isaiah Zewaferom, 16th Regiment of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Army (EPLA)- The people of Tigray are fighting for the rights of the people of Tigray. If the people of Tigray are to be spared, we have nothing to gain. I jumped up and down, Drink and eat. ”Look at the evidence. Eritrean President Ehud Olmert has called on the Eritrean people to work for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. Hazi Zelealu Kunetat Kulom Nay Tselai Hailtat Ab Zelelu Hailtat Meklhal Serawit Tigray We didn’t like the start of the fight there.
    Describe the icon of the people of Kunat. Pray for the people and the people, for the sake of the people. Therefore, let us meditate on the place of the Father, and let us pray and look at the graves and the graves. Based on this, I will give you the strength of Tigray Ab Zkelahelelu and you will see Ab Zetkehalu and we will attack you. Let’s see if we can find a solution to this problem.
    Look at the perseverance of the political goal of the Begis and the Kalsa; We don’t consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ” Say, “Look at Kindzi, look at Kusrom Atswar Bloom.” You’re a real spit fire. I will give you the power of Nati Wug’e Ab Mevedaeta Zebtsh. If we record these goals, we will be able to record them in the month of Mt. Tamali.
    If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try.
    There you have it, the most popular quintessential quintessential quintessential quilt. We have no doubt that peace and development will be restored. Let’s jump across the aisle, whether it’s an army or not. We do not have the power to control it. Take a look at the features that Sprint has to offer. Accordingly, I will send full powers to Tigray Ab Botu Alo. Tselai Ab Zmeretsnayo: If we take this place, Ina. Let’s see if we can find out.
    Tigray is a landlocked country in Africa. Hidri Nai Tamalin Nilomin Martyrs and Contract Ina.
    Congratulations Ina!

    You planted seeds of division between every race and ethnicity in our poor country.. i almost wept when I saw a tigraway grandmother singing ‘ lije tigre amharan qiberew ‘ . This is extremely dangerous and will backfire on you. We all have one poor country and you , who is one us ; why? Why you do this ? I don’t understand… why all this hate? Why killing innocent children, mothers, fathers? I am so ashamed I am also ethiopian Sometimes.. why you always preach hate ???
    Findex Abex

    ask your beloved PM!

    Luwam you can ask him yourself, imagine a 27 year old person. For 27 years all tplf preached oromo that amhara abused them . Gugi sidama abused u. They took our identity. To my shock I saw a tigraway grandmother singing ‘tigre lije amharan kiberew ‘ to calm a baby.. like we sing eshururu.. oromo was told amhara abused them..
    Luwam Asmelash

    … now we kill each other.. bcoz of politicians we the poor people kill each other.. how sad is that ????

    Findex Abex

    The sad truth unfortunately!!!! it hurts !!

    The Western dont tell us to stop fighting but keep us divided
    Er Er

    very true… everybody only cares for their national interest… we should be smarter

    Findex Abex

    I think you meant to send this Message to Abiy Ahmed Ali

    Findex Abex Abiy is the one who started this, he declared the Tigray region election illegal, provided that the federal government has no whatsoever power to interfere with the region election. Then, he brought the federal army to kill Tigrai women and children. Now, Amhara is sending soldiers to fight beside Abiy army and kill Tigraian people……………………………………. after all of this, you said we are one !!!! Whomever is killing my Tigraian women and children is NOT one of us, he is our enemy. And we are gonna fight him and everyone is helping him to defend our people and our land until death. ———————————- Abiy is a dictator wants to take over our region, control our people and become a king. ************************ Tigraian army is one who defeated dictatorship before and is the one who will defeat it today. ****** Shame on Amhara helping a dictator like Abiy to kill Tigrayans women and children. ____________________________________________________________ So, instead of telling Tigrayans to stop fighting , send this message to Abiy and ask him to stop slaughtering Tigraians civilians: women and children !!!!! _____________________________________________________________ ************************************************************** Tigraians will never surrender, and They will fight to the last soldier ************************************************* ***** This is our message To the terrorist Abiy *********
    Findex Abex Ask PM Abiy, why his soldiers cam to our Tagraian region to occupy Tagraian land, and Why he and his soldiers are killing our Tagraian women and children !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tagraians never hated anyone, and we are peaceful people : TPLF did NOT go to any other region to occupy their land and remove their government, but, Abiy did with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t want to fight anyone but we are defending our land and our Tagraian people. Tagraians did NOT start the fight, but, Abiy did !!!!!!!!!!!! and we are gonna defeat him and teach him a lesson, he will never ever forget all his life !!!!!!!!!!
    Mohie Ali

    Tigray is part of ethiopia, no regional state declares elections as they wish. We are a federal Republic. The elephant in the room who we both know is the same people who run Tigray now were in power for the past 27 years spreading ethnic division poison.

