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The first ceremony of the city development safety and work project that will be implemented nationwide with 550 million dollars for the next 5 years was held in Dire Dawa city. However, the truth is that government officials and their cronies, were celebrating for having got money they’ll swindle. Thus the swindle management clique, was laughing at the people of Dire Dawa.
Dire DawaOn the opening ceremony of the program, World Bank representatives, city and infrastructure ministers and leaders, federal, regional and Addis Ababa administration city development safety net and other invited people.Dire Dawa
The Minister of Urban and Infrastructure who attended the ceremony, Mrs Chaltu Sani said that the issue of development is the biggest agenda of the cities poverty issue, has been implemented since the program started to be implemented, she said that thousands of people were looked after and have been saved from the streets and migration.
Dire Dawa
The Swindle Management  can be seen observing phony Covid rules….the pot of money  from world bank will go to maintaining the lifestyle of the frontbenchers. 
Dire DawaThe city development safety net and work project is one of the main activities done by the government to improve the lives of our citizens. This project will be implemented in collaboration with the World Bank . Starting from this year, 604 thousand citizens living in 11 cities have benefited from special support, direct support and environmental development works.
Dire DawaWith these results, it has been possible to reach an agreement with the funders, the World Bank to expand the program to 72 cities in the second round.
The Minister said that 816 thousand 500 citizens living in 83 cities including 11 cities will benefit from the new city development safety and work project.
Dire DawaThe mayor of Dire Dawa city administration, Mr Kedir Jawar, in his part, is one of the cities that benefited from the program in Dire Dawa City since 2009. He said that the food security program that is available at work has made us to implement the community-wide environmental development works in our city.
Dire DawaThe project that will be implemented by the World Bank and the Ethiopian government with a budget of 550 million dollars will enable 816 thousand citizens to directly participate and benefit from development works.
Lastly, the Dire Dawa city administration  visited the development works that have been carried out.
Dire DawaFrom our perspective, most of the World Bank funding has ended up in bureaucracy, its the  administration department of the city, that has taken the biggest chunk of the fund.  This’s not only in Dire Dawa, but the entire country. Its the politicians and their cronies that enjoy most of the monies that are funded, and you end up with mediocre unfinished projects.
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