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The Halaba Muslim community observed the Christian baptism holiday by promoting peace, love and kindness.
The support that the Muslim community gave to Halaba Qulito during the baptism holiday is an example of peace, love and kindness that the community enjoys.
HalabaIn the southern region of Halaba city,  both yesterday and today, when Muslim holidays were celebrated, they wanted their Christian brothers and sisters to be part of their happiness. The Christian community also participated in the Muslim religious holiday.
HalabaAs usual, the Imams and Ulamas of the city of Halaba Qulito which is a symbol of peace, love and tolerance were shown in the city. The Imams and Ulamas gathered in the main square for the baptism of the city dwellers, that was went well.
Muslim youths with their religious fathers, followed their fathers’ wishes to welcoming their fellow Christian residents at the time when the ark of the covenant was being displayed in Nur Mosque.Halaba
Halaba Nur Mosque, Imam Haji Yousuf Hussein sent a happy holiday message to all Christians at the event. “Because our fathers celebrated the holiday together and stayed together, we have made our city and our environment peaceful and united, so that our children can live in love and unity and protect their country . We have religious fathers doing great work. “We have too,” he said.
HalabaHaji Yousuf Hussein warned, that the Muslim people and all the residents of Halaba should continue being peacefully until the holiday ends.
Melake Haile Qomos Aba Birhane Meskel Kassahun expressed his appreciation for his great contribution to the completion of the baptism  peacefully. “Halaba Imams and Ulamas concluded by saying, “may God honour you for continuing the work of our fathers of  cooperation and love.”
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