    The tplf stole the national income of the country and spread it among their ranks. They are organised criminals. Abiy tried to mend a relationship for sake of peace but they wouldn’t leave us alone !!!
    They keep on instigating proxy genocides to have a grab on power . For their propaganda they kill civilians and done targeted assassinations . To our shock at last they attacked our own national defense forces .
    To this day they want to pretend the war is between tigray and ethiopia, but in fact it is action to bring criminals to justice.
    People of tigray are always a priority for pm and our defense forces.
    Tplf uses civilians as human shield for God sake. They fire artillery and rockets into our other towns and on the military from schools and churches .
    God bless our military, they are responsible army who don’t want to collateral damage . Dr Abiy has offered an ultimatum for the murderous junta to surrender peacefully for the second time!! All efforts is free tigray people from the junta and put a stop all hate and ethnic division cancer once and for all !!!
    Why you changed the hate announcer layer from Ato Getachew Reda, with the one who wears a black hat; due to whose death you became sadly ???!!!
    Ohhhh Thanks God, who give proper ear attention for the voiceless Ethiopians and who looks the real tear of those innocent Amhara people????!!!!
    I thought Abiy was smarter than bombing his own people. This reminds me of Somalia 1991 and tribal wars. let the free and fair elections in Mekele by the Tigranyaa people stand!
    It reminds you only 1991 when that Iblays on your profile was chased. But it doesn’t remind you when thousands of Mogadishu people were bombarded by TPLF. What a good man !
    Guled Osman

    Siad Barre is from the past for what ever he is worth. We can debate him on the side but I was talking about Mekele

    Abu Musa Wa Suleyman

    Let The TPLF Been Killed Detained And Bombarded Because Of They Are Eating Fruits They Were Planting Last 27 Years

    Read my replies probably. Its nothing about the man . It’s your selective memory.
    tigre heroes who have always sacrificed their lives.
    TPLF is a group of organized criminals that lead Ethiopia for 27 years using divide and rule to last in power. They lost their power, now they want to contest war with Ethiopian military. They are holding the tiger tail, will see what is going happen, will die gracefully.
    We are on your side all the way to the end.
    Alganesh Dade

    haha..the end is hell and we are proud to through u2hell

    Beautify her like a horse of Wollo.
    Amharas said help me when they know her
    Alganesh Dade

    that was your end, bye bye🙋🙋

    Tigray will also win “victory “
    Suldaan Kafurfuro Geesi

    shame on you

    Where is Getachew Reda? He’s presumed dead eee???
    I am djiboutian and all Djibouti people support TPLF . TPLF know the war and peace .I want to tell the poor Abiye your time is over and tigray will enter Addis ababa.
    እዚ ኮይኑ ኣብዚ ህዝባዊ ኲናት ኩሉ በብዓቕሙ ክሳተፈሉ ኣለዎ።ንሕና ብሄራዊ ክብርና ኣሕሊፍና ንህብ ኣይኮናን። ሙሉእ ብሙሉእ ስዒርና ናብቲ ዝነበረ ሰላምናን ልምዓትናን ከምእንምለስ ጥርጥር የብሉን። ሕዚ’ውን ዝደለየ ኣፅዋር ይኹን ሰራዊት ይሃልዎም ንሕና ብዝመረፅናሎም እዩም ዝኣትው ዘለው። ጥሒሱና ዝኣተወ ሓይሊ የለን። ኣፅዋር ዝበዝሐ እንተበዝሐ ነቲ ኣፅዋር ተሸኪሙ ኩናት ዘዐውት ሓይሊሰብ እዩ ወሳኒ። በዚ መሰረት ድማ ሙሉእ
    Muuse Caanogeel Hagar

    luqadan an aqan ma dhihi rabta hada .wa ku rafade meqa sac aya qoreysay.


