What if our heroes of Adwa could look up to the national anthem of their generation? How would they feel when, 125 years later, millions of Ethiopians were being subjected to such arrogance?

Adwa heroesEven though the weather was cold, that morning the bare feet on the pavement filled the streets with young people moving forward with shouts and screams. He told them all: Their attitude, warmth and dress warm their hearts. The courage, the triumph of their forefathers is read before them.

Menelik, a group of young people wearing T-shirts with the words “Empress Taytu (Berhane Zeitopia”) will sing in unison. His praise, his shouts, his pride, his eloquence have a high spirit of victory. The fact that this spirit is alive and well today is a testament to the fact that we are the children of our forefathers.Adwa heroes

Menelik II, Empress Taytu, Balcha Safo, Gebeyewrari Gebeyehu, Gobena Dagne, and many more are the heroes of Adwa. The Ethiopian, who flowed through the Adwa Mountains for the sake of their country and their freedom, is highly remembered for their struggle and the fruits of their struggle.

Adwa heroesTo the person who has studied it carefully, he realizes that Ethiopia is a land that never fails to produce heroes. Adwa’s victory has always been like a new bride for Ethiopians; They will be shouted for, their error will be brought down; Poetry is plundered; History will be remembered.

“If I hit my forehead, let my bones rest in my country. If I hit you in the back when I run away, let the eagle eat it. ” All the young people are sick in the future and the rest behind them are scurrying, boasting, boasting, boasting. Refuse me! The old men, the mothers and the patriots, who are tired of their knees, eyes, and eyesight, but who do not dare to speak, are armed with shields and swords. Women and children are celebrating the festival regardless of their patriotic Ethiopian feelings and circumstances.Adwa heroes

I have just arrived from Emperor Menelik’s Piazza. The situation is very different. The earth has become stable. The motto is multifaceted: There are many types. “Adwa, our history, our Adwa identity and our Ethiopianess, our pride, our dam, our other Adwa, the one who does not respect the past, does not know the destiny of tomorrow, Adwa is the unity of the national emblem.”Adwa heroes

Adwa heroes

Man is innumerable; No rubbish is available. All the costumes are Guramaile, reflecting the Ethiopian colour. Former and current members of the military, members of the Defense Forces, members of the Federal Police, members of the Ancient Ethiopian Heroes and Patriotic Association, students and women are all celebrating the 125th anniversary of Adwa.

Adwa heroesTeshome Biko, a farmer who came to Addis Ababa in the morning with his saddle on a cigar horse from Sulleta, says that he came early in the morning to pay tribute to our ancestors who died in Adwa after years of oppression.

The victory of this farmer in Adwa has given me the opportunity to stand on my own two feet and cross the ages without losing my culture. I urge the children and future generations to continue to inherit this heroism. I testify to what I have seen; He says he has no doubt that our history will continue to shine. It is his sincere wish that the current Ethiopia, although diverse, will be based on unity, dialogue, consent and respect.

Tamagne Beyene, human rights activist and activist and founder of the Ethiopian Global Alliance; Adwa and Adwa’s victory is a story of bold patriotism and boldness, not only in the hearts of Ethiopians but also in the hearts of black people around the world.

Artist Tamagne, who testifies that Adwa is more than a victory, believes that all citizens should work to ensure that Adwa’s victory is not only a celebration but also a celebration of Ethiopianness and unity.

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, who spoke at the event; They say Adwa is a wonderful example of Ethiopians working together to break the spirit of cooperation. She said the celebration of Adwa is about patiently looking at and addressing the challenges facing Ethiopia. She further said that historical sites and museums that show Adwan in a bright way are being built.

The guest of honour, President Sahelework Zewde, for her part: They point out that Adwa’s victory was an event that showed all black people that there is no earthly power that can stop them from overthrowing the right-wing rulers and slavers.

Adwa heroesEthiopia’s mothers and fathers are expected to have mature martial arts, but it also has implications. “Adwa’s victory is always new,” she said.There is no doubt that the spirit of victory can be a guide for the life of any human being forever.

In a time when hope was lost, human rights were divided, and many believed that no one could be shaken, the brave Ethiopians did the unthinkable.

Adwa heroesIt is the day when they declared that Ethiopia is not only the birthplace of human beings, but also a proud nation that will go down in history. Adwa’s victory allowed the black people to raise their heads. She said the current shape, culture and values ​​of Ethiopia would not have existed without Adwa’s victory. The spirit and thinking of Adwa should be inherited by the current generation.

Adwa heroes“Ethiopia is superior to individuals, groups and political parties,” She said, noting that this should be repeated in the current generation and Ethiopianness should be respected. It is important to realize that peace and development will come as long as Ethiopia exists, adding that problems should be understood through reading and understanding.