    Tigray ሕዚ’ውን ዝደለየ ኣፅዋር ይኹን ሰራዊት ይሃልዎም ንሕና ብዝመረፅናሎም እዩም ዝኣትው ዘለው። ጥሒሱና ዝኣተወ ሓይሊ የለን። ኣፅዋር ዝበዝሐ እንተበዝሐ ነቲ ኣፅዋር ተሸኪሙ ኩናት ዘዐውት ሓይሊሰብ እዩ ወሳኒ። በዚ መሰረት ድማ ሙሉእ💪✊

    Muuse Caanogeel Hagar

    muusow war waxaad soo qortay lama fahmi kare nimanka miyaad amaantay mise waad caysay😂😂😂😂

    Muuse Caanogeel Hagar

    ጉዳዩን አታርቁ ምክንያቱም እነዚህ ሰዎች ህጉን የጣሱ ናቸው

    TPLF is the second most terrorist group from Al Shabab. They killed more 100,000 of innocent civilians in Mogadishu, Somalia in 2007-2009.
    They also made a big genocide in Somali state of Ethiopia.
    Cornel Gabregziabher, Ganeral Samora Yunis, General Saera Mekonnen, Lt General Abraha Woldemariam( Quarter), Mj General Yohannes and their friends must face justice and superiority of the law. Those who died like Lt General Quater government of Ethiopia must make what is known as ” Eminent domain” to come back this property to Somali State government.
    Anwar Ali Hassan
    Somalia never had a government for long time even the American try and they couldn’t accomplished anything they left you for Al Shabaab but letter on it is the tplf or Ethiopian army whom free you from everything gave you freedom till today
    You have government ,a court and everything else
    Now Abye Ahmed is withdrawing the army from Somalia.
    We will see if you survive [email protected]
    With rice and banana on your hand.
    Burhanu Mohamed
    Let me to remember one thing at that time we had what so-called Union Islamic Courts(UIC) they resorted peace, security, order and rules and regulation and they had started to negotiate TFG to make Somalia great again!
    All these above mentioned has been destroyed by Woyana group led by Meles Zenawi, Samora Yunis, Getachew, Abrha Woldamarian, Gabre, Saera Mekonnen.
    How you can kill more 100,000 civilians.
    Burhanu Mohamed
    I think you are a Muslim. You should know that Somali Muslims are always your brothers and sisters than TPLF Jews and Christians.
    Anwar Ali Hassan
    Brother Anwar the first step to be a Muslim is to stand up for the truth!!!
    And the truth is the TPLF work so hard to give you a peace in your country but yet I don’t see you showing any appreciation towards the TPLF.
    Late us start their first if I have to
    vouch for you as a Muslim brother!!!
    Burhanu Mohamed

    TPLF is same as Janjaweed ” a militia that operates in western Sudan and eastern Chad” they are worse than Al-shabaab. everybody knows that.


    National Government of Tigray Regional State

    Current Statement from the National Government of Tigray Regional State
    It has become a daily occurrence for the defense forces of Tigrai to achieve victory after victory!! Using only AK45 manage to capture enemies tanks, Stalin Organ, heavy artillery and others, the Tigrai defense forces have defeated the enemy forces marking its identity once again!!
    It is already two weeks since the fascist, terrorist and dictatorial junta of Abiy Ahmed and his partner dictator and sadist Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea, armed land grabbers and mercenary armed forces have used all sorts of armament and declare war on Tigrai. The Tigrai armed forces has not yet take offensive measure, however, in defending measures the enemy forces have lost in every battle ground and sustained a big loss. The captured armed forces in Zalambesa and Badme front of the dictator Isayas and fascist, terrorist and dictatorial junta of Abiy have given their testimony to this effect.
    Unholy coalition of the three forces have tried to surround and wage war in four corners against the people of Tigrai. Their memory is not serving them well, otherwise they should have known that the people of Tigrai never in its history succumbed or surrendered to any aggressor no matter what sort of armament or technology is used in the war of aggression. The aggressors cannot move forward as they have planned it and when many of their forces said we can’t move forward the commanders are ordering to shoot on their own forces from behind and front. The forces of the fascist, terrorist and dictatorial junta of Abiy Ahmed and his partner dictator and sadist Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea unlashed their anger on innocent unarmed civilian by killing and injuring them, grab their property including the doors of their home and their harvest. Let alone committing such a crime, to hear such act is so irritating and particularly when it’s against your own people, but this is the manifestation of the character of the aggressors. As continuation of this character today 16th November 2020 they have used fighter jets to bomb innocent civilian targets, churches and residence. This act of terrorism for the past two weeks will make the people of Tigrai more resolute to fight and repel the aggressors to their grave yard, the people of Tigrai will never kneel down to the actions of aggressors.
    The fact on the ground is that government and people of Tigrai working in unity are defending the aggressors and achieving remarkable victories acknowledged by friends and foes, a new history is being registered. The special forces of Tigrai and militia are defending in a miraculous manner, the proportion in the fighting is one to two hundred people and yet achieving remarkable victory, enemy forces are fleeing leaving their armament and injured comrades behind. In few battle fields the militia forces of Tigrai using only Ak45 has captured tanks, Stalin Organ and heavy artillery. History is repeating itself; the wider world will soon testify the amazing victories achieved by the people and government of Tigrai. The National Government of Tigrai Regional State has never doubted that this will happened and Tigrai with its people and government will prevail.
    The mass media run by the fascist, terrorist and dictatorial junta of Abiy Ahmed are drumming a hate propaganda against the people of Tigrai, for these media outlets, victory is committing genocide against unarmed Tigrayan civilians as there is no substantial victory by the junta to report. The people of Tigrai, the government and the command post of the armed forces of Tigrai know very well on selected targets and at the time of their choice will disseminate and finish the war in victories manner. This war is not between two armed forces, this war is a war of aggressors and people of Tigrai defending their right of existence, pride and self-determination. This is why mothers are blessing their children when they are sending them to the battle field, no one can tell better than Tegaru mothers about the consequence of the battle field, it was not lectured to them, nor they did not watch a film but unfortunately, they are forced to live it. The people of Tigrai are tolerating the hardship, lack of electricity, internet connection, banking service and other hardships imposed on them by the fascist, terrorist and dictatorial junta of Abiy Ahmed, but still they commit themselves and their resources to the war effort knowing well the consequence of living under the rule of King Abiy maneuvered by the dictator and sadist Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea. Tigrai is now a hell to its enemies by the consolidated effort of the people, government and armed forces of Tigrai. A mother of four children Zenebu Haftay resident of Adi-Gudom lost three of her brothers in the struggle for equality and self-determination and now during this struggle for existence donated all her golden jewelries stating that Tigrai is her pride and shine, as she knows well the objective of the aggressors and the importance of defending and winning the war.
    This donation is a testimony of the efforts of all Tegaru residing in different parts of Tigrai in particular and Tegaru living abroad. The war is a war of aggression against people defending the right to existence, attempting to rule the people of Tigrai by force is like walking on a burning flame of fire.
    This unjust war has forced many innocent Tegaru to displacement, hundreds of thousands of residents of wester Tigrai have been forced to be displaced and seek refuge in north western Tigrai and some have fled to Sudan. The efforts of the people of north western Tigrai to support their displaced sisters and brothers is much appreciated and the brother people and government of Sudan is as usual receiving our people during this testing time, we would like to say thank you on behalf of the people and government of Tigrai. It is paradox when own government in collaboration with foreign power is committing genocide, a brotherly neighbor country is giving a safe place to the people who were forced to flee the genocide. The National Government of Tigrai Regional State call upon the international community to condemn the genocide committed by air and land against innocent civilian Tegaru and support the displaced people during this testing time.
    In the past two weeks the defense forces of Tigrai using only Ak-45 have managed to capture enemy tanks, Stalin Organ and heavy artillery, the battle of the past two weeks was marked with victory by the defense forces of Tigrai, this is testimony to its identity. The defense forces of Tigrai will fully defeat the aggressors in a short but bitter struggle and soon we will hear the war will be over, the people and government of Tigrai will have no doubt about the outcome of the war but it regrated the loss of live and hardship imposed upon the innocent civilian population, the people and government of Tigrai never initiated this war but forced to join and the inevitable victory will not be long, Tigrai will prevail.
    Tigrai will be the grave yard of dictators and aggressors and not their paly ground !!!
    Tigray Communication Affairs Bureau
    16th November 2020,Mekelle


    Abiy Ahmed has given Tigray Forces, 72 hours to surrender

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has given the Tigray Special Forces, militia and junta 72 hours to surrender.

    In a statement last night, he said “the operation is on its final stage and you have 72 hours to surrender to the government.”

    He further urged residents of the city of Mekelle to do their parts in the effort to realize the law enforcement operation and bring criminal elements to justice.

    “We call upon the people of Mekelle to play a key role in bringing this treasonous group to justice by standing in solidarity with the national defence forces,” he said.

    “No lives should be lost and no property should be destroyed for the sake of a few greedy individuals that are seeking impunity using their own people as shields.”

    According to the Premier, the cooperation of the people of Mekelle will play an important role and will minimize the damage.

    The National Defence Forces have so far taken control of Dansha, Humera, Shire, Shiraro, Axum, Adwa, Adigrat, Alamata, Chercher, Mehoni, Korem and other places.

    The people of Tigray living in areas liberated from the junta have shown their huge support to the defense force, he said.

    The Prime Minister finally called on Ethiopians to join efforts of the government to rehabilitate those individuals affected during the operation and repair damaged infrastructures.


    Ethiopian government has been rounding up ethnic Tigrayan security forces

    The Ethiopian government has been rounding up ethnic Tigrayan security forces deployed in United Nations and African peacekeeping missions abroad and forcing them onto flights to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, where it is feared they may face torture or even execution, according to an internal U.N. account.

    The moves come as Ethiopia is preparing a military offensive against the capital of the country’s Tigray region, Mekelle. Conflict erupted earlier this month between federal and Tigrayan forces in the ethnically divided nation, which for decades was under de facto rule by the minority Tigrayans. The alarm inside the U.N. suggests that Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, may be expanding the country’s weeks long conflict beyond the country’s borders. It has alarmed human rights advocates and U.N. officials, who fear that the U.N. blue helmets may be persecuted upon their arrival back in Ethiopia.

    The targeting of Tigrayan military officers in foreign peacekeeping and military operations comes amid rising fears that an Ethiopian government offensive against Tigrayan rebels inside Ethiopia could devolve into ethnic cleansing, with atrocities reported on both sides. The human rights watchdog Amnesty International recently issued a report detailing “the massacre of a very large number of civilians” in northern Ethiopia earlier this month, allegedly by groups loyal to the Tigrayan forces, in a grim harbinger of violence to come. Meanwhile, refugees fleeing the violence said they were targeted because they were Tigrayan.
    In South Sudan earlier this month, Ethiopian soldiers disarmed a senior ethnic Ethiopian Tigrayan officer, escorted him to the capital of Juba, and forced him onto a Nov. 11 Ethiopian Airlines flight to Addis Ababa, according to the internal account, which was reviewed by Foreign Policy.

    Ten days later, the Ethiopian contingent at the U.N. base in Juba reportedly detained three other Tigrayan officers. The officers, according to the internal account, “were coerced to take the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Juba to Addis Ababa. As of now their whereabouts are unknown.”

    The U.N. Mission in South Sudan, or UNMISS, “has become aware that three soldiers were repatriated back to their country on Saturday without the Mission’s knowledge,” a senior U.N. official at the mission said. “Our Human Rights Division is working to follow up on their situation.”

    “If there are any incidents where personnel are discriminated against or have their rights violated because of their ethnicity or they have concerns about their situation, this may involve a human rights violation under international law,” the official added. “As a result, the UNMISS Human Rights Division is currently liaising with the Ethiopian peacekeeping command in South Sudan and has requested access to any contingent personnel who might, for any reason, be compelled to return home and be in need of protection.”

    The crackdown has spread to other African countries where Ethiopian peacekeepers and troops are deployed, including in Abyei, a disputed territory claimed by Sudan and South Sudan, and Somalia, where thousands of Ethiopian troops have been helping the government fight Islamist al-Shabab militants. As many as 40 Tigrayan officers and soldiers serving in the African Union Mission in Somalia have also been recalled to Ethiopia, according to one diplomatic source.

    At Ethiopia’s U.N. mission in New York, the senior military attaché who oversaw peacekeeping issues, a Tigrayan, was fired after just months on the job, precipitating the purge of other Tigrayan officers from peacekeeping missions abroad, diplomatic sources said.

    Ethiopia has seen deepening conflict between the country’s Tigray minority—which accounts for just over 6 percent of the population but played a dominant role in Ethiopia’s political life for decades, and whose status was reinforced under Meles Zenawi, an ethnic Tigrayan who served as prime minister and president of Ethiopia from 1991 until his death in August 2012—and the country’s largest ethnic groups including the Amhara and Oromo, who account for more than 60 percent of the county’s population.

    Tigray’s War Against Ethiopia Isn’t About Autonomy. It’s About Economic Power.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting the country’s revanchist old regime, which is intent on recapturing the economic and political influence it once held.

    It’s Not Too Late to Stop the Ethiopian Civil War From Becoming a Broader Ethnic Conflict
    Western and regional powers are more divided than they were during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, but they can still exert influence to prevent the fragmentation of Ethiopia’s federal system.
    During Meles’s tenure, Tigrayans were given key posts in the government and the military, and they continue to hold key leadership positions in overseas peacekeeping missions, raising questions about the ability of Ethiopian contingents to function following a purge. But the Tigrayans’ privileged position has been threatened since the election of Abiy, an ethnic Oromo, in 2018.
    The latest crisis follows a recent dispute between the federal government and the Tigrayan regional government over the decision to postpone national and regional elections in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Tigray’s local leaders went ahead with an election, which resulted in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) winning all the seats. The federal parliament declared the vote null, and federal troops are seeking to impose military control over the Tigray region.

    The conflict in Ethiopia has killed hundreds—and perhaps thousands—of people and sparked a new refugee crisis in what is historically one of the most politically unstable regions of the world. Some 30,000 refugees have fled from Ethiopia into neighboring Sudan in recent weeks, fueling concerns that the new refugee influx could destabilize Sudan’s fragile transitional government.

    Senior U.S. officials have called for an end to hostilities and independent investigations into the reports of civilian massacres.

    “The ethnic dimension is one that everybody is very concerned about,” said Tibor Nagy, the top State Department diplomat on Africa, in a briefing with reporters on Nov. 19.

    Nagy also condemned the TPLF’s reported missile attacks on neighboring Eritrea earlier this month, calling it an attempt to “internationalize the conflict” that “make the situation more dangerous.”

    The conflict has also taken on an economic lens. “This war is ultimately a battle for control of Ethiopia’s economy, its natural resources, and the billions of dollars the country receives annually from international donors and lenders,” Kassahun Melesse, an assistant professor of applied economics at Oregon State University, wrote recently in Foreign Policy. “Access to those riches is a function of who heads the federal government—which the TPLF controlled for nearly three decades before Abiy came to power in April 2018, following widespread protests against the TPLF-led government.”

    “In other words, this is not a conflict over who gets to rule Tigray, a small region whose population accounts for a mere 6 percent of Ethiopia’s more than 110 million people,” Melesse wrote. “It is a fight over who gets to dominate the commanding heights of the country’s economy, a prize that Tigray’s regional leaders once held and are determined to recapture at any cost.”

    That struggle is playing out in U.N. peacekeeping missions.

    Ethiopia is one of the two largest contributors to U.N. peacekeeping missions, with more than 6,700 uniformed personnel, most serving in Darfur, Abyei, and South Sudan. Tigrayans have played a key role in U.N. peacekeeping operations.

    Earlier this month, Ethiopia recalled more than 3,000 troops from Somalia to reinforce its military operations against the Tigrayans. The government disarmed between 200 and 300 Tigrayan soldiers who were posted in Somalia, U.S. and U.N. officials said.

    “The peacekeepers are not being disarmed due to ethnicity but due to infiltration of TPLF elements in various entities which is part of an ongoing investigation,” an Ethiopian government task force told Reuters, which previously reported on the Tigrayan soldiers in Somalia being disarmed.

    “All officers and soldiers from Tigray were arrested and detained upon arrival in Addis,” according to the U.N. account reviewed by Foreign Policy. “There are reports that some have been subjected to torture and extra-judicial killing.”

    Privately, U.S. officials fear that the massive withdrawal of troops will leave Somalia, already one of the world’s most fragile states, in a precarious position and vulnerable to new offensives from terrorist groups such as al-Shabab.

    In Abyei, the U.N.’s Tigrayan deputy force commander, Brig. Gen. Negassi Tikue Lewte, disappeared from the U.N.’s radar after traveling to Addis Ababa earlier this month. The brigadier general—who is serving under a U.N. contract—made a request for leave on Nov. 15. Shortly after, Ethiopia sent the U.N. a diplomatic note informing it to find another officer to fill the position.

    “He was apparently recalled to Ethiopia and since then his whereabouts seem unknown,” according to the internal U.N. account.

    The purge has raised complicated legal and political challenges for the U.N., which traditionally defers to foreign military contingents to manage troop rotations and handle disciplinary issues. The Ethiopian government has privately insisted that the repatriated Tigrayan troops and officers are simply on leave. But at least one of the officers, the deputy force commander in Abyei, is serving under a U.N. contract, imposing a greater responsibility on the U.N. to ensure his protection.

    The U.N.’s peacekeeping department’s spokesperson, Nick Birnback, confirmed that the organization is “aware of the issue; we are very concerned and we are taking this matter extremely seriously.”

    “At the moment, we are ascertaining all the relevant facts and we are or will be in touch with all relevant peace operations and governments in this regard,” Birnback added. “All troop-contributing countries have obligations under applicable international law, in accordance with relevant norms, standards and instruments.”

    The Ethiopian missions in the United States did not respond to requests for comment. But human rights advocates have voiced concern about the reports.

    “If reports of discriminatory Ethiopian repatriation of ethnic Tigrayan peacekeepers are true, they are deeply disturbing, given credible reports of profiling and arbitrary arrest of ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia,” said Louis Charbonneau, the U.N. director for Human Rights Watch.

    “If the reports are confirmed, the U.N. should also consider suspending Ethiopian participation in U.N. peacekeeping operations,” Charbonneau added. “The U.N. needs to send a clear message to all governments that it will not ignore abuses against peacekeepers serving under the U.N. flag.”


    Government forces have begun an offensive to capture Mekelle

    Ethiopian government forces have begun an offensive to capture Tigray’s capital, Mekelle, according to the leader of rebellious forces in the volatile region.

    Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) told the media in a text message on Saturday that Mekelle was under “heavy bombardment.”

    Billene Seyoum, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s office, said that Ethiopian forces would not “bombard” civilian areas, adding “the safety of Ethiopians in Mekelle and Tigray region continues as a priority for the federal government.”

    Raids in refugee camps

    Debretsion also accused the military of the neighbouring nation of Eritrea of raiding refugee camps in Tigray to capture refugees who had fled Eritrea.

    Reuters was not immediately able to get a comment from the Eritrean government.

    Claims from all sides are difficult to verify since phone and internet links to the region have been down and access tightly controlled since fighting began three weeks ago between forces of the government and the TPLF.


    The Maikadra massacre

    Survivors of the Maikadra massacre recovering at the Gondar University Hospital

    It is indeed heartbreaking. You are mistaken in saying there have not been attacks on ethnic minorities in Tigray before. The people of Raya, Wolqayit, and Humera have plenty to say if you choose to hear them. But perhaps we shouldn’t have that discussion in this thread.


    Abiy Ahmed Ali is bombing my beloved Mekelle

    Lt. Col Abiy Ahmed Ali is bombing my beloved Mekelle. This is the guy who wants to “free” Tegaru by bombing us into Aleppo 2.0.

    They may bomb our communities, harm our families, destroy our properties, and force our people to flee, but they will never win our hearts and minds.


    Yalemzerf Yehualaw

    Yalemzerf Yehualaw wins the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in a new course record of 1:04:46. The second fastest half marathon in history.


    Major General Zewdu Kiros

    Ethiopia issues an additional 27 arrest warrants for military officers it says assisted TPLF forces in looting military bases in the hours leading up to the war. Among them, Major General Zewdu Kiros who until 2017, was Deputy Force Commander for UN Peacekeepers in Abyei, Sudan.

    Also listed among the 27, is Colonel Gebregziabher Alemseged, former commanded of Ethiopian troops in Somalia from 2006-2008, and who was listed on November 18th among a group of 76 TPLF affiliated military officers wanted for treason and assisting the TPLF war effort.

    She was head of Purchasing and procurement for Ministry of Defense when she was a colonel. She made billions.

    All illegal money that is found in their possession needs to be returned to Tigray and Ethiopian people.

    Abiy had also made General Seare chief of staff before assassinating him. He assassinated chief stafF the Ethiopian military, General Seare Mekonen purposely to consolidate his power and act like pro king leader.


    Annual feast of St.Mary of Zion

    Under different circumstances, today, many pilgrims from all over Ethiopia would have been celebrating the two day annual feast of St.Mary of Zion.


    A day of colourful feast and fervor especially in Axum Tsion,Tigray.


    Message From TPLF President

     That our resolve to fight z invaders will continue as long as they are in Tigray land. Tigray ‘ ll show to the world how principled we are.

    Our right to self determination ‘ ll not be suppressed by any force. Our proud people will prevail!


    Tigray refugees who fled the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

    The baby was born on the run from war. Her first bath was in a puddle. Now she cries all night in a country that is not her own.Tigray refugees who fled the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, wait to get cooked rice served by Sudanese local volunteers at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to.

    Wrapped in borrowed clothing, the child is one of the newest and most fragile refugees among more than 40,000 who have fled the Ethiopian government’s offensive in the defiant Tigray region.

    Lemlem Haylo Rada, 25, who fled the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, holds her one-month old baby in front of her shelter, at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to.

    They have hurried into Sudan, often under gunfire, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in this remote area, and very little shelter. Some drink from the river that separates the countries, and more cross it every day. A general view of Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to

    “We walked in the desert. We slept in the desert,” said one refugee, Blaines Alfao Eileen, who is eight months pregnant and has befriended Lemlem Haylo Rada, the mother of the newborn. One woman is ethnic Tigrayan, the other ethnic Amhara. The conflict could have turned them against each other, but motherhood intervened.

    Her journey took four days. “I slept on this scarf that I am holding,” she said, “and I would wake up and do it again.”

    Almost half the refugees are children under 18. Around 700 women are currently pregnant, the United Nations says. At least nine have given birth in Sudan.

    It has been three weeks since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent federal troops into Tigray after accusing the region’s forces of attacking a military base. Abiy’s government and the regional one each view the other as illegitimate, and the Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister on Sunday warned that a final assault to take Tigray’s capital is imminent.

    Civilians are caught in the middle of what some experts describe as a conflict akin to an inter-state war, so heavily armed is each side.

    Many people barely know why they had to flee. Now, people of all classes, from bankers to subsistence farmers, spend up to two weeks in so-called transit centers, waiting in makeshift shelters in arid, almost treeless surroundings just over the border in Sudan; it used to be just two or three days.Terhas Tsfa, 25, who gave birth on a street as she fled the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, holds her baby at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to

    Some refugees have little to protect them from the heat and sun and curl under possessions as meager as umbrellas. Men have begun weaving dried grass into temporary homes.

    COVID-19 could be passing through the crowds, but the people’s focus is elsewhere. More wear crosses around their necks than face masks.

    The local Sudanese villagers have been praised for their generosity, but they have little to give.

    More permanent camps for the refugees are a drive of several hours away, and there is sometimes not even enough fuel to transport them there. The threat of hostilities remains while they wait so close to the border.

    Some overworked humanitarians have used the bare floor of a local building as a makeshift hospital, treating wounds that refugees say were inflicted with machetes as Ethiopia’s long pent-up ethnic tensions were unleashed.Ethiopian Amhara refugee Blaines Alfao Eileen, 8-months pregnant and who fled the conflict in Ethiopia, stands near her shelter, at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to

    Authorities are trying to keep ethnic Tigrayan refugees separate from ethnic Amhara ones, out of concern about possible clashes.

    “We don’t know who is fighting us. We don’t know who is with us or who is not with us. We don’t know. When the war came, we just ran,” said Aret Abraham.

    There is little comfort to be found, even a hot meal. The refugees can wait several hours to receive food. Sometimes they get none.

    “I have been here 14 days and have not received anything,” one said. “I have no clothes to wear.” But everyone wears the new plastic bracelet of a refugee, handed out by the U.N. as they are registered.

    The U.N. refugee agency has provided food and care to some 300 malnourished Ethiopian children and pregnant and nursing women in Sudan, according to spokesperson Babar Baloch.Tigray refugees who fled the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, play volleyball at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to.

    People sit and wait, and wait. One small girl, frustrated, twisted the head of a plastic doll until the head popped free.

    A man wept into the crook of his arm as he held up a tiny photo of his 12-year-old son. The boy was shot dead, he said.

    The more permanent camps were last used in the 1980s for Ethiopians fleeing a famine worsened by a yearslong civil war.Ethiopian Amhara refugee 8-month pregnant Blaines Alfao Eileen, right, sits with Tigray refugee 25-year-old Lemlem Haylo Rada, holding her one-month old baby who was born on a street as she fled, at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Qadarif, eastern Sudan, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020. Tens of thousands of people have fled a conflict in Ethiopia for Sudan, sometimes so quickly they had to leave family behind. There is not enough to feed them in the remote area of southern Sudan that they rushed to

    For a long time, those images of starving people were seared onto Ethiopia’s reputation. It took decades to turn the country into one of Africa’s biggest success stories, with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. But behind the boom, political repression kept hostilities among ethnic groups in check.

    “We felt like we’d made it, and we were happy,” recalled Menas Hgoos, who now finds herself fleeing to Sudan a second time. “And now Abiy Ahmed is attacking us, we just left with only the clothes on our backs.”

    Many of the new refugees are too young to remember past miseries. They are suddenly too burdened with their own — and with worries for those who did not make it out.

    “There are also a lot of people who live there who can’t escape here,” said Haftoun Berha, pausing to think of loved ones who are now impossible to reach. “That is so more sad.”


    refugees were kidnapped from camps within Tigray & Shire

    Reports stating that over 6,000 refugees were kidnapped from camps within Tigray & Shire and forcefully taken back to Eritrea is a dangerous situation & a violation of human rights.

    We are requesting for the international community to charge Abiy Ahmed Ali & Isaias Afwerki with war crimes.


    Tigray is steeped in rich history, culture & religion

    Tigray is steeped in rich history, culture & religion. Yet recurrent wars have disrupted the rhythm of ancient life. I remember growing up in Harar during derg era, my mom always lamented about detachments from her ancestral land & churches of Gheralta. I hope this is the last war.


    Pilot captured by TPLF in Tigray

    Ethiopian Government Pilot, Captured by TPLF fighters in Tigray after his Mig jet fighter was shot down by a Surface to Air Missile -SAM.

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